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General Characteristics
Codename Griflet
Unit type Knight of Eleven Dedicated Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Britannic Defense Systems plc
Operator Britannian Empire
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.65 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 7.6 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark V)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Dual Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
  • Mono-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
Standard Armament
  • 2 x Slash Harken
  • 1 x Caernwennan
  • 1 x Missile Shield
  • Wilhelm Sibrand

The Griflet is a Knightmare Frame produced for and utilized by Wilhelm Sibrand, the Britannian Empire's Knight of Eleven in Code Geass Megiddo.


The Knightmare Frame version of the Gyan Kai from SD Gundam G Generation. Following that, the Caernwennan is based on the Gyan Kai's large beam sword, and the shield is based on the Percival's from the original Code Geass. Colors are grey, black and red.


Developed for the Knight of Eleven and "Krieger of Britannia", Wilhelm Sibrand, the Griflet was designed to emphasize its devicer's Eurasian heritage. Specifically, the Griflet was made to evoke the image of a Teutonic Knight, from the shape of its armored chassis to the cross-shaped visor in its head (itself equipped with a Eurasian style mono-eye camera) and the pickelhaube equipped helm. All in contrast to its brethren being made in the stylings of Arthurian knights.

As with most Round exclusive machines, it was meant for exceptional close combat ability as well as high mobility. Though otherwise "lightly" armed by conventional standards, its "standard" weapons being a pair of hip-mounted slash harkens and a diamond shaped missile shield, the Griflet boasts of exceptional lethality, being quite capable of engaging multiple enemies at once with this arsenal. Which consequently belies its primary weapon.

Following in line with its brethren Round units Bedivere, Morien and Ywain, the Griflet is equipped with a "Named Weapon", one of the four special weapons so designated by Emperor Charles himself for its great power. In this case, the Griflet carries the Caernwennan, a shorter bladed version of the great sword Excalibur. As with its "bigger brother", the Caerwennin can emit an energy field which allows it to cut through even the strongest alloys, making it quite literally one of the most powerful Knightmare based blade weapon in the Empire. As well, utilizing the excess energy generated across its length, a skilled pilot such as Wilhelm can generate shockwaves as a long-range offensive technique upon slashing Caernwennan. The power of these shockwaves are enough to break through most forms of shielding and armor, even those of capital ships, as well as overwhelm and destroy large numbers of enemy units at once.


As the strongest soldiers in the Britannian Empire, the Knights of the Round each possess a high-end, personalized Knightmare Frame as a symbol of their status, each unit unique to their respective pilots' personal tastes and combat styles. The Knight of Eleven and "Krieger of Britannia", Wilhelm Sibrand, chose the Griflet as his steed. Being a former Colonel of the Eurasian Army, Wilhelm specified that the Griflet be made around the Germanic image of a Eurasian KMF, albeit one merged with the Britannian knight mindset. As a result, the Griflet stands out even among its fellow Rounds.

Also in contrast to the other Knights of the Round, both the Griflet's devicer and his combat record are not so well known. Only rumors, such as their being encountered by Joachim Rommel during the Second Battle of Tobruk, are presented in regard to the Krieger of Britannia and his personal machine. Between these rumors and the still unknown factors behind Wilhelm's defection to the Empire, there is much speculation, even among the other Knights of the Round.