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General Characteristics
Codename Jibril
Unit type Limited Production Desert Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Herschel & Son GmbH
Operator Zulfiqar
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.46 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 8.89 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark III)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Mono-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Hoverjet Propulsion System
Standard Armament
  • 2 x Slash Harken
  • 1 x Assault Rifle
  • 1 x Heat Saber
Optional Armament
  • 1 x Bazooka

The Jibril is a fifth generation knightmare frame utilized by Zulfiqar in Code Geass Megiddo.


Basically the KMF version of the Dom Tropical Test Type from Mobile Suit Variations. No major design changes made.


Essentially a heavily modified Baer that specializes in desert warfare, the Jibril, much like the Azrael and Israfil before it, does not shy too far away from its parent in form or function, yet is well suited for its intended environment. Possessing enhanced cooling systems and sand filters to better process the Arabian desert and other such settings, the Jibril can reportedly remain one hundred percent operational within the center of a haboob. These systems also allow the Jibril to retain its parent unit's hoverjets in place of landspinners, granting it greater mobility over shifting, unstable terrain. Following this, the Jibril also mounts a dedicated communication antenna on top of its head, once more for greater electronic reach and depth in its notoriously harsh setting.


It is unknown how many Jibrils were able to be produced and sent to the Middle East before its fall and inevitable reformation into Area 18, though there have been multiple sightings and engagements during and thereafter. Years into the insurrection perpetrated by Zulfiqar and innumerable other Middle Eastern resistance fronts, the Jibril is still well in use by these myriad groups through their continued fight against the "infidels" of Britannia.