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A General following the command of Maximillion, his leg was injured on a recent mission into the Middle East a year before the series, his injury was given to him by present comrade Jaegar Schneider.



Little is known about Gregor's past other than the fact his Noble Born as noted by Jaegar Schneider, Gregor's family is unknown and it is unknown if he is married or not, lacking knowledge of having children himself.

Gregor's first noted that he was sent into combat the EU Forces in the Middle East a Year ago (2016 a.t.b), he was injured when he fought General Jaegar Schneider of the EU's 5th German Army, henceforth he has retained a weakness in his right Leg.

His defeat as replaced when Silvaria Beurnet led a armed attack against 5th German Army and destroyed it despite the skills of its General, regardless of this victory, Jaegar Schneider was captured instead of killed where he was allowed by Gregor to be redeemed in Britannia's eyes by using his skills for them.

Lelouch of the Revolution 1[]

Gregor is mentioned to have been sent to fight the EU in South Africa, unable to use a Knightmare very well due to his injured leg, however his men have gained headway into Niger and Nigeria.