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Gekka Pre-Productio Kaizaren of the Empire
Codename Gekka Pre-Production Test-Type Flight Enabled
Type 7th Generation Prototype KF

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Manufacturer Kyoto House

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Developed into Gekka

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Pilot(s) Kaizaren ki Britannia
Real World
First Appearance Kaizaren of the Empire R2 chapter 10
Last Appearance Kaizaren of the Empire R2 chapter X

The Gekka Pre-Production Test Type is a prototype 7th generation Knightmare developed by the Kyoto house, but proved to peaky for anyone to pilot. As such, it remaind in storage under the care of Rakshata Chawla, who continued to modify it in the case a capable devicer came around. The devicer needed was proven to be Kaizaren ki Britannian when he found the unit in the store room of the Ikaruge, then taking it to Kamine Island along with Marianne vi Britannia, leaving a note that said he would tell Rakshata how it performed.

Design and Specifications[]

Kaizaren compares the performance of the prototype to his earlier Lancelot Striker upon use in combat. He notes that it is rather peaky, which is the reason it is difficult to pilot, but also why it's so easy for him to pilot it in the first place, since Kaizaren is used to using high specs KF's that require the pilot to be skilled.

Its left arm is equipped with a Bombardment type radiant wave unit, but it looks similar to the Guren Mk II's first one. While not as powerful as a full Bombardment type, it still has enough power to destroy an enemy KNightmare in one burst.

Aside from it's radiant wave unit, the only thing that discerns it from the production model is it's blue color scheme.


General Characteristics[]

Gekka Pre-Productio Kaizaren of the Empire
  • Crew: One
  • Height: 4.45 meters
  • Weight: 7.92 metric tons
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Design Features[]

  • Cockpit Ejection System
  • Air Glide System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System


  • 1 x Slash Harken (Chest Mounted)
  • 1 x Right Arm Mounted Custom Handgun
  • 1 x Left Arm-Inbuilt Prototype Armor Piercing Bombardment Type Radiation Wave Unit

Optional Armament[]

  • 1 x Katen Yaibotou (Revolving Blade Sword)