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"Snap out of it, Lelouch! You're Zero now! You have an obligation! You have to live up to the dreams you once gave us all! So please, keep fooling us until you no longer can! We need you to be Zero this time with all your heart. Play your role like you mean it!"
―Kallen Kōzuki
Kallen Kōzuki
Full Name: Kallen Stadtfeld
Kallen Kōzuki
Kallen Kyōshigaki
Aliases: Q-1 (Code Name given by Zero)
Age: 17 (first archive)

18 (R2)

Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue

Birth Date: a.t.b. March 29, 2000
Height: 171 cm (5'7")
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: Britannian-Japanese
Relatives: Mr. Stadtfeld (Father)
Mrs. Kōzuki (Mother)
Naoto Kōzuki (Older Brother)
Mrs. Stadtfeld (Step-Mother)
Kanji Kyōshigaki (Boyfriend/Live-in partner)
  • United States of Japan
  • United Federation of Nations
    • The Black Knights
  • Ashford Academy
    • Student Council
Additional Information
Title: Ace of the Black Knights
Captain of the Zero Squad
Rank: Britannian Noble (Formerly)
Occupation: Soldier
Knightmare Pilot
Terrorist (Formerly)
Knightmare Frames:
Glasgow/Burai (Custom Red)
Guren Mk-II
Guren Flight-Enabled Version
Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements
Real World
Voiced By: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese)
Karen Strassman (English)
Domitilla D'Amico (Italian)
Other Info:
See The Black Knights

Kallen Kōzuki (紅月カレン, Kōzuki Karen) is one of the main characters featured in Code Geass: Defenders of Britannia. She is officially known as Kallen Stadtfeld (カレン・シュタットフェルト , Karen Shutattoferuto), and goes by this name at school, but prefers her mother's maiden Japanese name during her revolutionary (now military) activities.

Ami Koshimizu won "Best Actress in supporting role" for her role as Kallen at the first Seiyuu Awards in 2007. Kallen was awarded 8th place in the 29th Anime Grand Prix, then 17th and 16th, respectively, in the following two.


Kallen is a young woman who has a slim yet strong build, and fair skin. Her most distinguishing features are her big blue eyes and her red hair, which she had combed down at school but spiked up when fighting or in her own privacy. She has an average height, being slightly taller than C.C..

When she is fighting in her original Knightmare, an outdated Glasgow, Kallen wore a vest-shorts combination. Once she begins to pilot the Guren Mark II, she wears a magenta suit that zips up to her neck. Other times, Kallen is seen wearing a standard Black Knights uniform. 

In school, Kallen wears a ladies' school uniform. While at important reunions or during her brief time as a prisoner, she wore a yellow, fashionable dress to an elegant blue dress.


Kallen is a strong-willed, determined, loyal and brave individual who also can be quite short-tempered, forceful and somewhat impulsive. Despite her tough attitude, Kallen is actually quite sensitive, compassive and truly gentle, however after the death of her brother she doesn't show this side much any more. Her brother's death has also affected her relationship with her parents, though over time Kallen begins to renew her relationship with her mother, and like her brother, she becomes one of Kallen's reasons to liberate Japan. Her relationship with her father, both before and after Britannia took over Japan, is never revealed, though she has referred to him as "dad" on one occasion, implying that their relationship is (or at least was) probably positive.

While being both Japanese and Britannian, Kallen had the ability to live a normal life. However, she refused to fully accept her Britannian side as it would mean abandoning her Japanese friends, people, and self; thus making her one of the few selfless characters in all the series. On multiple occasions at the beginning of the series, she had claimed that she hates Britannians, though that was clearly an exaggeration as Kallen has been seen caring about Britannian civilians on multiple occasions, a prime example being her visible concern for the Student Council during the Lake Kawaguchi incident. Her character arc can be summarized as thus: she transforms from an emotional, somewhat prejudice, untrusting girl in a tawdry rebellion into a confident, capable fighter with a much stronger sense of justice and morality, willing to put aside her feelings and interests to protect those she loves and cares about.

At Ashford Academy, Kallen was forced to hide her identity in order to avoid suspicion, which caused her to change her hairstyle and her true personality. Whereas normally Kallen is powerful, confident, willful, and Japanese-favoring, at school she was a milquetoast, withdrawn ill girl who didn't speak up very much (the ill part was to hide her recreational activities as a Black Knight). In spite of this, she was welcomed fondly into the Student Council, which becomes a significant factor in her character development. However, when she felt under suspicion, Kallen often readied the knife that she conceals in a small pink pouch, showing what she would do to keep her identity secret. After finally changing Britannia's political system and gaining liberty for Japan due to Zero and his closest allies, Kallen begins to show her true feisty nature as her school while still being a member of the Black Knights.

In battle, Kallen is aggressive (this could be due to the fact that her weapons are mainly-close range), often ruthless, and very opportunistic. Her code name, Q-1, is a shortened version of the "Queen" on a chessboard, the strongest piece in a chess game. She is very confident in her Knightmare piloting capabilities as well as her own abilities and rightfully so - her Guren annihilated most of Cornelia's forces during the Battle of Narita, and could even defeat two powerful Knights of the Round at later battles. However, despite being one of the very best pilots in the series, if not the very best, she is not indestructible; as shown by her eventual capture in R2.

Character Outline[]

Kallen is a young Britannian-Japanese woman, who believes herself to be Japanese at heart and prefers to be known by her Japanese mother's name. Her mother is an Eleven who stayed with her children for most of their lives. Her brother, Naoto Kōzuki (紅月ナオト, Kōzuki Naoto), with whom she had a deep connection, was a former leader of a resistance organization before his death. After his death, Kallen became a member of the same guerilla resistance group against Britannia, which would later be reformed into the Order of the Black Knights by Lelouch Lamperouge several years later.

Her father is a Britannian noble who comes from a prestigious family, and since his legal wife, Mrs. Stadtfeld, could not bear any children, Mr. Stadtfeld requested Ms. Kōzuki to formally adopt Kallen into his household as his heir. Since her daughter would benefit from being a Britannian noble, Ms. Kōzuki accepted his request without Kallen's consent, much to her displeasure. Though Stadtfeld's wife ordered her never to see her daughter again, Ms. Kōzuki refused, fighting hard to be hired as a maid in the Stadtfelds' household in order to remain by her daughter's side, something that Kallen was unaware at that time.

