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Endeavour is an ongoing fanfiction of R3QU13M . This is one of the 'Lelouch is a Prince' stories where Lelouch and Nunnally are discovered by the Area 11s Viceroy, Prince Clovis. Now returned to the Royal family, Lelouch uses his status to amass power from the shadows to overthrow his father and reform Britannia. He will not only face enemies inside and outside the empire, but also uncover the secrets unknown to the entire human race.

Story Arcs[]

Accidental Encounter Arc[]

On August 9 2017, Lelouch vi Britannia's biggest fear happened at the same day he and his sister were sent to Japan, he was seen by a member of the Royal family and unknowingly led him to his home at Ashford Academy where Nunnally is also discovered. Now realizing that there will be no turning back, Lelouch reluctantly returns with Nunnally. their survival was announced at the following day. but this is only the beginning as their survival draw the attention of V.V, the Leader of the Geass Order.