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Game of Geass is set in an alternate reality where five superpowers, the Holy Britannian Empire, the United States of America, the European Union, the Chinese Federation, and the Russian Federation largely influence much of the world and maintain a tentative balance.


Holy Britannian Empire[]

The Holy Britannian Empire is an imperial monarchy with its capital city being Pendragon (Douglas), which is located in the Grand Duchy of Uther (Isle of Man) in the Imperial Homeland. Britannian society is an aristocracy run according to a caricature of Social Darwinism, with a hierarchy of competing nobles at the top and the peoples of conquered territories (referred to either by their area number or as "Numbers") living in poverty or as unequal Honorary Britannians. At the start of GoG, Britannia controls the Britannian Isles (British Isles), Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Caribbean (save for Cuba and Puerto Rico), Central America (save for Panama), the Guianas, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Britannian Pacific Islands, and the Falkland Islands.

Britannia first enters the pages of history in the midst of Julius Caesar's invasion of the Britannian Isles, when the Celtic chieftain Azorai or Azor Ahai was elected to lead the various island tribes against the Romans, in turn successfully resisting the invasion. Soon after, the Britannian Imperial line of absolute monarchy would begin, with the monarchy being largely identical to the real world English monarchy until the death of Empress Elizabeth vi Britannia I in 1603. Rather than her dying without propagating, she had an illegitimate son "Henry IX" who took the throne instead of the House of Stuart's James I, thus starting the so-called Golden Age of the Tudor Dynasty. Later on, in the nineteenth century, her descendant Elizabeth ro Britannia III died after preventing the Britannian Isles from falling to Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of France, in 1805, and later Sir Harren Hoare and the Britannian Revolutionary Council during Hoare's Rebellion (1807-1808).

As a result, a new Imperial line was established by Elizabeth III's lover, Aegon Targaryen, Duke of Hastings, who became Emperor Aegon val Britannia I upon his coronation in 1810. As of 2009, the empire currently lays claim to the Republic of Taiwan, and the current emperor, Robert de Britannia I, will not let anyone stand in his way of solidifying that claim although Chancellor Eddard Stark is doing everything in his power to keep the world peace from falling apart. Only time will tell whether Stark can succeed in doing so for the sake of the world.

United States of America[]

The United States of America is a federal presidential constitutional republic with its capital city being Washington D.C., located in the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Compared to Imperialistic Britannia, the U.S. is a liberal democratic union of states, in which each state's population elects a Governor, who serves as the administrator of that state, and various number of Senators and Representatives, who serve the titular role of that state before a central government body known as the United States Congress. America as a whole is headed by a President, who is voted by the American states.

Though it would not come into being until the late eighteenth century, the United States' roots began during the Age of Exploration, in which many lands previously unknown to Europeans were discovered by them during this period, such as the Americas, Australia, etc. This is would lead to the mass colonization of these regions by the European powers; especially in North America where, by 1763, Britannia and Spain controlled much of the continent following the loss of France's North American colonies upon the end of the Seven Years' War. Britannia, however, would suffer financial hardship due to the war, and so would tax the Thirteen Colonies heavily. This would backfire, however, eventually leading to the outbreak of the American Revolution, in which George Washington and the Continental Congress launched a successful war of independence against the Britannians, resulting in the birth of the United States of America.

As of 2009, the U.S. largely competes with Britannia for the title of the world's greatest superpower, as the former is well aware that its parent country does not intend on keeping the world peace together. As such, the U.S. has taken measures to prepare for the worst through Project: Nightmare

European Union[]

The European Union, or E.U., is a federal republic encompassing all of Europe (save the Britannian Isles), half of Africa, Turkey, and the Caucasus. The capital city was originally Paris, but in the advent of World War II, it had been changed to Zurich, in the State of Switzerland. Similar to the United States, the EU is a liberal democratic union of states, in which each state's population elects a Governor, who serves as the administrator of that state, and a various number of Representatives, who serve the titular role of that state before a central government body known as the European Parliament. The EU as a whole is headed by a President, who is voted by the European states.

Though it would not come into being until the early nineteenth century, the European Union's roots began during the Age of Revolution (or the American Revolution if one really wants to go back), in which almost every nation of Europe fell into systematic revolutions that ousted the ruling monarchies, with only Britannia maintaining its own for a time. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, General Napoleon Bonaparte would stage a coup against the newly established republican government, in which he eventually declared himself First Consul of France. Napoleon would then go on to conquer and/or open diplomatic channels with other reformed European countries, convincing them to unite under one (his) banner. This eventually gave way to a true European Union, though only after Napoleon's death.

As of 2009, the EU has good relations with the United States, Mexico, the nations of South America, Japan, and many others. Like the U.S., the EU is also taking measures to hold the peace together should Britannia try anything funny.

Chinese Federation[]

The Chinese Federation is a Marxist political federation that spans OTL China, as well as Mongolia. Having long done away with the original monarchy, its government and political structure are based along the lines of communist principles, namely the centralization of resources and promotion of social equality, all with direct administration handled by the Guaoyuwan or "State Council", thus making the Federation into a federal socialist republic. The government of the Federation is centralized within a large palace situated in the capital city of Luoyang.

Historically, the shift from the Empire of China to the Federation began in the aftermath of the Xinhai Rebellion of 1911, in which the ruling Qing Dynasty was ousted and replaced by a new democratic rulership headed by revolutionary leader Sun Zhongshan, and then replaced again by Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China. Heavily influenced by the works of western philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, this new leadership would alter the Chinese government to fit communist philosophy. 

As of 2009, the Chinese Federation, despite being a superpower, is largely neutral when it comes to world politics, although it has stated that it will intervene should Britannia disturb the peace. 

Russian Federation []


United Mexican States[]

Republic of Cuba[]

Republic of Korea[]

Republic of India[]

Middle Eastern League[]

Republic of Taiwan[]

Republic of Gran Colombia[]

Republic of Peru[]

Empire of Brazil[]

Republic of Paraguay[]

Oriental Republic of Uruguay[]

Republic of Chile[]

Argentine Republic[]

Republic of the Philippines[]

Federal Kingdom of Thailand[]

State of Japan[]

Gaining contact to the western world through Marco Polo's expedition to the east, Japan would become the world's main resource for the high energy mineral known as sakuradite, which in turn was named after its similar color to Japanese cherry blossom trees. Originally a feudal land, the emergence of the Boshin War would change the island nation into the western-influenced Empire of Japan, led by an Emperor in place of a Shogunate. Following the conclusion of World War II via the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States and the resulting surrender of the Japanese Empire, the United States would install a democratic government in Tokyo though under a constitutional monarchy, thus giving birth to the State of Japan. In time, Japan and the United States would become close allies despite the former largely remaining neutral when it comes to world politics as to not disturb the balance of world peace. However, as of 2009, Japanese Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi has repeatedly stated that Japan will intervene using its sakuradite as leverage should Britannia make any hostile move towards Taiwan.