Both Kallen's stepmother, and mother live with her in the same house, but her biological mother was often mistreated by both her stepmother, the other maids (who were all pure Britannians), and even Kallen herself after their relationship became strained, though she would try to discreetly help her mother at times but still stayed away from her. Since then, Kallen attends the Ashford Academy, where she is a member of its student council and is one of its most outstanding students, though she skipped school regularly as a result of participating in terrorist activities with an excuse of poor health.

Character History[]

First Archive[]


Kallen's first appearance.

Kallen appears early in the first stage of the first archive, driving a truck with C.C.'s capsule, and attempts to fight off Jeremiah's Purist Faction using a Glasgow. After Lelouch gains possession of his Geass from C.C., he takes possession of an enemy Sutherland and helps Kallen to escape the other Knightmare Frames chasing her. He further directs the remaining resistance forces, granting them a decisive advantage until Suzaku Kururugi uses his Lancelot to disable their Knightmares. She sacrifices her own Knightmare in return for helping her earlier against Jeremiah to allow Lelouch to escape, despite not knowing who he really is. She is able to escape after ejecting, meeting up with Ohgi and the rest of the resistance. However, the Britannian Military found where they were hiding. When the commander was just about to issue the order to fire, the Viceroy, Clovis la Britannia orders a ceasefire saving Kallen and the others.

After this incident, Kallen returns back to school for the time being. She returns back to class with a fake persona of a frail girl. After Lelouch discovers that Kallen, one of the terrorists he helped in Shinjuku Ghetto, attends the same school, he attempts to confirm his suspicions. Lelouch's unfamiliarity with his Geass however, causes him to reveal knowledge of the Shinjiku incident to Kallen, leading her to suspect him of being their unknown benefactor. As they both plan on exposing the other's suspicions, the Student Council throws a party for Kallen. During their explanation as to why, allows Rivalz to propose a toast. Shirley stating that they are too young for it, causes Rivalz to throw the bottle to Lelouch. With Lelouch having the bottle, Shirley attempts to retrieve it from him. However, the cork pops open spraying all over Kallen. Kallen then takes a shower and uses this situation to her advantage in order to find out if Lelouch really is Zero. Lelouch creates a cunning deception to ease her suspicions of his identity by playing a recorded message of himself on the telephone with the help of a Geassed Sayoko, drawing her suspicions off him. She was stopped by a male student who looked shy named "Kenjie Monaco", who then gave her newly cleaned uniform just before she leaves the shower room, she felt awkward at first but forgets it after that specific moment. When the death of Prince Clovis is announced in the media, it is Suzaku who is accused of the murder.

After receiving the message from Zero, both Kallen and Ohgi decide to help him save Suzaku Kururugi who was falsely accused of murdering Clovis. Both have their doubts as the operation is going, suddenly a Knightmare, who seems to have acted as a guard along with Jeremiah, switches position turning around to their side and protects them to even the field if a fight is going to push through. But Zero then uses his own strategy and his Geass to turn the situation in his favor resulting in them to believe in Zero. After managing to escape, Kallen and Ohgi were escorted by the pilot of the Knightmare, who soon revealed himself to be known as "Wesker", a vigilante who is affiliated with the Kyoto Group and fled soon after.

Arthur, a stray cat, is later chased throughout the school grounds by the entire student body after wandering into the Lamperouge residence and escaping with Lelouch's Zero mask. Milly announced that the one who would catch the cat would get a kiss from any member of the Student Council. Suzaku and Lelouch were the ones that got the cat and got a kiss on the cheek from Nunnally. The Student Council adopts him and builds a cat house in the council room. Following this incident, Kallen along with the rest of the student body watches Prince Clovis' funeral on live. During the funeral, the Emperor of Britannia, makes a speech on the virtues of inequality and the social battle for evolution and betterment.With this, she notices Kenjie leaving the room with a different attitude, who is deeply thinking and is full of doubts, that got Kallen into deep thinking.

Following Lelouch's failed attempt at stopping the new viceroy of Area 11, Cornelia li Britannia, the Japan Liberation Front decide to act and in turn kidnapped Britannians in a hotel jacking. Unable to stand by, Zero decides that this event can be the starting point for a new organization. After saving the hostages, Zero uses the media in order to publicly announce the formation of the Black Knights with the core members present, including the mysterious vigilante Wesker.

With the formation of the Black Knights and Zero's increasing number of victories over the Britannian forces, Kallen comes to greatly admire him. Later on, Kallen is seen back at her house and for the first time is shown her step-mother, Mrs. Stadtfeld and as well as Mrs. Kōzuki who has become a maid in order to stay with her daughter. During one of the Black Knights operations to stop the distribution of the drug, Refrain (Drug), Kallen notices her mother as one of the people using it. She attempts to save her using her Glasgow, but a corrupted member of the Britannian police force uses a Knightpolice in order to kill Kallen. Kallen then ensues in a battle with it and eventually defeats him when Wesker suddenly appeared to help her escape. Afterwards, Kallen realizes the truth surrounding why her mother decided to stay with her all this time and promises her that she will take part in making a world where they can both live in. Due to the help Wesker did, Kallen wanted to thank the vigilante for it but notices that he already managed to disappear, before she can even utter a word.

After losing her Glasgow, Zero gives Kallen the newly-developed Guren Mk-II to replace it. As Zero decides to attack Cornelia in the Narita Mountains, all members of the Black Knights head to Narita. Kallen starts off the operation using the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger to start a landslide that will decimate the Britannian forces. Afterwards, Kallen effectively starts to destroy the remaining forces including most of the Purist Faction. She easily outmatched Jeremiah and dispatched Kewell with ease as well. She then moves on to her next checkpoint which is to trap Cornelia. She initially has the advantage and overwhelms Cornelia until Zero arrives to talk with Cornelia. As they prepare to capture her, Suzaku appears with the Lancelot in an attempt to save the Viceroy. Zero enraged that the Lancelot is again interfering with his plans orders Kallen to destroy. Kallen engages in a one on one fight with Suzaku having an advantage with the Guren. As they continue fighting, Suzaku is shocked at the power of the Guren, but is unwilling to give up. He fires a shot from his VARIS which in turn Kallen attempts to block with the Radiant Wave Surger. However, the ground beneath her gives away, causing her to fall and damage her Knightmare. Because of this, Zero orders all Black Knights to retreat leaving the JLF to fend for themselves giving much discomfort to Kallen, Ohgi and Tamaki.

