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Class Izumo
Ships of the Line BKS Izumo
Unit type Mobile Battleship
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: 273 meters
  • Overall Width: Unknown
  • Overall Height: Unknown
Weight 80,000+ metric tons
Equipment and Design Features
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Druid System Analysis Complex
  • Gefjun Disturber
  • Inaba Drive System
  • 6 x Hyper-Velocity Cannon
  • 12 x Close-In Weapon System
  • 120 x Missile Launcher
Units Carried
  • 100+ x Knightmare Frames
  • Yoshitaka Minami

The Izumo is a mobile (amphibious) battleship utilized by the Order of the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo. Commanded by Zero and crewed by many of the original Black Knights, it serves as the flagship for the Order.


The overall design is based on the Lesseps-class land battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Following its affiliation, she is colored black with the Black Knights' crest display prominently on the front of her bridge tower.


As the Black Knights' flagship, the Izumo was meant from the onset to be a major symbol of the Order, as well as something of a pathfinder for her eventual warship fleet. As a mobile battleship, the Izumo is the first of its line to be equipped with the Inaba Drive, a special propulsion system based on float technology (as reverse engineered from the Gawain). Designated after the Hare of Inaba from old Japanese folklore, the Inaba Drive functions by generating an electromagnetic field underneath the Izumo, allowing it to effectively hover over most terrain while also granting the warship exceptional mobility for its size. Through this feature alone, the Izumo can transverse virtually through any part of the world, including mountain ranges and open ocean. And though it would take some time yet to refine thereafter, Colonel Chawla would come to mass produce the system for additional Black Knight ships.

Following its designation as a land battleship, the Izumo is heavily armed, featuring six hyper-velocity cannons (two each per turret, two turrets bow angled and one astern), a dozen close-in weapon systems that can be used against both airborne and ground-based targets (namely knightmares) and one hundred twenty VLS tubes. Combined with her heavy armor, the Izumo is capable of fighting entire battlefleets on her own, which fits her usually acting autonomously of the larger Black Knight forces. These armaments are in turn supplemented by a built-in Gefjun Disturber, which grants the Izumo a degree of stealth capability as well. And finally, as she was meant specifically to be Zero's flagship, the Izumo is equipped with a duplicated version of the tried-and-true Druid System, allowing Zero to take direct command-in-control of the field even when not piloting the Mordred.


Though the Black Knights had been provided the submarine Ryujin to act as their mobile headquarters initially, Colonel Chawla, upon recognizing the limited scope of such craft (especially given that the Black Knights were predominantly a land-based military force), began developing plans for a proper flagship just before the SAZ and the Black Rebellion (and the Devastation thereafter). During the Rebellion, the Black Knights would shift their flag to a captured Citadel mobile field base, effectively demonstrating the need for a landship to serve as their central command vehicle. Thus upon the Order's restructuring following the Devastation and the settlement in Ryukyu, the Izumo would be the very first ship to be designed and produced as part of the Black Knights' new "mobile fleet".

Following an initial shakedown, the Izumo would mark her first deployment by sailing through Africa, evading both Britannian and Eurasian forces within the region, and then deploying her knightmares to attack the city of Tobruk in an initial attempt to "capture" Prince Lelouch vi Britannia (i.e. recover Zero). Following the failure of this attempt, the Izumo would then sail into the Mediterranean - once more evading both Britannian and Eurasian forces within the region - and sail across the Atlantic to Britannia's eastern seaboard, where she would make her second (more successful) attempt by raiding the Imperial capital of Pendragon. Once Lelouch was recovered, the mobile battleship would then sail northward to the Arctic - inadvertently circumventing the globe - where she would be intercepted by Britannian forces while attempting to cross the Bering Strait. Though initially trapped within the strait and pinned between Britannian forces from the mainland, Far Eastern Eurasia as well as the North Pacific, Lelouch, upon taking up his role as Zero once again, would yet direct the Izumo's escape, allowing her to return to Ryukyu with relatively moderate damage.

Not long after her maiden voyage, the Izumo would take part in many of the Order's most pivotal battles, from the raid on Pearl Harbor to Xiaopei and the Red Rebellion thereafter. All the commanded by Zero himself and crewed by the Black Knights' most prominent officials.