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Date of Birth






August 7th, 2000 a.t.b.

Gabby, Baltic Roughrider

Hungarian, Lithuanian

Lieutenant (Varangian Legion)

Holy Empire of Byzantium (Baltic province)

Knightmare Frame Pilot (Varangian Legion)


Gabor Shukis is the second pilot within Bogatyra Monomakha, of mixed Hungarian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian descent. His Hungarian mother is the head of the Byzantine Army's Knightmare Research Department and the designer of the first Byzantine Army's mass produced Knightmare Frame, the Akritoi, while his Lithuania-Latvian-Estonian father is the Admiral and Second in Command of the Byzantine Navy's Pacific Fleet. He's normally a happy go lucky young man, in sharp contrast to the anti-social Mikhail Suvorov. As the pilot of the Guta, and later on, the Slogutis unit, Gabor focuses on sneak attacks and close quarters combat.

Flight of the Eagle R1:[]

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Flight of the Eagle R2:[]

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Comparison with Other Anime Characters:[]

Gabor's inception is largely drawn from Gundam Wing character, Duo Maxwell, and to a lesser extent, Axis Powers Hetalia's Baltic character, Lithuania. As Gabor had dark brown hair and blue eyes, he resembles Lithuania though his other personality, that of a rough headed young man, is drawn from another Axis Powers Hetalia character, Hungary. (Though Hungary is female and Gabor is male) Gabor is a Hungarian given name, though his family name Shukis is of Lithuanian origin.


(The Flight of the Eagle series will undergo a major change in timelines and character development.)