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The Golden Queen
General Characteristics
Model Number GKGF-01
Codename Igraine
Unit type Heavy Assault Knight Giga Fortress
Manufacturer Critical Faction (backed by the Loki Conglomerate)

The Holy Empire of Britannia
The Critical Faction
The 13th Independent Imperial Legion

  • 42.6 meters (height)
  • 56.1 meters (length)
  • 37.9 meters (width)
Weight Unknown, massive
  • 8x Geatic Mega Drive
    • 7x Pseudo Geatic Mega Drive (Igraine)
    • 1x Geatic Mega Drive (Uther)
Michael el Britannia
"The Golden Queen that helped build a nation and pave the foundations of a new Kingdom, Uther's Queen and the bearing mother of Arthur Pendragon."
Samael Sol on the Uther.

The GKGF-01 Igraine, literally meaning the Geass Knight Giga Fortress-01 Igraine, was a Prototype Design based off the early design for the FXF-503Y Siegfried and was designed by the Critical Faction under request by the Loki Conglomerate and it was mentioned in the Dawn of a New Empire series to have been used in conjunction with the GGK-01 Uther.


"Our Knight Giga Fortress was designed specifically to emulate the power of the sun itself, its primary cannon can obliterate everything and leave molten roads where crosses the ground, its shield is as difficult to penetrate as the surface of a sun."
―A Critical Faction researcher bragging at the Igraine's capabilities.

The golden Knight Giga Fortress is themed after a horseshoe crab (or stingray) with thick armour throughout it's body, it has an incredibly powerful Geatic Shield which coupled with its Giant Geatic Hadron Cannon make it a dangerous foe that many would be fools to challenge, due to the number of Geatic Mega Drives that power it there is no doubt that the Giant Geatic Hadron Cannon is to be given a very dangerous berth by enemies.

Equipment, Fixed Weapons and Optional Weapons[]


  • Heavy Geatic Particle Shield
  • 7x Geatic Mega Drive engine Cones
  • 14x Compact Vernier Engines (throughout Hull)
  • 2x Factsphere Sensor (located in Uther's head)
  • Neural Interface System

Fixed Weapons[]

  • 2x Energy Rifle (Arthur)
  • 24x Energy Turret
  • 6x MAP-01 Mobile Assault Cannons
  • 1x Giant Geatic Hadron Cannon
  • 6x Slash Harken (2x large near rear, 4x small near cockpit)
  • 2x Pincer Claws

Operational History[]