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Hadrian li Britannia is the main hero of the Warlock/Great Wolf of the Empire story written by AZ24AJ on Wattpad/Fanfiction

Appearances []

Hadrian is a young man at the age of sixteen having a majestic aura surrounding and accompanying his presence.

He wears a black and gold outfit, having the military crest on the black in gold and front a wolf in silver. His black and gold jacket, it's the fabric being white on the inside and split into two pieces of cloth at the waist while it had an extension of a semi-hood at the neck area. It had a golden chain across the chest to keep the outfit together. His shoulders had golden frills and along his back span a long black cape, the silk fabric of which was red on the inside with the golden crest of Britannia engraved on the back of it. He also wore black gloves with golden designs on the wrists. His outfit had gold rectangles on his stomach area, knees, and boots, as well as a loosely fitted black belt.

He had dark hair and one green eye his right. The left was covered in a black and gold eye-patch with forest green crystal hanging at the end of it. In his left eye is blue, being his Geass which is close on becoming in both eyes down the road of the story. 

Personality []

Hadrian wears two different masks but shares some characteristics of a wolf and Lelouch's ideals of a different whole. 

One mask is a happy, kind, caring, and ideal prince young man that cares about his family but keeps an eye out for any trouble coming to them, himself, and the empire itself a hole.

The other mask is a wolf, Hadrian takes great pleasure into the heat of battle and battles like a true knight. He takes pleasure in fighting more than one enemy in Knightmare combat and takes their weapon (s) as a trophy for his collection.  

Hadrian is often shown to be emotional when it comes to his family as when seeing his little sister Nunnally again he cried in happiness and hugged Lelouch. He got angry when Euphiema was taken hostage and can be overprotective like Cornelia when it comes to protecting their younger siblings. He also gets flushed by Nonette's actions and Milly's teasing. 

Cornelia offers remarks, Hadrian, in battle as a wolf but the outside battle is puppy for the family. 

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment[]

In Works


In Works


Imperial Royal Family[]

Charles: Hadrian's conflicted about his feelings for Charles as a father since he visited him and taught him the fundamentals of how to play chess and told him he would play him in the future. While he saw his actions with dealing the Murder of Marrianne questionable.

Gwendolyn and her daughters: Hadrian knows he is adopted but he loves his mother and adopted siblings with all his heart.

Cornelia: She loves looking out for Hadrian as much as she does Euphie. When they enter the military it becomes a friendly rivalry, becoming comrades alongside Nonette Enneagram which leads them into some strange situations. (One resulting in Hadrian waking up naked with both Cornelia and Nonette)

Euphemia: Hadrian loves his younger sister just as much as Cornelia but it wears thin when it comes to venturing out to Occupied Areas without bodyguards.

Marrianne: Hadrian sees Marrianne with respect and after seeing her use her personal Knightmare Frame to have a chat with one of her sister's wives it led him down the path of wanting to learn how to use a KMF alongside with Cornelia. This would lead to a friendly rivalry when they enter military service alongside a platinum-haired vixen who will later become the 9th Knight of the Rounds alongside Harry (which she calls him as a nickname since Hadrian sound boring to her just like she calls Cornelia by the nickname Nelly.) He's heartbroken after his Aunt's assassination and like Lelouch wanted to search for his aunt's murderer only to be told by Cornelia to stand down. And later watch the only other people he knew as part of his family get banished by their father to Japan as political hostages.

Lelouch: Hadrian sees Lelouch as an equal and would challenge him in Chess to improve and in return, Lelouch saw Harrison with equal respect.

Nunnally: Hadrian loved his younger sister just as much as Euphie and Cornelia.

Clovis: Hadrian got along well with the younger aristocratic prince when he was younger, loved his interest in the arts. However, it changed after volunteering for the military and after visiting him saw changes he didn't like and told him to change or it would be the death of him.

Clovis' Mother: She disliked Hadrian when he was younger but after going into military service and she started bosting about his accomplishments in the royal court. It made Clovis want to surpass his brother to regain his mother's love

Odysseus: Odysseus and Hadrian played chess a few times and after a few games and saw his brother's dream for the homeland as a goal he should make a reality and gave his support on the idea. He would also look to Harrison to loan him a few of his knights as his security.

Schneizel: Hard to read but respects his cold but flawless logic as a statesman. However, Hadrian and Schneizel don't see eye to eye about the UK being retaken but after seeing his victories decides to lend him support with Project Camelot.

Guinevere: When Hadrian was younger, Guinevere wanted nothing to do with him however after Marianne's death she started to get to know him after having tea with Gwendolyne and would write him after entering military service hoping to show she changed her feeling toward him.

Carine: At first Carine saw Hadrian as just another stray from the old homeland that Gwendolyn took in as a puppy for her half-sisters to dote on. However, as he got older, she started to see him in a different light and after he became a solider she began learning how to use a Knightmare frame so she could become his equal.

Marrybell: Hadrian prevented Marrybell from making a terrible mistake and convinced her to asked the Emperor permission to join the military alongside him. After being granted would join him alongside friend and future knight of honor Oldrin Zevon and later creating the Glenda Knights. She sees Hadrian as someone she loves, passing siblings area. 

Others, Rest TBA[]

Milly: Hadrian knows Milly from his visits to Aries Villa when he plays chess with Lelouch but after Marianne's assassination and her family falling out of favor in the royal court. He met with Milly's grandfather and the founder of the Ashfords Foundation offering to aid him in saving his company. However, the old man refused and told to pick his battles carefully due to what happened with Lelouch and Nunnally.

However, after Hadrian was made Colonel after quelling an EU KMF attempted invasion into Euro Britannian territory and earning praise from Schneizel and later the means to create his own regiment, holding a party at Pendragon. It would be there he would meet Milly's parents and unlike the grandfather, his daughter and her husband would disgust him with how they attempted to offer Milly's hand in marriage for concessions. In return when Hadrian asked if Milly was okay with the arrangement and terms. However, they didn't give the right answer and nearly shot them both in front of the Emperor before asking "What's to stop me from killing you and claiming her anyway?" only to see the pair do something unsightly that made the emperor smile before ordering the soiled carpet to be burned.

Hermoine Granger-Dalton: When Cornelia was asked to choose her knight of honor, Charles made certain Hadrian chose his knight of honor and met her in his office when he was looking over candidates. Before Cornelia and Nonette had shown up with a protesting Hermonie before quickly sending them out on an outing and learned they had a common interest in reclaiming the UK for the Brittiannian Homeland and becoming stronger.

CC: CC meet Hadrian when he sleeping in the Aries Villa (At Nunnally's urging) and went for a glass of water and met CC eating a slice of pizza before asking her who he was and why he was awake. After hearing his story, CC gave him a hug before kissing his scar to heal up which helped him sleep better ever since and later give him the Power of the King, Geass.