Before the Black Knights begin their operation to rescue Tohdoh from his scheduled execution, Rakshata appears to meet Zero and give them the new Knightmare models and suits. Kallen goes along with Zero to retrieve Tohdoh. After reuniting with the Four Holy Swords, Suzaku appears once again with the Lancelot in order to stop them from leaving. During their fight, reinforcements appear causing Tohdoh to issue the command to release the chaff-smoke which Kallen does so and retreats. Now that the Black Knights are growing, Zero announces the chain of command and gives Kallen the position of being captain of the Zero Squad which is Zero's personal force. Hearing that Suzaku is appointed Euphemia's knight, the Black Knights decide on what his fate shall be because of his rising popularity with the Elevens. Diethard decides to take his own course and hints to Kallen to assassinate Suzaku in order to please Zero. She attempts to assassinate him during his party, but is interrupted by Lelouch.

Afterwards, she is seen during the battle at Shikine Island in order to capture Suzaku. The plan goes wrong when Schneizel appears with the Avalon and fires at Zero and Suzaku with the Hadron Cannon. During this was happening, Kallen was surprised when he saw Kenjie, who was seen with a notepad connected to a Knightmare frame, saying that he was trying to hack information from the Knightmare's data. As Kallen was trying to get him out for protection, she was taken down and pinned by him, immediately putting her in an armbar. She was angered by this but Kenjie soon removes his glasses revealing that he told lies and he is actually a Britannian Soldier and explained to her that he is not an enemy and that he is only doing this as he promised to his father afterwards. With Kallen getting infuriated, thinking that Kenjie is lying again, she manages to escape the armbar and attacks Kenjie, who only blocked her attacks without even attacking offensively. Kallen soon took the advantage to take him down but was reminded of her childhood friend, Kanji due to the way he landed with his head falling first. After this, Kenjie conviced Kallen to escape and proceeded to shoot himself in his shoulder, to make it look like she managed to escape by using force. Later after an incident, Kallen appears to be alive and is found by Suzaku who arrests her for being a member of the Black Knights. They spent time together discussing about their life as well as Ashford and with Kallen asking who Kenjie truly is due to the fact that Kenjie was always beside him ever since Suzaku started studying at Ashford Academy. Their conversation was running smoothly , where Suzaku would even begin to talk about Kenjie Monaco, until things became heated talking about their ideals only to be shocked by the truth of Genbu's assassination and that Suzaku is willing to atone for it. The following day, Kallen and Suzaku run into Zero and Euphemia. The floor below them collapses giving Zero and Kallen a chance to escape with the Gawain.

At the end of the first season, Kallen reveals her identity to the students of Ashford Academy when the Black Knights occupy it as their base of operations, convincing the student council that they will not be harmed. When Zero abandons the battle to rescue Nunnally, Kallen follows him. With Ohgi noticing Kallen following Zero, He then calls a certain someone that Kallen will completely trust. While in the middle of her route, Kallen was contacted by Ohgi while she realizes a Knightmare In front of her that looks like the same Knightmare that Kenjie was tampering but with a bland steel color with the logo of the Black Knights tattooed to its shoulder. The voice of Kenjie was then heard, trying to communicate with her. Knowing that Kenjie is the one piloting the Knightmare, she thought of engaging until Ohgi soon revealed to her that the pilot of the Knightmare is actually Kanji Kyōshigaki, her childhood friend who is actually a member of the Kyoto Group back before they were separated with information that became classified with Ohgi being the only one knowing Kanji's location and motives on why he needed to join the Britannian Army. With Kallen feeling joy for a while, drops a tear of happiness knowing that his old friend has been with her all along but Kanji stays silent knowing the things he went through. They witness Zero's confrontation with Suzaku and learns about his true identity, the truth about the massacre of SAZ, and his Geass power. She was also shocked to hear that Lelouch admitting that he used the Japanese, including her, for his scheme. She flees with Kanji in shock rather than aiding Lelouch to deal with Suzaku. Right after escaping, Her and Kanji rested at a seaside where the two would finally talk. Kallen with alot of questions in her head, asked why he didn't tell her in the first place of who he really is. And Kanji's explanation filled Kallen up and understood his reasons. The two promised each other that to keep what they witnessed for themselves. The chapter ended with the two side hugging and Kallen laying her head down on Kanji's shoulder.

Oz the Reflection[]

Following the Black Rebellion, Kallen had fled Japan with Urabe, and had not yet reunited with C.C. after her battle with the Siegfried. The two had hid in Gujarat a state in the northwest part of India. During this time, her Guren's destroyed Radiant Wave Surger arm had been replaced with that of a Gloucester. Orpheus had been given a mission by Rakshata to deliver specialized equipment for their Knightmares to use, including a replacement arm. However, the group is attack by the Britannian Military group the Blue Barons, and they fight off the group together.

Second Archive: R2[]

One year later, Kallen is still part of the Black Knights but due to revealing her identity has had to leave Ashford Academy. The memory of her was one of those erased from Lelouch's mind by Charles zi Britannia, although the other students are still aware of her existence. Along with C.C., she is one of the first members, next to Kanji, to know Zero's identity and secret power, having been brought up to speed by C.C. in the interim. Kallen is first seen disguised as a bunnysuit-wearing prostitute/waitress at Babel Tower where Lelouch is planning to gamble. She ends up bumping into Lelouch and Kenjie (Kanji's name as a Britannnian) while serving drinks, and indirectly says she forgives him for what he did by quoting him. She tries and fails to put a tracking device on him and catches the eye of a mafia boss that angered Kenjie. Lelouch, out of generosity, decides to play a game of chess over Kallen, but after Lelouch wins and C.C. invades the tower, Kallen reveals herself and defeats all of the mafia with ease with a furious Kanji assisting her. She then grabs a confused Lelouch's hand and tries to run off with him, but Rolo uses his Geass on her and takes Lelouch back, forcing Kallen to spend the rest of the mission in the Guren Mk-II and the masked vigilante Wesker surprisingly assisting Kallen along the way. As soon as their mission was finished, she was picked up by Kanji where it is revealed that the two are dating ever since they fled from Suzaku and Lelouch's fight.

During the operation to kidnap Nunnally vi Britannia as she is being transported to Area 11, Kallen receives an upgrade for the Guren Mk-II, giving it flight capabilities and an upgraded radiation arm. With it she is able to destroy Gilbert G.P. Guilford's Vincent and the remaining two Glaston Knights flanking him, then incapacitate Gino and Anya's Knightmare Frames with a wide-range burst. Her battle with Suzaku is cut short when the airship carrying Nunnally crashes into the sea.

