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General Characteristics
Codename Gekka
Unit type Mass Production Eighth Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
  • Order of the Black Knights
  • Peace Mark
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.49 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 7.82 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark IV)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Mono-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
Standard Armament
  • 1 x Slash Harken
  • 1 x Katen Yaibatou
  • 1 x Hand Gun
Optional Armament
  • 3 x Radiant Wave Rocket
  • 1 x Bazooka
  • Kyoshiro Tohdoh
  • Shogo Asahina
  • Ryoga Senba
  • Kosetsu Urabe
  • Nagisa Chiba
  • Kento Sugiyama
  • Naomi Inoue
  • Shinichiro Tamaki
  • Cera Cathcart (C.C.)
  • Chigusa Ohgi
  • Zi Dien
  • Fernando Noriega
  • Marirrosa Noriega

The Gekka (Japanese for "Moonlight") is a knightmare frame utilized by the Order of the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo as their mainline unit.


Pretty much the original design, except now painted in jet black colors akin to the Zangetsu as standard. The units piloted by Ze Dien, Fernando and Marirrosa Noriega are in turn painted purple, blue and red respectively. Naturally, C.C.'s unit is neon pink.


As the first eighth generation knightmare frame, the Gekka was meant to take much of the prior generation's advances and make them more economical and efficient. As it was meant for average skilled pilots to utilize, its parameters are scaled back from seventh generation units in order to allow newcomers to adapt quickly and control with ease. Despite this, the Gekka remains an excellent machine, and on a performance level is more than a match for older generation knightmares as well as its eighth generation contemporaries. For weapons, it mounts the same chest mounted slash harken as its predecessors, as well as the trademark Katen Yaibatou chainsword as its primary. These can be supplemented by an arm mounted machine gun, a bazooka for a fire support role as well as a three tube radiant wave rocket launcher.


Developed sometime prior to Zero's emergence, the Gekka was the first eighth-generation knightmare frame to be manufactured. As with the rest of its type, the Gekka was designed as a simplified version of the seventh generation Guren series, meant primarily for mass production. Secretly developed in collusion with Kyoto House, it was to be used by the Japan Liberation Front to take back Area 11 (formerly Japan) from Britannia once and for all. However, only four units would be produced before the fateful year of 2017, all of which would be given to the Order of the Black Knights following the JLF's destruction.

Soon after the Black Rebellion and the Devastation of Japan, the Black Knights would go through a reformation and restructuring period from the safety of Ryukyu. During this period, it was decided that the Black Knights' original mainline knightmare, the Burai, was now outdated and grossly outperformed by the latest Britannian seventh-generation knightmares. Worse yet, word would reach the Black Knights' higher command that the Britannians intended to mass produce their venerable Lancelot as a new eighth-generation knightmare frame, thus prompting the organization's chief engineer Rakshata Chawla to begin full-scale production of the Gekka.

In the years following, the Black Knights are able to produce the Gekka in massive quantities while rebuilding their forces, so that by the time they come out of hiding in 2025, they are more than able to fight and hold their own against any and all adversary forces. As luck would turn out, both Britannia and Eurasia were lagging behind in the production of the Exeter and the Loewe, resulting in the Black Knights being the first military force to be entirely outfitted with eighth-generation machines. This factor would give them a much-needed edge against the numerically superior forces of Britannia, at least initially.