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Aerial Destroyers designed by the Du Loc Organization and presently placed into Limited Production within the 8th Fleet however it has the most advanced technology which is only otherwise seen on the Celtic-Class and has an Innovative Design, it is slick and able to easily fly through airwaves.


Gaul-Class Aerial Destroyers[]


  • 1.64 kilometers Long

Width: []

  • 500 Meters Wide


  • 600 (at the bridge area) High

Unit type:[]

  • Heavy Destroyer/Heavy Carrier

Design Brainchild:[]

Contracted Shipyard:[]

  • Panama Naval Base


  • (On its own)
  • 200x Chaff Grenade Launchers
  • 400x Anti-air autocannon
  • 30x Homing missile Launchers
    Support Ship

    Gaul-Class's Ark-Class Supply/Support Ship

  • 60x Long-range missile Launchers
  • 17x Duel Heavy Particle Cannons

(Support Ship Armament)

  • 1x Hadron Cannon, located at nose of Support Ship
    Docked with Support Ships

    Docked with Support Ships

  • 600x Anti-air autocannon, divided into 300 above bowline and below

(Additional Weapons when Docked with the Five Support Ships)

  • 5x Hadron Cannons, located in nose of Support Ships
  • 3000x Anti-air autocannon (600 divided down the middle of each Support Ship), located on top and bottom of each Support Ship


Large "Blaze Luminous" MSV particle Energy shield System

  • Large Float System used for support with a few Verniers for speedy movement

Linear catapult built into Underside of Main Body

  • Docking Locations for Five Support Ships

Knightmare Frame Complement:[]




Maximillion Vi Britannia/Maximillion Xi Britannia personally designed the Celtic-Class from which the Prototype: Celeste was born, the Gaul-Class however was designed for a lot longer based on the completed Celtic-Class design, it was centrally a power house that was designed to escort a Celtic-Class while it used its ability to launch Knightmare Frames in large numbers, it too was also designed to be defended by weaker and faster ships however if lacking ships for defence it launches its Supply/Support Ships to deal with quick and decisive hits to a slow enemy.


The Gaul-Class Aerial Destroyers could easily match out and defeat the EU's Super Battleships if used with a smart head, the Gaul-Class was designed after the Celtic-Class and together a Celtic-Class and a pair of Gaul-Classes could take on entire Fleets and come out of the conflict with minimal losses.