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Grand Dukedom of New Grenada

Gan Ducado de Neueva Grenada

Gran Columbia

The Crest of House Bourbon of Spain on a Colombian flag, the blue replaced with royal purple to represent loyalty to the Britannian Royal Family.

Anthem Unfading Glory
Motto Futher Beyond



Official Language

Primary - English

Secondary - Spanish


Threes (Native Americans)

Columbian/Britannian (Colonial)


Absolute Monarchy


Juan Carlos I de Bourbon

Grand Duke

Juan Carlos I de Bourbon


Columbian Regional Council


75,000,000 (Approximate)


Pound Sterling

Gran Columbia, officially the Grand Dukedom of New Grenada, is the most northernmost Grand Dukedom of Area Six. currently under His Grace, King of Spain (In Exile) and Grand Duke Juan Carlos I Bourbon. Gran Columbia itself is split into three major Dukedoms (Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador), each part of the old Spanish colony of New Grenada.

History of Gran Columbia[]

Napoleonic War & Secession[]

In 1862 a.t.b republican rebels, under the leadership of Simon Bolivar, used the chaos of the Napoleonic War of the Peninsular to secede from Spain. For ten years, the country remained under Republican control, while Britannia, still fighting Napoleon, had annexed Areas one through five. During the Napoleonic wars, Spain was turned into the Republic of Spain, forcing the Spanish royal family to flee to Portugal and then onto Britannia after the Retreat of Lisbon.

With the arrival of the Spanish King, His Royal Majesty, King Ferdinand IIV, family asking for help, the Britannian Empire, under Ricardo I von Britannia, used them to de jure claim for the ‘Reconquista de Nueva Grenada’ or Reconquest of New Grenada.

Ferdinand was installed as the new Grand Duke Gran Columbia and Viceroy of Area Three, both titles still held by the same line, and went on to further aid in the conquest of the rest of Latin America, in the Reconquista, into Brazil, Peru, Patagonia and La Plata.

The North-South War[]

During the North-South (Also know as the Britannian Civil War), many of the Latin American Grand Dukedoms (Gran Columbia, Mexico, Mosquito, The West Indies, Brazil, La Plata and Gran Peru) tried to secede from Britannia. This was due to Britannia not holding up their end of the bargain by not retaking their homelands in Iberia and Italy. This led to the creation of the Pan-Latin Confederation, who, for four bloody years, fought tooth and nail for independence, managing to move their borders up to Saint Francis, California and Houston, Texas, changing the name of the former back to its original Imperial Mexican name, San Francisco.

Peace Treaty signed in 1923, was a relief to both sides, asking for the return of the pre-war Status Quo, with the then, Emperor George V, pardoning of all who fought against the Empire.

Emblem of Blood Period[]

Modern History[]