After this incident, Lelouch becomes depressed over Nunnally's involvement, since he can't bring himself to go against her wishes. When he nearly resorts to taking Refrain, Kallen steps in and talks him out of it. Still somewhat depressed, he tries to kiss her, but despite her still having feelings for him she backs out at the last moment and slaps him, insisting that he bears the responsibility for realizing the dream he gave the Japanese people. After Lelouch regains his composure and tricks the Britannians into exiling the Black Knights, she asks him why he came back. Instead of answering, he asks her to come back to Ashford Academy with him once their mission is finished, but is interrupted by C.C. before he can explain why. The two grew closer afterwards.

During the Black Knights attempted kidnapping of Empress Tianzi, Kallen is captured by Li Xingke in his Shenhu, having taken her Guren into battle, with Tamaki failing to do maintenance also failing to replace its energy filler. Lelouch visibly stunned, swears that he'll rescue her, though Diethard Reid suggests abandoning her as a casualty of war. Touched by Lelouch's words, Kallen calmly waits for him. After the High Eunuchs turn to Schneizel el Britannia for military support, she is turned over to Suzaku along with the Guren. She is sent back to a prison in Area 11, and subsequently transferred into a more comfortable solitary cell by Nunnally. She is even given a dress to wear. Suzaku approaches her after Shirley's death, intending to use the drug Refrain to find out if Lelouch has become Zero once again, but cannot bring himself to do it because he refuses to stoop to Lelouch's level and promised Kanji to never utter a word about it. In retaliation, she beats him severely. Ever since Suzaku went out, She was guarded by Kanji, who is now the thirteenth knight of the round were the two talked to each other by using earpieces that Kanji gave to her for them to communicate without others hearing or knowing until her next meeting with Suzaku, trying to apologize.

During the second battle of Tokyo, Kallen is rescued from captivity by Wesker and returned to the Guren (complete with a pilot suit brought by Sayoko). Using the new Guren, she decimates the Britannian forces. Luciano and the Valkyrie Squadron are killed, as are an untold number of support units. She then fights Suzaku, easily breaking through his defenses and bringing him to the brink of death until Kenjie appeared with an upgraded Knightmare to defend Suzaku from her without force. In doing so, however, she activates his Geass command, forcing him to survive by firing the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb. She was pushed by Kanji and the bomb hits the government building, destroying a fair portion of the Tokyo Settlement.

After Kallen returns to the Black Knights and Zero's identity is revealed, she tries to defend him. When the others won't listen, she asks what she means to him, expressing a willingness to die then and there as long as it's with him. Lelouch, thinking that he had lost everyone he held dear to him refused to have her die with him and lies and calls her a tool, but then whispers that she should live on without him within earshot. She unsuccessfully tries to get the Black Knights to wait after their first attempt to kill Zero fails thanks to Rolo, and she was laying at the hand of Cassius' hand piloted by Kanji, who was hearing Lelouch and Kallen talking, where Lelouch convinced him to take Kallen for cover when the Black Knights began to take charge for her own safety, when Rolo uses his Geass to escape with Lelouch leaving her, Kanji, with the Black Knights were shocked as her and Kanji had the similar experience at Babel Tower. After Lelouch's escape, Kallen, along with the guidance of Kanji, tries to protest how Ohgi and the others have discarded Zero so readily despite all that he has done for them, but they refuse to listen, still angered at the idea that they were merely being used as pawns. As the Black Knights move to assist with stopping the rebellion within the Emperor Charles' forces, Kallen thinks to herself that Lelouch needs to live, as she cannot move on before getting an answer to her question. Kanji then uttered to her that he promises to make sure that Lelouch stays alive and then leaves right after, planning to help Suzaku. When Lelouch is crowned the Emperor, the Black Knights are visibly stunned with Kallen, who was shocked that Kanji joined forces with Lelouch and Suzaku.

Following Lelouch's declaration that Britannia will join the UFN, Kallen escorts him to the meeting, giving orders to the Black Knights beforehand to gun her down if she appears to be under the influence of Geass. Lelouch gets her to take the long route, giving them the chance to speak in private. Kallen recounts their history, then asks Lelouch what he intends to gain by becoming Emperor, as well as what she means to him. Lelouch remains silent, so she kisses him to show her feelings, not realizing that Kanji was at the corner of the hallway witnessing that moment, leaving him broken and left afterwards. When he doesn't react, she bids him farewell. Lelouch does the same once she can no longer hear him. When Lelouch takes the UFN leaders hostage, She witnessed Kanji unexpectedly entering the meeting, who is very furious, takes out the guards in an aggressive way that he has never shown before and trying to make Kaguya vulnerable by putting Empress Tianzi at gunpoint. Kallen was shocked, feeling betrayed and hurt, insisting that she'll take Lelouch down personally to save Kanji from his influence, as she possesses the only Knightmare capable of fighting Suzaku's Lancelot Albion. and the possibility of her fighting her own lover, Kanji and his Cassius Alpha. Li Xingke however, orders her not to fight, fearing for the safety of the hostages.

Soon, a strange aircraft appears with it being led by Eskurante Kyōshigaki, the right hand of Emperor Charles and the eldest brother of Kanji, who declared a battle between his army and the combined forces of the UFN, giving them 24 hours to prepare. With Kallen wanting to rest, she flees home for a while until hours past when Kanji tried packing for his battle with his own brother. Kallen tried to convince him not to battle and come back home instead. Kanji, ignoring her because of what he witnessed earlier, said that he wanted to get answers from his brother on why he was abandoned and why he wasn't there when their parents died. Kallen grabbed his hand and tried to convince him to help out, that she doesn't want to lose him again. but Kanji angrily removed her grasp and simply uttered that she already did lose him, which left Kallen saddened and worried for him.

Kallen then convinced the Black Knights to help her out with Ohgi agreeing because of his history and bond with Kanji as a child. They soon arrive at the aircraft where Kanji's Knightmare was last located trying to help him. Soon, they notice an escape pod that came from the aircraft landing down. She then sees that Kanji and Lelouch were getting out of it. Before they managed to approach Kanji, the aircraft soon appeared right above Kanji. She then sees a brainwashed Kanji kicking and stomping Lelouch down at the ground and putting him at gunpoint while Eskurante is communicating with the rest of the UFN. Kallen was confused of what she's witnessing. But Kanji soon looked up at her and sees a face of nothing but anger. With Kallen shocked of what she's seeing, she began getting worried about Kanji, that is until he joined forces with Eskurante that made Kallen tear up. With her not believing what she has witnessed, She then follows the aircraft, even if it is against Ohgi's order. She soon sees Kanji at the launchpad of the aircraft. She tried to convince Kanji to come back with the Black Knights but Kanji then starts engaging at her that soon hit her Guren down at the ground and the aircraft then disappeared between the clouds. She was then taken by Ohgi and the rest of the Black Knights to retreat before Lelouch's forces arrive.

