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Joshua zi Britannia
Joshua Xi Britannia
Full Name: Joshua Kusanagi (Birth Name)
Joshua Xi Britannia
Nicknames: Josh
Age: 18

Birth Date: a.t.b. July 4th
Height: 5'9" ft
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: AB-
Nationality: Japanese
Relatives: Mari Xi Britannia (Sister)
  • Holy Britannian Empire
    • Britannian Military (The Path of Conquest)
    • Knights of the Round (The Path of Conuest)
    • Imperial Royal Family
  • House of Kyoto
    • Japanese Royal Family
  • The Black Knights (The Path of Birthright)
Additional Information
Title: Knight of Seven (The Path of Conuest)
Lieutenant Colonel
Rank: Prince
Knight of the Round
Knightmare Frames:
Lancelot Grail
Real World
First Appearance: Born of Blood
Created By: Otaku-Nation666
Voiced By: Troy Baker
"I make my own fate."

Joshua Xi Britannia, also known as Joshua Kusanagi, is the main protagonist of Geass of Fates. He is the older adopted brother Mari Xi Britannia, having been taken in by Charles zi Britannia after he killed his father, who was the reigning Emperor of Japan prior to it's invasion at the hands of the Empire.

Depending on the Polls released through out the story, Joshua can either remain true to the family he was raised with, becoming a Knight of the Round and try to revolutionize the country from within with the help of Gino and Suzaku, or fight alongside the Black Knights, becoming Zero's right-hand man and reclaim Japan.


Joshua is a young man with slightly curly light blonde hair, and golden eyes. He has been described as being handsome by a majority of women. He is often found wearing a purple jacket with a purple-and-white striped hoodie.



Joshua was born as the only child to the Emperor of Japan, and therefore the cousin to both Kaguya Sumeragi and Suzaku Kururugi, the latter's family being especially close to the Japanese Royal Family. One day, the Emperor was assassinated by Charles, who lured him into the open under the pretext of forming a peace treaty, and then took the child with him.

Joshua has very little memories of his past, thus believing that he was always raised as a member of the Britannian Royal Family, though many servants and nobles, including the concubines, believed that he was born as a half-breed, and was considered low-born trash. His only solace was his adoptive mother and his younger sister, who shared similar characteristics with him, thus believing he was her birth brother.




  • As the story is based off of Fire Emblem Fates, Joshua is based on the game's protagonist, Corrin, who is presented with the choice of either siding with his birth family in Hoshido, or his foster family in Nohr.