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 The GN-100 Gundam Option is the very first series of Gundam created by the Holy Britannia Empire. It is a close combat unit and piloted by the Griffin army.

Combat Characteristics[]

Optio is designed to be a close combat type unit. Using the latest technology, Photon Drive making this unit able to fight for a very long time.


GN Shield

It projects energy in the form of shield around the target. The system function is the same as blaze luminous system. The amount of energy required to maintain the shields is proportional to the amount of energy being blocked by the shields. Since Photon Drive can generate almost an infinite amount of energy meaning the GN Shield is almost unpenetrable.

GN Beam Saber

Mounted on the left leg of Optio. The beam saber is a hilt with the ability to activate a beam blade by generating a positron field filled with nuclear radiation particles from the Photon Drive.

GN Vulcan

Small guns installed in both arms of Gundam Optio

GN Riffle

Mounted on the back of shoulder. It shoots beam cannon generated from high energy from Photon Drive. The energy beam is so strong that it can destroy several units of Knightmare/Gundam with a single shot.

GN Beam Rifle

It is a hand-held weapon which can shoot beam cannon.


Holographic System

It gives the pilot wide view of its surrounding, making the pilot more aware of his surrounding.

Auto Alert System

It is a system to alert the pilot upcoming threat and help to overcome it.

Photon Drive