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Geass Hybrids, also known as "Messiahs" "God Incarnate" and "Representatives of the Collective Unconscious", are beings born from the Genetics of Humans and Original Immortals.


The Creation of Hybrids is believed to be impossible by normal means, as it is impossible to date for an Original Immortal to become pregnant or get a Human/Immortal Pregnant with there is only a chance of either the Original Immortal or Geass Hybrid becoming pregnant, first Generation and therefore the strongest of the Geass Hybrids are usually created through Science or through somehow splicing Human Genetics into the womb of a woman.

Alternately, Geass Immortals can encourage Geass Wielders whom have been "touched" by a Geass Hybrid to become a Runaway Hybrid, however despite some bonuses some of their powers are questionable at best. The differences between the two are that Geass Hybrids can learn every known Geass Power in history and usually have an Original Immortal teaching them, likewise Runaway Hybrids can use many abilities over time, however some abilities are less likely to work or are random.

Known Geass Hybrids[]

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