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Kallen Kozuki, also known as Kallen Stadfeld, is one of the seven main protagonists of the Fanfiction series Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron. She is the second and current Red Paladin after King Alfor and pilot of the Red Lion, or Aka, as she calls her.


Kallen is a young woman who has a slim yet strong build, and fair skin. Her most distinguishing features are her big blue eyes and her red hair, which she had combed down at school but spiked up when fighting or in her own privacy. She has an average height, being slightly taller than C.C.

Her casual attire is brown shorts with a red turtle-neck, a brown jean jacket, and knee-high combat boots with her hair spiked up and the headband on. When piloting the Red Lion, she wears the standard Red Paladin armor.


Kallen is a hot tempered and passionate young woman, who's quick to anger and takes the most direct approach to solving a problem. She can be impulsive, which can lead her to trouble, namely when she almost gave away their position to the Galra on a stealth mission. Despite this attitude however, she is fiercely protective and loyal to her friends, willing to do whatever she can to help and protect them.

She does feel a lot of regret for how she treated her mother when she learned that she had stayed at the Stadfeld manor to be closer to her. She also resents herself for not doing anything. She was one of the most distrustful Paladins, after Lelouch, also the most stereotypical against the likes of Britannia and the Galra at the beginning. But her time with the others helped change this view and allowed her see the good in people.

As the Red Paladin, Kallen is described as someone who relies more on instinct than skill alone, which shows both in her fighting hand-to-hand, and her piloting.

Kallen's biggest fear seems to be seeing the people she loves, like her brother, dying over again in front of her.

Character History[]

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Kallen is the best pilot of all the Paladins, only being matched by Suzaku. As described by Lelouch, she is able to use an outdated Glasglow to disable several highly advanced Sutherlands. She was even able to hold her own against Zarkon, with the help of Suzaku, despite almost being killed by him. She was expertly able to fly through an astreoid field, maneuvering her Lion in a way that seemed it was as if she had been flying for years.

Outside of her Lion, her skills as a combatant are top-notch. The best example is when she single-handily defeated a whole platoon of Britannia soldiers without any help. She's also able to hold her own against the Altean Gladiator up to about training level three after much training.


Kallen has the Geass of Absolute Perception. The power of her Geass enhances her vision, allowing her to see far away, or even through solid objects like Knightmares and even space pockets. She can also scan an entire battlefield, looking for specific targets or people. She can even see through the Blade of Marmora's cloaking tech.

It is currently unknown what limitations her Geass has, or how far she can see. But she was unable to locate Lelouch and Rai after they had disappeared, despite using her Geass to try and find them. This could be possible because of the Thought Elevator shielding them from her view.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Her leader and love interest.

At first, Kallen didn't seem to get along with Lelouch too well, mainly because she believed him to be a stuck up Britannia youth, like most people she knew. However, after spending more time as Paladins together, she begins to see more of his true self. She even stood up for him when Allura was calling the Paladins out on losing to the Gladiator for the first time. She even volunteers to return to Earth with him, partly because she also wants to warn the planet of the Galra, and so she can convince him to come back.

Durning Sendak's take over of the Castle, the two would work together and protect each other as they fight their way through battle droids and a Galra controlled Gladiator. They both blush after Lelouch saves her from a fall when they realize their chests are so close together. After seeing how he strategically came up with a plan to take down Sendak, she notes that he and Zero are so much alike, not knowing they are the same person.

After Lelouch reveals himself to be both Zero and a Prince, Kallen is at first angry and hurt by this revelation, but also accepting, realizing that the fact he told them this means he trusts them. She is also one of the most visibly angry when the Paladins see what kind of man Lelouch's father is. After Lelouch announces his declaration to destroy Britannia, Kallen is the first Paladin to side with him.

Ever since learning the truth about who he is, her respect and admiration for him has grown, so much that she was shocked when she saw Lelouch trembling after he ejected Sendak out of the Castle.

Over time, she begins developing feelings for him, as evident when Kallen blushes after Lelouch had praised her piloting abilities and thanks her for trusting him. She also gets extremely jealous when other girls are close to him, as she had developed a tick mark after Kaguya had ran up and embraced him. She also seems to be the most concerned about him when he is in trouble.

They also bonded over their time stranded on a barren planet, where Kallen took the time to thank Lelouch for saving her back in Shinjuku, although she later blushes when C.C. jokes about if Lelouch 'enjoyed the view', referring to their awkward moment in the bathroom. She also accepts the risks of a Geass on the off chance that the ability will help Lelouch.

Kallen is determined to make sure the promise she made to Lelouch, the one to look after Nunnally should something happen to him, doesn’t come to pass, not because she doesn't want to take care of Nunnally, but because she wants to make sure nothing bad happens to Lelouch because she cares about him.

After a sparing match with Nunnally, the formerly disabled princess then asks what Kallen thinks of Lelouch. Kallen remarks that he's a good leader, passionate about his beliefs. She even admits that she feels safe around him. When Nunnally teasingly asks if that's why she likes him, Kallen blushes in embarrassment, but she admits that she is attracted to him, and that she finds him gorgeous. Kallen then admits when she first found out he was Zero, she had a hard time separating the two and it confused her for a long time. But then after he almost died from the wounds Haggar gave him, it was then she realized that she would follow Lelouch into Hell. She then asked if that meant she loves him. She then tried to make excuses as to not pursue a relationship with him, them being a war. However, Nunnally encourages Kallen to pursue her feelings for Lelouch, especially if it makes her happy. Kallen is left stunned by her bold statement.

Suzaku Kururugi[]

Kallen had a hard time trusting Suzaku, most likely because he was an Honorary Britannian and was a soldier in the military. She struggle to trust him in the invisible maze exercise, feeling as if he was making her get shocked on purpose.

However, she grows to trust him, especially after he helps her fight against Zarkon, admitting that he's someone she, and the Paladins as a whole, can depend on, despite being a stubborn idiot who doesn't know when to quit.

Milly Ashford[]

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Shirley Fenette[]

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Rivalz Cardemonde[]

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Aka is the name that Kallen gave for the Red Lion, which she pilots.

In order for her to be allowed to pilot it, she had to get it to respect her, which she tried first by trying to talk to her in a way that she would with either her brother or a close friend. When that didn't work, she attempted to be blunt about it, almost slightly demanding to be let in. When the Lion was threaten to be taken by Galra, Kallen wasted no time in defending the Lion with all her might, which eventually led her to be sucked out into space, but the Red Lion eventually came to save her, signifying that Kallen has earned the respect of the Lion.

When Kallen was going through a period of self doubt after her encounter with Mao, Aka had comforted Kallen. She reassured Kallen that the Lion had not made a mistake when she chose her Paladin, and that she wouldn't abandon Kallen anytime soon.


  • Kallen was the first Paladin to name her lion, calling her Aka, which is Japanese for red.
  • Her Bayard takes the form of a miniature Radiant Wave Surger, similar to the Guren which she pilots in canon Code Geass