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A German General whom was actually born in the Britannian Homeland, his skills in Tank and Artillary Warfare surpass all known past Generals in Europa, putting even legendary Generals like Generals Erwin Rommel and Hans Guderian to shame.



Jaegar was born Febuary 26th, 1997 a.t.b, in Mexico City Settlement of the Britannian Homeland. Jaegar's Father was German and his mother was Britannian, despite that it seemed his father had a Knightly Personality, serving as a spy in EU on Britannia's behalf.

Hence, Jaegar and his family moved to Germany where he grew up as a German and learned the German Language even though he retained his Britannian accent and language, after reaching the age of eleven he had to then look out for himself when his parents died from a disease, Jaegar joined the German Military academy at a young age however he spent years in the Academy due to his laid-back personality.

After eventually passing the Academy in 2010 a.t.b, he was shipped across EU territory with the 5th German Army which were considered rabble in their time, however between 2010 a.t.b and 2015 a.t.b he proved differently; the 5th German Army during his time in command had become an impressive fighting force which was used to occupy the Marshall Islands during a successful invasion in the 2nd Pacific War's aftermath.

In 2016 a.t.b, he was shipped to the Middle East where he entered combat against the Britannians attempting to invade the EU's bases and destroy their forces in the Region, Jaegar successfully pushed back Britannian Forces a number of times however he almost met his challenge when going against the Triumviri General called Gregor Varian. Jaegar's spontenious tactics and long range artillary managed to trick Gregor and injure the Middle Aged General, this however caused a more fitting competition to the German General.

Jaegar's next and final Britannian challenge would come in the form of the Demoness of Britannia, the Triumviri General called Silvaria Beurnet with Maximillion himself appearing to command the remains of Gregor Varian's Forces and the reserves of Silvaria Beurnet's own forces while having a tiny fraction Max's 26th Britannian Army lead the charge in new Gloucester Knightmare Frames commanded by Seitz Kururugi in the P-01 Maleagant.

2017 a.t.b - 2018 a.t.b[]