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The first Kaiser developed by the Geass Order, K-001

Kaisers are bio-weapons created by Dr. Carl Marsrin of the Geass Order

Kaiser Program[]

With an uncontrollable urge to create a living weapon, Dr. Carl Marsrin uses his magnificent expertise on genetics to achieve it. He draws some blood of a retired war veteran known for his physical strength and began to drastically alter the cells genetic makeup, turning the blood into a mutagenic fluid.

After receiving volunteers, a single drop was injected to each volunteer. He observed that once injected, the mutagenic agents enters the cells and absorbs their nuclei, causing drastic changes in the DNA before replicating on a massive scale. These changes are so drastic that out of 1000 volunteers, only one was strong enough to survive the changes, the others died due to the intense deformation caused by the agents. Marsrin discovered that only people with a resilient DNA can survive the drastic effects. After an hour the subject experienced numerous physical changes such as increased height, disappearance of the mouth, paling of the skin, glowing of the eyes into red. It’s muscle tissues became very dense that it became harder than any metal; capable of delivering more physical force and receiving less, cells capable of reproducing at a fast rate that can close any wound in a matter of time depending on how large it is.  However the lack of sapience reduced the subject into an animalistic beast, in the ‘Berserk State’ the subject’s Myocytes tripled, allowing more force to be delivered and an overriding instinct to treat any living thing into a threat.

The Geass Order managed to kill the beast at the expense of half the military. Marsrin didn’t expect something like this to happen and harvests the remains of the subject. Thanks to the prototype cloning machine that was built, he was able to make another one but the set back is that no matter how large the organism, each created inside the costs them 10 000 000 pounds. A microchip is installed deep within the brain to allow the operator to control the Kaiser through Voice Commands.