After a few days, Kallen, having regret of what she's about to do, contacts Lelouch for help to locate Eskurante's aircraft. Lelouch accepts this with the condition that the Black Knights won't engage at him. She then makes the deal with Lelouch and told Ohgi about their. Ohgi, in disbelief of what Kallen pulled, tells her that if the rest of the Black Knights will agree to it. While consulting them, they never wanted to take part of it anymore, especially Nagisa knowing that it is a trap. Only Tamaki, and soon Li Xingke, stepped up to help Kallen and Ohgi on their mission to rescue a rouge Kanji Kyōshigaki. The four of them then met up with Lelouch and Suzaku at the rendezvous point and prepared a plan for the rescue.

Kallen and the others soon stayed above to fend off Eskurante's soldiers. With them thinking that all of Eskurante's soldiers were down, he soon manages to hack into her and everyone's communication. With him thanking her for being responsible for Kanji becoming the person he wanted him to be. This angers Kallen throughly until Eskurante stated that all it took is a 'parting kiss' to make Kanji reach his breaking point and become easier to brainwash, making Kallen silent after realizing she is the reason why Kanji has become rouge.

Soon, everyone was alarmed of a new knightmare appearing at their radar located at the unopened compartment of Eskurante's soldiers. Soon a swarm of knightmares appear led by Eskurante's protégé, Gaspard and Zenix. Along with Kanji Kyōshigaki as the newly upgraded Tyrant Ragnarok. All of his forces soon engage at Kallen and the others with "Ragnarok" being the only one going down to fend of the ground team of Lelouch's forces. With the ability of Eskurante's Corrupted Geass rhat was given to him as a gift by Charles, Kanji, having the ability to move at a barbaric phase with a superhuman agility powered by his own anger, takes out everyone on Lelouch's ground team before they can fly up to assist Kallen and the others. Soon the UFN sent their elite team but they were quickly wasted by Kanji. With Kallen having guilt for what he has done to Kanji, she becomes vulnerable in battle, that's until Suzaku, along with Lelouch, arrived and tried to get Lelouch inside the aircraft to take out Eskurante but was noticed by Kanji and followed them to protect his brother. After a while, Kallen, along with the others, is continuing to fend off Eskurante's soldiers thats until she notices a unconscious Kanji falling from the aircraft and tried catching him. That is until Gaspard stepped in her way, resulting to Kallen getting infuriated. She then manages to quickly kill Gaspard and save Kanji on time. She then leads Kanji to a empty compartment of Eskurante's aircraft for Kanji to recover.

With this, Kallen and Kanji had a emotional heart-to-heart conversation, with it's conclusion strengthening the relationship they have, due to the help of the Geass command C.C. implanted at Kanji's geass ability from Lelouch. Kanji then fluked Kallen to get to the Guren and escape together with Kallen being the only one to get in the Knightmare where Kanji then tried to stop Eskurante and Lelouch's fight. Kallen then returned to assist the others to fend off Eskurante's soldiers where she and Suzaku joined forces and managed to kill Zenix. The aircraft soon crashed down to the ground where Lelouch appeared to have survived the crash. Lelouch then ordered his forces to engage at Kallen, Li Xingke, Tamaki and Ohgi and make the Black Knights surrender to him. Kallen then realized that there was nowhere to go. Soon, a beam annihilated most of Lelouch's reinforcements. Thats until Kanji (as Ragnarok) appeared from the rubble and attacked Lelouch's forces so that Kallen and the rest of her group can have the chance to escape. Kallen wanting to help Kanji, was then forced by Ohgi to retreat while she watches Kanji get gunned down and presumed dead because of the disadvantage.

This left Kallen in tears when they managed to return at their headquarters, Ohgi soon revealed that Kanji managed to communicate with him while the aircraft was going down, and wanted Ohgi to retreat with everyone without thinking twice. Kallen then hugs Ohgi due to her losing Kanji, After a few days, she was contacted by a mysterious person to meet at the nearest forest. It was soon revealed to be Suzaku that wanted to meet her. With what has happened to Kanji, Kallen, infuriated that Suzaku was part of Kanji's death, lands punches at him. Until Suzaku revealed that someone wanted to meet him, that's until Kanji stepped out of the shadows. With Kallen relieved of this, she quickly hugs him and soon revealed how he managed to survive. The two then parted ways, leaving their meet-up as classified, with Kanji saying that he has to repay Lelouch for what he did as an exchange. Kallen then understood and promised to take him back from Lelouch'.

After what took place and as their battle against Emperor Lelouch continues, the Black Knights has decided to side with Schneizel, With Kallen wanting to get this fight over, Gino agrees to fight despite that he would be going against Britannia, telling Kallen that he understands her feelings a little. Kallen is stationed in the front lines. She breaks away from the main line to try and reach Lelouch but is called back. When Lelouch detonates the Mt. Fuji Sakuradite mines, Kallen and Tamaki shield the crippled Ikaruga from being destroyed by its crash landing. Kallen breaks into the Avalon and attempts to kill Lelouch, with tears in her eyes as she does so, but is stopped by C.C. Kallen easily defeats C.C. and, with the help of Gino, proceeds to the Damocles for a final confrontation with Suzaku, along with Kanji.

After a fierce battle, Kallen manages to land a decisive blow on the Lancelot before losing consciousness. Kanji then rescues her while the Lancelot explodes where he then took her and Gino back to their headquarters with the free will to surrender. After they manage to return to headquarters, almost everyone present put Kanji at gunpoint, which was stopped by a reawakened Kallen who stated that Kanji has surrendered. After Lelouch's declaration of having control over the two most dangerous weapons, she is taken along with many others, who rebelled against Lelouch to be publicly executed, (with the exception of Kanji who is still affiliated with Lelouch) where she witnesses Lelouch's death by Suzaku disguised as Zero. Understanding Lelouch's plan due to Kanji explaining everything that was planned for the Zero Requiem and what's happening behind their backs to her, she tears up, helplessly watching as Lelouch was stabbed. However, she still stated with Tohdoh that Suzaku was "Zero."

In the end, she is seen to be in a hurry where she seems to have returned to studying at Ashford Academy. While delivering her character speech where she's seen to have been thanking Lelouch. But in the midst of it, still having doubts that her relationship with Kanji is still in jeopardy. In the end, she is seen at a train station alone until she spots Kanji on a motorcycle, approaching him in the process where Kanji then insisted to deliver her at Ashford Academy as it is where he's also going. With still having doubts, Kanji puts a helmet at Kallen and puts her at the back side of the seat. With Kallen looking at him, became relieved after seeing a expression that Kanji has never expressed ever since the death of his parents, the expression of happiness and the story ends with the couple riding off to Ashford Academy.

