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The Geass War was a major offensive by the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance against the Decepticon forces and Geass itself.


The two armies were hunting for the Iacon relics all over the world. The final relic uncovered was the legendary Star Saber, which Optimus obtains, giving the Alliance the advantage to push the Decepticons to their darkest hour.

To combat the Star Saber, Megatron, accompanied by Thundercracker and Sky-Byte, travel back to Cybertron via the Decepticon's Space Bridge on a mission to obtain the arm of Liege Maximo. Megatron has the arm grafted onto him by Knock Out, enabling the Decepticon leader to bypass the restrictions on the Forge of Solus Prime and use it to forge the Dark Star Saber, a dark Energon sword of equivalent to the Star Saber.


Lelouch, using intelligence on the Geass Order gained from Jeremiah Gottwald, plans a multi-pronged assault to destroy all the Thought Elevators around the globe and bring down the Order once and for all.