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Horus Space Station is the military research center. Its existence is only known to people that reside in the station and the emperor, Charles zi Britannia  only.

The station consists of seven sectors. The main sector is constructed in shape of a sphere which hold the resident of people live in the station. The other six sectors are built around the main sector with bridges to link between the sectors. The station is power by Photon Drive located at the core of the sphere.


Docking Bay[]

It is the first sector of the station. It is a port for spaceships to dock.

Horus Imperial Palace[]

It is the emperor's resident and is the second sector of the station.

Horus Military Complex[]

It is the third sector of the station. It is Britannia Military Headquarters.

Horus Research Center[]

Horus Research Centre is the fourth sector of the station.

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Horus Military Production[]

Horus Military Production is the fifth sector of the station. It is a facility where all the military weapons and Gundams are manufactured.

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Horus Training Center[]

Horus Training Center is the sixth sector of the station. It is a training facility for the Supersoldier to master the art of combat and piloting the Gundam.