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"Vi veri veniversum vivus vici - By the force of truth, I have conquered the universe while living."
―Dr. Faust, a deal with the Devil.

The Guardians of God series was an AU fanfiction series that takes place following Code Geass R1 and introduces the Regulators, a species of Immortals that are parallel Geass Code-bearers and exist with the purpose of neutralizing Geass and reversing their effects wherever they go, Suzaku Kururugi jumps at the opportunity to join them as he blames Geass for the death of Euphemia but soon finds himself falling into a relationship trap with the very one training him.


Shortly after becoming a Knight of the Round Suzaku is approached by the Knight of Five, Mikael Aiken, who has watched Suzaku throughout his entire career and reveals that he is a potential for "redeeming the world from Geass" which is a way he can get revenge on Geass catching Suzaku's attention.

Suzaku after some thought and considering the odd moments he has had since Lelouch had gained Geass takes Mikael up on his offer, learning that there is at least one other Regulator in the Knights of the Round and that they are trying to recruit at least one more, Suzaku is also surprised to reveal that the Regulators have been trying to stop Ragnarök for a great many generations with Charles' attempt being the most recent.


  • Mikael Aiken
  • Fenris Jotun
  • Suzaku Kururugi