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Full Name: Han
Aliases: King of Ravens
Age: 18

Birth Date: a.t.b. June 27th
Death Date: a.t.b. N/A
Height: 6'2
Blood Type: A+
Nationality: Japanses
Relatives: Unknown


Knightmare Frames:
DH-11 Basilisk
"Meet your fate, I shall paint the canvas of life with your blood."


"Why am I a terrorist? Let me respond to that with a few questions of my own. Why is the sky blue? Why does the earth spin? You never asked those questions, same goes for me. Do not question why I do this, I just do."

Han is an infamous Japanese terrorist. He has been tracked by the authorities for some time now, but has never been caught. He is also known to sell illegial substances around the ghettos, and has made a fortune off of it. Despite this, he does not take drugs of any kind and finds the substances worthless. Whatever the case, he mainly puts this money into his organization, such as smuggled knightmare frames, food, buisness with other terrorists etc. Han is also in possesion of the DH-11 Basilisk knightmare. This knightmare is a one of a kind and is Han's favorite possession. He is in his teens, roughly 17 if intelligence is correct. It is unknown why a 17 year old would become a terrorist, never the less, he is a threat that the military takes very seriously.



Han is known to possess Geass, he acquired this power from the masked child; Etôchi. His geass is known as "Power of absolute trepidation." In short, he can make anybody worry about something that isn't really happening. There are boundries to his geass however. For one, he must make direct eye contact. Two, the ability only lasts for 20 seconds. Finally, his ability is unable to affect someone who also possesses geass, though this isn't really a problem. When Han uses his geass it manifests in his right eye.