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The Fenrir Squadron is the most elite squad ever made by the Holy Britannia Empire . It squadron consists of 50 members only. It's served only to the dark prince of Britannia, Lelouch zi Britannia


The squad consists of Supersoldier after the success of Ares Project . The plan was to assemble an army of Supersoldier for Lelouch to avenge his mother death. Unfortunately, creating a Supersoldier is time-consuming and complex as the Horus's Scientists needed to construct the genetic DNA of the squad.

Therefore, a squadron of Supersoldier is made instead of an army. The squadron was named Fenrir by Lelouch. The name came from Norse mythology which means monstrous wolf for its instinct to kill which the same behaviour displayed by the squad before Lelouch put them under control with his Geass .


Physical Strength[]

True to their purpose of creation, the squadron was gifted with unimaginable strength and endurance. Thanks to science and technology, their DNA was genetically altered to boost their strength, stamina, speed, and agility. Their nervous system also showed improvement during the test making them quick to respond to a threat. Furthermore, their genetic is based on past heroes like Augustus , Leonidas , and Hannibal .

Sadly, the squad had one defect. In order to boost their abilities, they had to sacrifice one thing that made them human and that was their heart or emotion. With instinct like an animal to kill and no rational logic, they were like a wild beast which gave the name of the squadron; Fenrir. This flaw had already been treated by Lelouch after he cast his geass to absolutely control them by making them his slave.


This squadron is the most elite squad. They had remarkable hand-to-hand combat, marksman skill, and precision. Thanks to their ordinary skill, they have shown mastery in piloting the Gundam. They are very skilled in close to middle range attack. They preferred to use sword over the rifle when fighting as they can savor hearing their victim cried in vain during death.

They used special modified Gundam called Gundam Arios . The Gundam is made to complement with their ability and behaviour. Taking into consideration their fighting style,  their Gundam is made with specialized close combat weapon like a sword. Their Gundam also had a very high performance to keep up with the pilot reaction time.