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General Characteristics
Model Number JKB-029
Codename Gloucester Spike
Unit type Custom Knight Battle Knightmare
Manufacturer Japanese Knight Battle Corp.
Operator Japanese Knight Battle Corp.
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.25 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 8.06 metric tons
Powerplant Type 13 Yggdrasil superconductor transfer system
Equipment and Design Features
  • Type-02 Factsphere Sensor Camera
  • Type-02 Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Type-02 Blaze Luminous
Fixed Armament
  • 2 x Type-04 Chest Mounted Slash Harkens
  • Mass Production Floatation System
Unknown 2

The JKB-029 Gloucester Spike is a Custom Knight Battle Knightmare frame in Code Geass R3: SOD.


The Spike is based off of the original Gloucester units, but it has more shoulder armor, blaze luminous shielding, and a different color scheme consisting of red and violet.


This Japanese Knight Battle Knightmare was created for the Japan Knight Battles in 2038 and is a Seventh Generation model.

The machine was built off of a Gloucester and was given advanced computer systems, shoulder armor, sukuradite veins of the Seventh Generation and as well as missile launchers on it's left shoulder armor.


This machine fought in the 2038 a.t.b. Summer Knight Battles and fought alongside the Glasgow Sharp against the invading Nemean models from Peace Mark.