Third Archive: Zero: Defender of the Empress[]

Kallen was set to the side for the third archive until up to the middle of the novel. Kallen was first seen in the meeting set by Empress Nunnally and the UFN, as chaos was being cause in many of the Nations with a new Terrorism Group. She seems to be timid for most of the meeting but later triggered her focus as Nunnally announced of Kanji's possible massacre at the hands of this Terrorist Group as the DNA that was spotted at his final location resulted as positive. They then marked him to be "deceased" and that his body may have been buried to where his body is never retrievable, which Kallen didn't competely believe at all.

Kallen decided to leave her affiliation with the UFN and the Defenders of the Roundtable for a while and cast away to stay as a simple citizen as she wanted to wait for evidence of Kanji's death, as she has lost trust for the UFN after telling "false rumors". As she was away from her duties, she decided to train more on hand to hand combat on the way Kanji managed to improve himself, where she spent time with the Kyōshikagi's (Family of Eskurante & Cornelia and Dantavious & Cecile) as she continued to train.

One night as she is about to lay down in bed to sleep, the Geass Illusionaire ability that Kanji gave him would activate, which gave her proof that Kanji is still alive (as the illusion would become obsolete if the host is already dead.).

Fourth Archive: Vendetta of the Jikeidan Stray Dogs[]

Kallen makes her appearance at the second half of the fourth archive as reinforcement sent by Empress Nunnally with the terms of the Glinda Knights. She is escorted by Nonette with a few of the troops sent by Prime Minister Ohgi. She is greeted by Oldrin Zevon, who reminded her of Orpheus, who she managed to work with. Soon after, she meets the Jikeidan Stray Dogs. This didn't surprise her at first but was then shocked when "Wesker" appeared and was revealed as the leader of the vigilante group due to her knowing his absence while the Zero Requiem was taking place. She later greets him again, which got her curious due to Wesker's personality. She is later seen at night where she is laying in bed thinking of Kanji, due to his disappearance of 5 months with his mission as a member of the UFN Police Agency. The next morning, she and the Glinda Knights are waiting for the Jikeidan Stray Dogs to arrive. Kallen became annoyed with them because of her thinking that they might become nothing but trouble and they only show off, due to them arriving on motorcycles, where she would refer to them as Delinquents.

They then began to route around the headquarters of the AUF, planning to attack. Kallen would soon be targeted by a missle due to her being spotted by soldiers. Wesker then arrived to take the hit by becoming as a shield for the Guren but he then falls down to the ground due to his knightmare being destroyed by the missle, where he would be then surrounded by guards. Kallen and the others would then attack the incoming knightmares, for them to be able to breach the facility of the AUF while Wesker was being unmasked and fight soldiers from the ground hand-to-hand right after. Kallen was shocked when she saw a silhouette of bright pink hair from the smoke on where Wesker was standing. As she would try to approach the silhouette, she would be attacked by hostile Knightmares. She and Oldrin would later fight the AUF's guardian knights, which they managed to defeat with ease but would soon notice that the silhouette has disappeared from its location.

As their team huddle up at the rendezvous point, Kallen was speechless when Wesker appeared at the scene and a thought of hesitation struck down her focus. Wesker would then commence "Order: King's Dead" to the vigilante group where they would then help the Glinda Knights to enter the facility. Kallen soon decided to stay outside the control facility, wanting to help the Stray Dogs and be sure of their safety, particulary Wesker as she wants the truth from him.

Wesker would later be attacked by enemy knightmares, which resulted to him falling into position that also left him injured. Kallen would then rescue him by fending off the enemy knightmares. Afterwards, Kallen would take the advantage to talk with Wesker, trying to beg Wesker to remove his mask and tell her the truth. But, as Wesker is trying to remove his mask, a bolt of missiles would be evaded by the Guren and Wesker would swiftly escape in silence. Kallen would then use the Guren to stop him but fails due to Kanji using his Geass ability to escape.

She is later seen after Oldrin and Eren managed to defeat Ezekiel and Kanji managing to kill Redfield in a gunfight. As they would recover the injured Wesker, the Stray Dogs would try to cover his face and made everyone, including Kallen, stay back.

Later at night, she is awakened when she notices that Wesker is missing but she manages to see him when he saw a shadow going up into the roof while it is raining. She would then follow it, which gave her the chance to talk to him. She would notice a wig of blonde hair and black shades were in the front of the exit, and would notice the shadow staring at the light of the moon behind the cloudes. She would notice the shape of the shadow was similar to that to Kanji. It is here where Kallen would start crying out to what he believes is Kanji and asks why he decided to disappear and why he didn't reappear after his mission ended 3 months beforehand. Which the shadow only looked and stared at her which the two would then stay at the roof but Kallen would suddenly pass out from the fatigue she experienced from battle. Kallen would later wake up inside her room, wearing Wesker's coat as her clothes were getting dry.

Later on, She tries to find Kanji around the facility but Oldrin then revealed that Wesker was sent earlier to an emergency facility, and was dead on arrival as his heart was not beating. Knowing that what she said was not true, She tried to track Wesker down with the help of Aki after she noticed a small cloud of dust from the desert area. They find a lone motorcycle parked on a tree which leaving from the border of Britannia. She would soon give up and head back to the headquarters. As she is returning home, she thinks of Kanji, thinking if what she saw was simply only on her head - that the things she saw in only due to the fact that the "gift" he left her was trying to make her think Kanji is still alive. As she would think of it, she thought that maybe it is time to find rest and accept the truth that he is actually gone and it is time to let go of this delusion.

Fifth Archive: Judgment Day[]

The fifth archive would be set 7 months after the last archive. At this point, Kallen started dating Gino Weinberg due to the result of trying to move on from Kanji's death, as well as various soldiers and friends tried to hook them up together. She would become the new guard for Ohgi resulting from him entrusting her that she would still continue to honor Kanji's legacy throughout the sacrifices he has done for her. She would be later seen at the Grave of the Fallen Heroes - standing in front of Kanji's gravestone. She would think of how much she misses him and how much she has tried to battle herself to the belief that he is actually gone. As her tears would flow when remembering the time she and Kanji had, she would bid farewell to him - until they meet again where they can share paradise.

