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The Hunt for the Iacon Relics was a world-wide race between the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance and the Decepticons to uncover and retrieve ancient Cybertronian artifacts that possessed immense power.


During the Great Cybertronian War, the Decepticons invaded the Autobot capital city, Iacon and raided the Hall of Records to claim ancient relics of the Primes or recover Decepticon WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that were confiscated during the war. Fortunately, archivist, Alpha Trion was able to jettison the relics off-world to prevent them from being under Decepticon hands albeit at the cost of his life. Despite this setback, the Cons were able to take the Iacon database so that they could decrypt and one day find the relics.

Following the exodus and the war between Autobots and Decepticons renewed on Earth, both sides discovered the relics' presence on this planet. The Decepticons had a head start thanks to them possessing the Iacon database but they soon lost the advantage after the Autobot and Black Knight Alliance were successfully able to make a copy of the database from the Nemesis.


Paris Skirmish[]

Smokescreen, Arcee, and Bumblebee accompany Milly, Shirley, Rivalz, Nunally and Sayoko to Paris. The group makes their way into the subway and catacombs, where Knock Out, Springload and Jeremiah are excavating the relic. Smokescreen manages to retrieve the relic, the Phase Shifter, and Springload is killed when his obsession with Doradus is exploited to lure him into a trap on the electrified rail tracks. Jeremiah reveals he was freed from the Decepticon's control by Joseph Fenette and joins the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance upon learning Nunnally and Lelouch are among them.

Clash at Antartica[]

Zero, Optimus Prime, Kallen, Suzaku and Elita-One head for Antartica, where they are intercepted by Starscream, his Seekers Thundercracker and Slipstream, and Sky-Byte. Lelouch managed to Geass Starscream into leading them to the relic and revealing intel on the Decepticon forces and defenses. However, Thundercracker revealed he had a Geass Canceller and freed Starscream, while also inadvertenly erasing Suzaku's "live" command. Starscream used this opportunity to obtain the relic, the Apex Armor. Realizing they are unable to win a battle of attrition against the Apex Armor's invulnerability, Autobots and Black Knights use Starscream's own arrogance and his loss of flight from the Armor to trap him in the Antarctic ocean.

Birth of a Knightmare Combiner[]

The Black Wyverns and Autobots, Sideswipe, Strongarm and Grindcore arrived on Egypt where they battled Steeljaw's Pack and Shin Hyūga Shaing, now with a Dark Geass and upgraded by Shockwave into a Dark Energon fueled cyborg. Both sides stumbled upon an ancient Cybetronian tomb where they discovered the relic, the Enigma of Combination. After the Black Wyverns acquired the Enigma, the relic fused their Knightmares together, turning them into a new Combiner they dub Hercules.

Trouble in the Chinese Federation[]

The Black Dragons and the Aerialbots run into the Combaticons in the Chinese Federation, who are already in the process of mining for the relic at the base of the Great Wall. The battle proves to be an extremely tough one, as Onslaught was ready for them and had ambushes prepared. Air Raid dies to Blast Off and Drift, Xingke, and Tohdoh were captured. Jetstorm and Safeguard formulate a plan with the regrouped Black Dragons and Aerialbots to let the Decepticon forces mine for the relic, then divide and conquer the Combaticons, so as to prevent them from forming Bruticus. They manage to rescue their comrades and discover the Relic is Red Energon before Onslaught catches on and recalls his Combaticons to form Bruticus. Zi Dien is killed by the Combiner and Urabe sacrifices himself to destroy most of the Red Energon. The Combaticons were only able to retrieve enough for a single dose.

Reunion in Australia[]

Ultra Magnus and the Elite Guard are deployed to the Australian outback, where they encounter Schneizel and the Insecticons. Through clever strategic use of the Insecticons, Schneizel is able to force them into retreat and capture Cornelia and Chigusa. He holds them prisoner aboard the Avalon for "interrogation", where he reveals to them he secretly intends to overthrow Megatron but Cornelia remains headstrong and suspicious, refusing any sort of secret alliance with her treacherous half-brother. Meanwhile with the rest of the Elite Guard, they are forced to push forward and uncover the relic, which it turns out is the legendary Skyboom Shield. The Elite Guard manages to divide and conquer the Insecticons, Ultra Magnus using the Shield to great effect as a weapon despite his inability to access its full power and Monica even managing to kill Glowstrike. Aboard the Avalon, Cornelia escapes, frees Chigusa and they bring down the ship. Schniezel, having anticipated this possibility, escapes as well before they could capture him. Cornelia and Chigusa reunite with their comrades, all of them suspecting Schniezel let them win as part of his long game plan.

