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Kain la Britannia
Full Name: Kain la Britannia
Nicknames: Kai
Aliases: Kai Savour
Age: 19

Birth Date: a.t.b. 1999 ABY
Height: 5'9"
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Britannian
  • Charles zi Britannia (Father)
  • Gabrielle la Britannia (Mother)
  • 4th Imperial Prince (Half-Brother, deceased)
  • Michael el Britannia (Half-Brother)
  • Schneizel el Britannia (Half-Brother)
  • Lelouch vi Britannia] (Half-Brother)
  • Nunnally vi Britannia (Half-Sister)

  • Holy Empire of Britannia
    • Britannian Navy (in the Code Geass R1)
      • 5th Pacific Naval Fleet (in the Code Geass R1)
    • Knights of the Round
      • Emperor's Enforcers
    • Britannian Autonomous Forces
      • The Thirteenth Independent Imperial Legion
    • Loki Conglomerate
      • Critical Faction
Additional Information
  • 6th Prince of Britannia
  • Holy Dragon of the Atlantic
  • Accursed Dragon of the Atlantic (by E.U.)
  • Emperor's Vassal (as Emperor's Blight)
  • Grand Admiral/Marshall (as of Code Geass R1)
  • Emperor's Blight (as of Code Geass R1's Epilogue)
Knightmare Frames:

Real World
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Voiced By:
  • Kouichi Toochika (Japanese)
  • Sean Schemmel (English)
Other Info:
See: Britannian Imperial Family
"Michael and Kain care for Britannia, they act like they are their true princes and look after the people in their care, something you don't do!"
―Suzaku to Lelouch about Michael and Kain.

Kain la Britannia was one of the first two Geass Hybrids created in Britannia over the last twenty five years and appears in the Dawn of a New Empire series, like his half-brother he has some amazing capabilities including the Immunity to Geass and near invincible Knightmare Frame piloting skills, Kain is said to have never been shot down while in combat and he has a massive kill count when in Knightmare Frame combat especially against the Europeans.



Unlike Michael and Schneizel who are usually down to business, Kain is completely different as he usually seems laid back and uncaring, when he enters battle however he is described as a Lunatic. He is willing to kill anyone or anything between him and victory, if the civilians are not submissive and curse the attack/occupation from Britannia then he will kill them until they get in line, uniquely Kain calls each country by its former name and only refers to them as Areas during combat objectives or while fighting. Kain seems the most willing to ignore the Areas System and call it by their past names, this includes the people that live within those names, however Kain has no interest in political gain and therefore he prefers to stand back like Cornelia and allow Michael to take the political stage.

Physical Appearance[]

Kain is a youth with golden blond hair and dazzling pale blue eyes that seem to entrance everyone that he meets, he has tanned skin and was said to be taller at first glance than he truly was, Kain usually wore a combination of black and white with maybe a side of red. At Balls and Galls, he tended to wear a white suit.


Equipment, Powers and Skills[]


Hand-held Weapons[]

Vehicles and Support Craft[]




Charles zi Britannia[]

Schneizel el Britannia[]

Cornelia li Britannia[]

Euphemia li Britannia[]

Marianne vi Britannia[]

Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Nunnally vi Britannia[]

Michael el Britannia[]

Kain seems to actually care for Michael and hints that at one point the two of them were romantically interested despite being half-siblings, despite their relationship having ended he seems to still genuinely love Michael and wants to see him both happy and successful, an example of this was that he willing joins himself on to Michael's task force despite having his own fleet and task force to run.

Samael Sol[]

Kain at one point saw Samael as competition but after getting to know the Original Immortal more he seems to agree that Samael is the best one of Michael, to that end he seems more than willing to fight back-to-back with Samael and have a competition of how many enemies they can take down each, Samael seems to comment that Kain is an animal due to his desire for combat and that is how Samael thus treats him.