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The GN-0 Servo is a Commander Mobile Suit for Celestial Being in the crossover fanfiction, Code Gundam: Double Zero. It is piloted by Lelouch Lamperouge, the organization's leader.


The Servo is the "Gundamized" form of the IFX-V301 Gawain from Season 1 of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The dog ears from the Gawain were moved to become the V fins on the head of the Servo. It also has violet colored gems for the eyes, headpiece, and sides of the head to represent Lelouch's violet eyes.

The shoulders are made up of the GN Hadron Cannons which are upgraded versions of the Hadron Cannons used in 2018 a.t.b. The main body is that of the Gawain while on each side of the cockpit are violet gems as well as front air intakes. The abdomen is colored red just like the other Gundams. The waist is a combination of the Gawain's and the Exia's waist. The legs are that of the Gundam's upper thigh and the Gawain's leg.


  • GN Hadron Cannons

Mounted on the shoulders, the GN Hadron Cannons are upgrades to the original Hadron Cannons that fire off beams of GN particles combined with Hadron particles. The result is a violet beam covered with black and red surges of Hadron energy that can cut through anything.

  • GN Slash Harkens

The fingers of the Servo are the same as it's Gawain predecessor. The finger mounted GN Slash Harkens are a combination of the GN Blade and Slash Harken technology. The fingers can cut through any armor and can fly at tremendous speeds toward or away from an enemy mobile suit.

  • GN Beam Saber

The Servo, despite not being a close quarters combat mobile suit, has melee weapons when in a sticky situation. The beam saber is able to cut through almost anything the GN Blades can and are mounted in the forearms of the Servo.

System Features[]

  • V-Druid System

The V-Druid System is basically the Druid System from the original Gawain, but with VEDA in control.

  • Optical Camoflauge

The Optical Camo has the ability to completely turn the Servo invisible by using an advanced projection system to imitate it's surroundings.

  • Trans Am System

The Trans Am is a system that can temporarily increase the GN Particel output beyond normal limitations. However, the Trans Am will dramatically reduce GN Particle output after usage of the Trans Am System.

GN-0 Servo