As she was leaving, she would be met by Cecile and Dante. they would talk to her about how she is now being entrusted with handling a major mission regarding the U.F.N. on a case that has been considered as a poison to the distribution of weaponry and the production of knightmares. Kallen was hesitant to take it at first but, as soon as Dante revealed that it would have been one of the next mission of Kanji before his death, Kallen would take the mission and go to the navigation and data facility. In here, she would meet up with Ohgi and would be given information on the data that the various members of the U.F.N. has gathered from their navigations of various bases in their individual country. Kallen would be tasked in analyzing these data and see what she can do to investigate information which she may find.

As the day passed, she would notice a mysterious silhouette around the cargo of the weapons through the help of Aki - who is decoding the data on what she would be able to find. Kallen would also notice silhouettes in the various data they have found in each of the data. She would be seen to be working out on who this shadow was and if it is possibly the mastermind behind this problem. In the middle of their work, Aki would bring up on how life seems to have been better for her even after Kanji died; saying that if he was seeing her right now, he would be very happy for her. Kallen would react violently on her response but would later cool off as she would accept that he would be happy for her - but Aki doesn't know how much it still bothers her that they never found his body.

As the days of work passes, Kallen and Aki would see the news regarding the Peace treaty about to be embarked by Britannia, alongside the members of the U.F.N., to a nation that has been away from their contact for decades: The Isle of Wakanada. Kallen would be called by Ohgi to ready her findings as the treaty's meeting will discuss the issue she has been studying further and provide it to him as Wakanada has some data regarding said issue. As the day of the treaty came, Kallen and Aki would stay up all night trying to provide the most information they can that Britannia can present to Wakanada's representative: their Tribal Chief of Investigations. As Kallen would notice that she was late on giving out the data, she would rush to Ashford Academy, where the treaty was held, to give the data to Ohgi.

As Kallen would reach the meeting hall's door, she would rush in and get embarrassed on how she rudely interrupted their meeting. Ohgi would calm the violent reaction of the personnel in the treaty and would ask Kallen to give the data to The Isle of Wakanada' s Tribal Chief of Investigations A- who is also operating the computer present in the other end of the meeting table.

As she would step forward a single step, the Tribal Chief of Investigations would raise his head and look back at Kallen. And Kallen would experience a sudden shock when she saw the Chief's long light pink hair appear from his slouched posture and his light blue eyes looking back at her; as she would find out that Wakanada's Tribal Chief of Investigations, the representative of the Nation for the peace treaty, is the long-lost Kanji Kyoshigaki.

As she would find this out, she would become paralyzed from her movement as he would approach her - with every step making her remember their memories together - and as their hands were palm-to-palm, Kanji would grab the data file and immediately walk away. As she was stunned on what she should do, she would run away out of the doorway and into the Academy's main gate.


Piloting Skills and Battle Prowess[]

Kallen is an extremely skilled Knightmare Frame pilot, rivaling the abilities of even the Knights of Rounds. She is acknowledged as the ace pilot of the Black Knights by enemies and allies alike. Her codename, "Q-1," references, in algebraic Chess notation, the Queen piece, the most powerful piece in chess. In Lelouch's assessment of the core members of the Black Knights, her "Combat Ability" score is 100 out of 100, matching that of Kyoshiro Tohdoh. It should also be noted that she was able to defeat Cornelia's personal squad, and later to the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley. She even could fight with the Knight of Zero, Suzaku Kururugi, on the same level even with his "live on" command activated. With the strong blasts and energy shots from the radiation arm of her Guren Mk-II, Kallen can take down almost any Knightmare Frame in a single attack should they allow her to make physical contact, apart of restraining their attacks with the strings of her Slash Harken projectiles and blocking their attacks with her fork knife by striking them down. Later models also have numerous secondary attack modes for mid- and long-range combat such as several improvements of its former weapons like more powerful explosions, while also gaining the Energy Wing System which gives her four wings which can acts as shields, projectiles and blades. Her Knightmare Frame is also incredibly fast, allowing her to fight on the same level as some of the most advanced Knightmare Frames in the series, and later also gaining the ability to flight at high speeds.

Outside of a Knightmare, Kallen displays superior fighting abilities at both armed and unarmed combat.

High Intelligence and Leadership[]

Kallen has shown high resourcefulness in battle, being able to see through her opponents' plans and usually takes advantage of their first mistakes or doubts in order to defeat them while making effective conterattacks. She also is apparently quite knowledgeable at academics since her grades in school are top of the class despite her frequent absences.

After passing more time at the Black Knights, Kallen has shown to be a good leader to her own squad's subordinates and even can be diplomatic to others while making plans at negotiations or tactics.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Her relationship with Lelouch becomes one of the main focuses in her character development next to Kanji, no doubt assisted by the complexities of their relationship and their numerous similarities. While on one hand, Kallen initially disliked Lelouch Lamperouge due to his arrogant, seemingly-indifferent attitude to his surroundings and possibly due to the fact that everyone around them thinks they're dating, putting Shirley And Kenjie (alias of Kanji as a Britannian) on notice, even to the point of slapping him on occasion. On the other hand, Kallen holds a strong admiration and loyalty towards his alter-ego, Zero, due to his leadership and his beliefs in justice, which along with her impressive battle skills and her own ideals, gave her the position of his right-hand woman along with C.C. After it is revealed to her that Lelouch and Zero are one and the same, Kallen believed he chose to use both her and the Japanese through Suzaku's words. However, Kallen learns in time that Lelouch's true intentions are noble for a more peaceful world with a stronger sense of liberty, and thus she slowly develops feelings for him whilst simultaneously protecting his identity. Her loyalty towards Lelouch has been tested throughout the series as such when she was willing to die with him instead of living and betraying him, as well as when she still retained her feelings for him even after he faked to be "the enemy of the world" (something unknown for her at that time) but opposed him because of the injustice he was causing but she was hesitant while trying to kill him.

