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Julius Kingsley is a Britannian Military Advisor with a Strange Resemblance to Lelouch vi Britannia. He was Originally Deployed to Fight in the E.U War but was Recalled after an Incident in Euro-Britannnia.


Julius is a Tall Man with Black Hair and Violet Eyes. He has an Elaborate Eye-Patch with 2 Purple Crystals hanging from the End and One underneath his Left Eye. His Attire is a Black-and-Gold Suit with the Engraved Symbol of a Britannian Knight on All Sides. He also has a Cape with the Knight Symbol on the Back.


Julius Kingsley has a Large Amount of Self-Confidence, boarding on Arrogance. He actually Believes in his Own Intelligence and Puts Down Others. He is Fiercely Loyal to the Empire and to the Royal Family. He is also a Motivated Strategist.


Julius Kingsley was Born on December 5, 2000 A.T.B. His Parents were Presumably Killed after he Joined the Military. On Charles' Orders, Julius was Deployed to Assist Euro-Britannia in their War against the E.U. After the Death of the 99th Emperor, Julius was Recalled to the Homeland to Advise the Empress on Military Strategies.


Nunnally vi Britannia

Julius is one of Nunnally's Trusted Advisors. Julius had Created a Friendship with her Majesty and Gained her Trust. As a Result, Julius was Rewarded with the Acceptance of the Imperial Scepter, which he has Used since.

Schneizel el Britannia

Julius has a Rivalry with the Prime Minister. He Knows Schneizel is Up to No Good and Gives Schneizel a Tough Time with Nunnally. Julius is Cautious around Schneizel, Knowing what he could Potentially Do.

Suzaku Kururugi

Julius and Suzaku only Knew each other a Short Time. Suzaku was Assigned by Charles to Escort and Protect Julius during their Time in Euro-Britannia. After Lelouch's Death, they Reunited with Suzaku being Zero and Surprised by Julius' Appearance, calling it Impossible.


Julius is a Intelligent Man. He is able to Come up with +1,000 Strategies a Minute and still Obtain Victory. He is also a Cautious Man, not Wanting to Unleash Nunnally's Anger. He is also a Great Public Speaker, saying that a Position that he's in Requires one.


Julius Kingsley is most likely who Lelouch could've become had he Stayed a Prince