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Codename Hayabusa
Unit type VTOL Transport Drone
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: Unknown
  • Overall Wingspan: Unknown
Weight Unknown

The Hayabusa (Japanese for "Peregrine Falcon") is a VTOL transport drone utilized by the Order of the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo.


Essentially the original float system pack reimagined an autonomous drone unit. As per its name, the Hayabusa is very avian in form, up to and including talon-like clamps that it can use to latch onto a designated knightmare's shoulders. Naturally colored in black with silver highlights.


Following the capture of the Gawain, Colonel Rakshata Chawla of the Order of the Black Knights' Science Division would labor hard to replicate the Float System, her intent to create an independent module that can be equipped on virtually any frame. Unfortunately however, she would run into the same power and aerodynamic constraints that kept the original Float System from being mass produced in Britannia, and so would abandon her own attempt at a flight-capable knightmare. Despite this setback however, Rakshata would find another use for the system in the form of a transport drone, thus paving way for the Hayabusa.

Rather than grant the host knightmare frame full flight capability, the Hayabusa is strictly meant as a transport unit to ferry knightmares on and off the battleground. For this purpose, it is highly automated and capable of acting independently of its mothership as necessary, while also lacking any offensive capabilities. That being said, the Hayabusa's strength, and primary purpose, is its ability to dock with a host knightmare frame and move it from designated point to another, usually from a mothership to a deployment area and vice versa, which it can accomplish over a considerable range. To accomplish this, the Hayabusa is equipped with a pair of underslung magnetic clamps (nicknamed "Talons"), which it can attach to a knightmare's shoulders, while its built-in float system allows it to achieve flight with loads up to twelve metric tons approximately.

Though highly capable, the Hayabusa's main weakpoint is, much like all things float technology related, its high energy drain. Despite it being equipped with its own Yggdrasil drive, a Hayabusa can only remain active for several minutes before needing to return to its mothership for recharge. To compensate for this however, the Hayabusa is capable of reaching subsonic speeds, allowing it to transport its host Knightmare onto the field or back to its mothership well before running out of power.


The first known usage of the Hayabusa would take place during the Black Knights' raid on Pendragon, in which the Izumo would deploy her knightmare forces from a fair distance within the Atlantic, and then retrieve them from the same position. Since then, the Hayabusa has been an instrumental unit for the Black Knights, having utilized the drones to rapidly deploy their Knightmare Frames on and off numerous fields, from the strike on Pearl Harbor to the assault on the Eildon basin in Alexandra Land.