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The Flags of the Holy Britannian Empire[]

There are two flags that are used by the Holy Britannian Empire. The Flag of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland (circa 1774 a.t.b), consisting of the crosses of St Patrick (Ireland), St Andrew (Scotland) and St George (England). This flag is the official flag of the Holy Britannian Empire, but the Flag of House Britannia is often used due to the conflicting use by the British Federation.

Military Flags[]

Service Flags[]

Tri-Service Flag

Tri Service Flag


Royal Navy


Britannian Army


Royal Air Force

Corps of the Royal Marines

Corps of the Royal Marines

Corps/Fleet/Air Group Flags[]

Military Intelligence[]

Flag/Logo Name Designation Branch
Office of Secret Intelligence
Office of Secret Intelligence MI-1/OSI Army
Office of Naval Intelligence
Office of Naval Intelligence MI-2/ONI Navy
Signal Intelligence Office
Signal Intelligence Office MI-3/SIO Army
Office of Air Force Intelligence
Office of Air Force Intelligence MI-4/OAFI RAF
Security Service
Security Service MI-5/SS Home Office
Secret Intelligence Service
Secret Intelligence Service MI-6/SIS Foreign Office
Intelligence Coodination Agency
Intelligence Coordination Agency MI-7/ICA MoD/Foreign Office/Home Office
Joint Colonial Intelligence Community
Joint Colonial Intelligence Community MI-8/JCIC Colonial Office


Flag/Logo Name Designation
Naval Logistics Command NAVLOGCOM
Marine Logistics Corps MARLOGCOR
Royal Logistics Corps ARMLOGCOR
Air Logistics Group RAFLOGGRU
Joint Logistics Command UNILOGCOM

Air Corps[]

Flag/Logo Name Designation
Naval Air Service NAVAIRCOM
Royal Marine Air Group MARAIRGRU
Royal Flying Corps ARMAIRCOR

Military Police[]

Flag/Logo Name Designation Branch
Royal Military Police BA MP/RMP Army
Royal Navy Police RN MP/RNP Navy/Marines
Royal Air Force Police RAF MP/RAFP RAF
Special Investigation Branch SIB/JMP MoD
Ministry of Defence Military Police MoD MP MoD

The Flags of the HBE Areas[]

Area 1 - Virginia[]

Area 2 - Lousiana[]

Area 3 - New Spain[]

Area 4 - New Grenada[]

Area 5 - Peru[]

Area 6 - Rio de Plata[]

Area 7 - Brazil[]

Area 8 - Cascadia[]

Area 9 - Polynesia[]

Area 10 - Philippines[]

Area 11 - Japan[]

Area 12 - Indochina[]

Area 13 - Cambodia[]

Area 14 - Papua New Guinea[]

Area 15 - Southern Pacific Islands[]

Crown Dependencies and Client States[]

Britannian Africa[]

Euro Britannia[]

Britannian Antarctic Territory[]