Chernobyl Crisis[]

Cera, Alice and Grimlock arrive at Chernobyl, where they are faced with Shockwave and the Geass Order. Grimlock, in his rage, throws the battle into chaos and nearly kills Alice's friends in the Order, forcing Cera and Alice to pull him from the field. Shockwave uncovers the relic, which is none other than the Driller, an ancient and colossal Cybertronian worm monster powerful enough to overwhelm even the mighty Grimlock. Cera finally kills Mao and learns that Alice's friends are secretly colluding with Anya (and Marriane) and Joseph Fenette.

Laserbeak Down Incident[]

Ratchet and the Crimson Knights depart for the Alps aboard the Granberry. The ship is boarded by Soundwave, who uses his ground bridges to summon the Constructicons to his side. During the battle aboard the Granberry, the ship is brought down, but not before Laserbeak is shot down as well. Ratchet and Toto contact Nina and formulate a plan to implant a Trojan Horse virus within the crashed Laserbeak and use Toto's Geass to erase his recollection of their presence so the virus could be spread to Soundwave and the Decepticon computers to transfer the rest of the Iacon Database to the Alliance. The relic Soundwave obtains is his Resonance Blaster, which he uses to defeat the Crimson Knights. Tink dies trying to bring down Devastator in a massive attack and Wizard's mask is damaged by Soundwave, revealing his identity as Oiagros Zevon, to the shock and fury of Oldrin, Orpheus, and Marrybell. They ultimately give Oiagros time to explain himself before passing judgement, if only out of respect for Tink.

Nemesis Prime Unleashed[]

Ironhide and the Wreckers are sent to an island in the Equator, where the relic uncovered is Toxic Energon, a dangerously hazardous chemical weapon. They battle with not only their opposite number Squadron X, but a new addition accompanying the Decepticons: V.V., now installed into a new Cybertronian shell modelled off of Optimus Prime developed by Shockwave called Nemesis Prime. After a prolonged fight, Overload and Blackout were killed and the Tox-En was destroyed by magma. However, the Wreckers end up badly injured by Nemesis Prime and Hot Shot is seemingly lost, which he used to his advantage to sneak into the Decepticon Groundbridge and infiltrate the Nemesis.

Most of the Wreckers were left in desperate need of medical attention upon their return, Rai even needing to have his arm amputated and replaced with a prosthetic. Angered at the injury of his half-brother, Lelouch organizes a raid to take down V.V. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Megatron's intervention forces them to release him back to the Decepticons, where Nemesis Prime is reassigned to guard the Geass Order as punishment for his failure to kill the Wreckers.

The Star Saber Uncovered[]

Soundwave managed to uncover the final Iacon Relic: the legendary sword of Prima, the Star Saber. Megatron attempts to throw the Alliance off with a false beacon, but Lelouch anticipated this, only sending out the Black Wyverns to investigate. The Decepticons find the sword within a mountain, but Megatron is unable to remove it himself. So he instead decides to move the entire mountain itself, only for him and his forces to be ambushed by the Alliance. Optimus Prime manages to obtain the Saber and cleaves the whole mountain with just one swing. Realizing that his chances of victory were severely diminished and his plans in jeopardy, Megatron retreats with his forces, declaring it the Decepticon's darkest hour.


Seeking to even the playing field after the Autobots recover the Star Saber, Megatron travels to Cybertron and retrieves the arm of the deceased Prime Liege Maximo. After attaching the limb to his own arm, he then proceeds to use the Forge of Solus Prime to create the Dark Star Saber.

Meanwhile, the Autobots and Black Knights launch simultaneous assaults on all the Thought Elevators and the Geass Order.