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Jesse Waldstein is originally the illegitimate son of Bismarck Waldstein in the Divine Empire Series and the Knight of Five of the Knights of the Round, he is revealed to be the childhood friend of Michael El Britannia and Markus Sel Britannia, his current mission as of Season One is to follow and watch Michael El Britannia while reporting back everything to the Emperor on the Youth's progress.



Jesse is shown to be kind and to some degree a bit timid not being assertive with his feelings with Markus or his view on how the group should be run instead opting to believe Schneizel will make a fine emperor and knows what he is doing. This changes after the incidents in Season One and he develops a twisted sense of what is right going so far as to consider poisoning a lake or blow up a volcano to try and wipe out a whole city of dissidents in an attempt to defeat the Black Knights. He also becomes aggressive in attitude showing no more signs of hesitation on what he wants to do after talking with his father at the Beginning of Season Two.

Physical Appearance[]

Jesse may be of the Knights of the Round however he doesn't wear their usual outfit rather taking on more Noble clothes as he represents his Father as a Member of the Waldstein Noble Family, Jesse has blond hair and Blue eyes, his clothes are blue and white in reminiscence to Suzaku's Piloting Suite and Knight of Seven Uniform.


Equipment, Powers and Skills[]