Kanji Kyōshigaki[]

Kanji and Kallen were very close during their childhood, their relationship as friends began when Kallen was getting bullied due to her father, when Kanji suddenly tried to protect her but was taken down by the bullies putting him on a short coma due to the way he landed. Their friendship started to take a bad turn when the battle of Britannia and Japan began for supremacy, they were seperated because of Mr. Kyōshigaki's plan to take his family to China for their protection, knowing that the Japanese are getting exiled, and For Kanji to begin his training due to the fact that his father wanted him to join the military after he receives complete training. 7 years later, Kallen and a returning Kanji, now in a name of Kenjie Monaco, began studying at Ashford Acadermy, Kenjie mostly joined Lelouch and Kallen for him to get the chance to become close with Kallen once again without her finding out his true identity. At first, She thought that Kenjie was really weird and she feels awkward around him. Their relationship continued to develop. As moments past, their relationship took a lot of turns because of Kanji 's secrets being revealed, including his military background, his affiliation with different groups around the globe (being the leader of the Akatsuki's Vigilante group, The Nakéjima Wolfpack), his criminal records as a rouge entity behind his persona "Wesker" (his code name as the leader of the Nakéjima Wolfpack and as the mysterious member of the Black Knights) and as Emperor Charles' and V.V's Project, a barbaric tyrant that they mark as "Project: Tyrant Ragnarok" or simply "Ragnarok" (a hypnotized and experimented Kanji after his supposed "death" after stopping the annihilation of The Black Knights from a prototype explosive launched after getting their location pinpointed by Britannian soldiers in the orders of Emperor Charles), including him helping his eldest brother, Eskurante's plan for a higher power and destroying everyone that stands in his path, continuing the will of what he calls "Emperor Charles' voyage for power" due to Kanji's feelings of anger and sadness after his eldest brother's return and witnessing Kallen and Emperor Lelouch's parting kiss when the two met up. But in the end, the two perfectly ended up together, even living together, after Kallen realizes that "feelings must not develop due to what you see of but for the multiple things that a person sacrifices for you" and to C.C's multiple "wake up calls" to Kallen.

"You don't realize it yourself, that he was always an open book for you to read and for you to know what the secret he holds easily, but not to anyone else. But I guess you never connected the pieces together because of your ignorance."
―C.C talking to Kallen about Kanji slowly revealing his secrets and what he has become.

But in the end, the two ended up together after Kallen realizes that "feelings must not develop due to what you see of but for the multiple things that a person sacrifices for you" and to C.C's multiple "wake up calls" to Kallen.


  • Her Japanese surname, Kōzuki means "Red Moon" in Japanese.
  • "Kallen" (American name) meaning "Pure". "Karen" (Japanese name) meaning "カレン・シュタットフィールド", which means "Beautiful like a Lily flower "
  • Kallen's plushie's name is "Tabatacchi"
  • In Lelouch's assessment of the core members of the Black Knights, Kallen has the highest Loyalty with a 100 of a 100.
  • "Q-1", the codename given to Kallen by Zero is in reference to the queen, the most powerful piece in the game of chess. A fitting name as Kallen is the Ace of the Black Knights and his closest ally aside from C.C.
  • In an interview reported by the anime magazine Newtype USA, Seiyuu Ami Koshimizu talked about the difficulty of voicing Kallen because of the double life that her character had. Certain aspects of Kallen's character such as her girlish naivete and competitiveness made it easy for the voice actress to relate, even to the point of admitting that in some ways they act very much the same.[citation needed]
  • As a running gag, Kallen ends up naked or immodestly dressed in front of other people on numerous occasions: Lelouch sees her naked after she pulls back a shower curtain in surprise in the third episode, Suzaku sees her bathing under a waterfall when they are stranded on Kaminejima Island, she is forced to dress as a Playboy Bunny at the start of the second season, and she walks in on a meeting between C.C. and the Chinese ambassadors wearing only a towel when attempting to complain about the previous situation to C.C. Another possible running gag is her relationship with Lelouch as they are set up in scenes where they almost kiss but always get interrupted,
  • Kallen Kōzuki bears similarities Domon Kasshu of the Sunrise anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam, having similar hairstyles and hot-blooded personalities. Fans often joke about Domon being her real Japanese father due to the fact his love interest, ‎Rain Mikamura, has the same Seiyuu as Kallen's mother.
  • Aki Izayoi from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's bares a striking resemblance to Kallen; both sport a crimson theme as well as a similar hairstyle. Personality wise they are not exact, but similar since they try to isolate themselves from the present society during the story and are hostile to the people they perceive as enemies. They also have possible romantic feelings for the main protagonists of their respective series.
  • In Spice and Wolf, Holo, the main heroine of the series, was voiced by Ami Koshimizu who also voiced Kallen Kozuki. The main lead of this anime, Kraft Lawrence, was voiced by Jun Fukuyama who also voiced Lelouch Lamperouge/Lelouch vi Britannia/Zero.
  • It is notable that the anime was created after both actors, Jun Fukuyama and Ami Koshimizu, won the 1st Seiyu Awards for their respective roles in Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion.
  • In SWRX during a dlc mission Kallen admits when Zero requiem was over she admits that she felt left out and knowing that so many people knew about the plan, she felt that they didn’t believe in her she even go as far to tell Suzaku that they better not do it to her again.


  • (To Kenjie Monaco/ Kanji Kyoshigaki) "How dare you ruin my trust, I cannot believe that behind what seemed to be an innocent face turned out to be one of my enemies."
  • (To Kanji Kyoshigaki) "I couldn't even believe that you were going to be apart of my life. Without me knowing that it was you all along that has been there for me ever since we were little. I'm glad that from a far away distance has connected us once again, and I'm not going to let that slip through my fingers again..."
  • (To Ohgi Kaname) "I know what kind of person he is, he is not that kind of person doing this without thinking or planning through. There must be a deeper reason."
  • "Until I met you, I was only merely plastered with thorns. I wanted to change this truth. I seethingly and recklessly acted. But then, I didn’t believe that anything would come out of it. When my brother was gone, I heard the sound of the heavy doors closing behind me. I cannot allow it. I will fight to the bitter end. I decided that I would not go back. Then, someday, I would have died like my brother. Until the very end, Kouzuki Kallen would not abide by authority. That bit of willpower I was carrying with me, it slipped away from me, and I can feel it faintly. At that moment, I envisioned you as the star at the break of dawn, inviting me. If I would think that this is for you, my body would feel light. Whatever struggles there were, the pain would go away. I would be the first to come rushing to your battlefield, raging like a lioness, crushing your enemies. I would stand being muddied so that I could create a path for you. Looking back, it's mysterious. Even though I should have loathed and rebelled against Britannia's tyranny. Without knowing it, I held personal devotion for you. Lelouch, that parting kiss, even if it was a lie, if you had said, "I love you," I would even follow you to hell. But I believe you had other plans for me where you would lead me to traveling the same road with Kanji, that I would have a future with him. You knew that, didn't you? It's not like you. You're good at manipulating and waking people up just by your words. Really, it's not like you to be kind, becaus you're so vague and mysterious. Is that why you told me to 'live on'? I fell in love with you not just because of that kindness. But to how you were a unpredictable being and that all your plans would succeed even if it meets a bad turn. And I thank you for that. You made me realize what the feeling love is. You've set the path for me and for the man you believed was right for me. But now, I believe that I have to mend that bond that I broke." -Character Poem