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The Federation Security Service (FSS) is an elite formation of Black knights formed by the core members of the Black Knight hierarchy and the original Black Knights. They are a major antagonist in the When Fates Converge Sequel Fates Defied.

Federation Security Service480px-Geass Sigil Sword.svg



Role Special Operations
Branch Black Knights Intelligence Agency

United Federation of Nations


Various Head of States

Senator Ryoma

UFN Council

Formation/Role []

The FSS was official formed from the specialised infantry teams of the Black Knight Intelligence Agency that answered to the UFN council in dealing with any form of threat to the newly born United Federation of Nations by various insurgents, Britannian terrorists and others.

Unofficially, the FSS's initial role and size was expanded as a direct result of the discovery of Geass by the Black knight members.

The pre-formation units served alongside the Black Knight leadership to free kidnapped Council members in the Avalon.

They are drawn from the ranks of the Black Knights Military, Intelligence Service and other Black knight units for the purposes of monitoring seditious, military or terrorist activities and neutralising them.

Members are chosen for their military service, skill and strength.


Jet black and silver is the official colour of the FSS. They wear modified and upgraded Chinese Federation style armour in the said colour scheme.

Their fighting styles and weapons varies on the background of the member.

Their Knightmare frames are all painted jet black.