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[[Image:GNX-603T GN-X Machine Gun|250px]]
General Characteristics
Model Number GGK-01LP
Codename Poder
Unit type Limited Production Assault Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Critical Faction (backed by the Loki Conglomerate)
Operator The Holy Empire of Britannia

The Critical Faction

The 13th Independent Imperial Legion

Dimensions 5.40 Meters
Weight 7.31 metric tonnes
Powerplant Pseudo Geatic Mega Drive
Samael Sol

The GGK-01LP is a Limited Production variant of the GGK-01 Uther in the Divine Empire Series and acts parallel to the Lancelot Cub, piloted by Samael Sol it is a highly advanced unit capable of flight though the unique particles seen in the Pseudo Geatic Mega Drive, this unit along with Uther was also built by the Critical Faction.


Based off research information garnered from the Lancelot despite its limited success coupled with the research improvements located from comparing the Lancelot with the Uther, it was possible to build the GGK-01LP Poder for use by Samael Sol and even put it into Limited Production for a certain group of pilots, the Poder has enhanced Human-Machine interface than prior designs.

Equipment, Fixed Weapons and Optional Weapons[]


  • 1x Compact Factsphere Sensor (located in forehead)
  • Built in Geatic Vernier X-wing
  • Shield-mounted Geatic Particle Shield (on left lower arm)
  • Neural Interface System

Fixed Weapons[]

  • 1x Compact Energy Rifle (handheld when in use, on waist when not)
  • 2x Energy Swords
  • 2x Shield Claw
  • 1x Shield Slash Harken
  • 2x Double Vulcan (head mounted)

Optional Weapons[]

  • 1x Long-range Energy Cannon (carried on back when not in use)

Operational History[]