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Kallen Kouzuki is one of the primary characters of Code Geass. She is the half-Britannian half-Japanese ace pilot of the Black Knights. Officially, she is known as Kallen Stadtfeld, but prefers to go by her mother's maiden name. After beginning her new life with Lelouch, she assumes the name Karen Kouzeki and, after marrying him, adopts the name Karen Shallon.


Kallen is a lovely young woman with red hair and blue eyes and a noticeably muscular build. Usually, her hair is spiky, but she combs it down to accommodate the demure persona of her civilian life. Shortly after the birth of her children, Naoto and Shirley, Kallen trims her hair, leaving only her two front bangs. She then grows it out with a smoother texture almost down to her waist.


Kallen is a tomboyish girl with a courageous, loyal, and strong-willed spirit. Though she can be forceful and short-tempered, Kallen also has a loving sensitive side, especially towards her family. After her mother's suicide, Kallen becomes utterly despondent and near-suicidal, but is motivated by C.C. to stay with and protect Lelouch. After this, she becomes fiercely protective of Lelouch, willing to savagely attack or even kill anyone who may be a threat to him. This is partly due to her love for him and partly because he is her one remaining reason for living. This protectiveness extends to her children, whom she loves dearly. In contrast to this protective nature, Kallen is very gentle and loving towards Lelouch and her children.

​Character History[]


After Lelouch becomes the 99th Emperor of Britannia, Kallen becomes concerned and confused about what his true intentions are. Before Lelouch's meeting with the UFN at Ashford Academy, Kallen meets him and the two speak candidly. Kallen asks Lelouch why he is working with Suzaku and whether he really killed his father and Shirley. Lelouch answers honestly, informing Kallen of his and Suzaku's truce and his role in his father's and Shirley's deaths. After the two discuss the guilt and grief they have suffered, Kallen abruptly gives Lelouch a firm kiss. Kallen then tells him that, although she believes he hasn't told her everything, she believes he is being honest and therefore wants to fight alongside him. However, Lelouch refuses her help and orders her to stay away for fear of endangering her life. Kallen tearfully and reluctantly agrees and leads Lelouch to the conference.

After Lelouch apparently stabs his eye out and Pendragon is destroyed, Kallen continues to wonder what she really means to Lelouch. She is interrupted by Minami who informs her that her mother has committed suicide, due to learning about her actions as a Black Knight. A distressed Kallen strikes Minami out of anger, which causes him to discover a bug that had been placed on her.

Several hours later, after sobbing uncontrollably over her mother's death, Kallen is informed by Ohgi that the Black Knights will assist Schneizel in his fight against Lelouch. After Ohgi reveals that he knows that Lelouch told Kallen to stay away, Kallen surmises that Ohgi was the one who put the bug on her. Infuriated, Kallen leaves in her Guren, proclaiming that she will no longer serve anyone.

Later, at her mother's grave in Shinjuku, Kallen has become utterly despondent and heartbroken after reading her mother's suicide note, which condemns her actions as a resistance fighter. Kallen is then approached by C.C. who tells her that she wishes to talk with her. C.C. offers to shake Kallen's hand, which she accepts, and results in C.C. reading Kallen's memories and Kallen receiving C.C.'s and Lelouch's memories. Kallen is shaken by the event and all the memories she now has, but C.C. says she must explain the Zero Requiem plan to her. After Kallen is told of the plan, C.C. asks her what she thinks of Lelouch and Kallen breaks down and confesses that she wants to stay with him and have Lelouch return to being the same Lelouch of his sister's memories. Satisfied with Kallen's response, C.C. leaves Kallen with the decision of whether or not to help Lelouch and then departs to put her plan in motion to avert the Zero Requiem. However, realizing what C.C. intends to do, Kallen yells at her stop as she takes off.

During the battle against the Damocles, Kallen is kept abreast of the developments by a remote communicator, through which she learns of the Black Knights decision to join Lelouch and C.C.'s death. After Schneizel reveals the Merlin KMF, Kallen suddenly appears in her Guren, having decided to fight alongside Lelouch. Kallen then duels with the Merlin, fighting as hard as she can, but she is ultimately defeated. Her Guren is crushed and she is tossed on board the Damocles and falls unconscious.

Later, Kallen, still on the Damocles, awakens to see Lelouch by her side. She apologizes for not being able to protect him, but Lelouch tells her that, thanks to her, they were able to uncover the Merlin's weakness and destroy it. Lelouch then orders Suzaku to take Kallen back to the Avalon for medical attention, and Suzaku complies. As she is taken back to the Avalon, Kallen reveals to Suzaku that she knows about the Zero Requiem and implores him to not go through with it, but Suzaku refuses. On board the Avalon, Kallen become hysterical. She is approached by Ohgi and she desperately begs him to stop Suzaku, believing that he will kill Lelouch. Though unnerved by her distressed state, Ohgi orders the soldiers to take her away for treatment.

Once the battle is over, Lelouch, who has been rendered blind and unconscious, is laid next to Kallen in the medical bay. Suzaku asks Kallen if C.C. did something to change her, but Kallen counters that Suzaku himself changed after he killed his father and when Euphemia died. Suspecting Ohgi may wish to do him harm, Kallen climbs on top of Lelouch's body, protecting him and threatening Ohgi to stay away from them. Later, on the medical transport, Nunnally meets with Kallen. She asks Kallen if she will stay by his side, to which Kallen swears that she always will.

Later that day, while Kallen and Lelouch are recovering in sick bay, Ohgi, Kaguya, and Suzaku discuss Lelouch's condition with the doctor. As Kallen regains conciousness, the doctor explains that Lelouch is in critical condition and considers that it may be best just to let him die. Hearing this, Kallen furiously leaps out of her bed and attacks the doctor, proclaiming that if Lelouch dies then he will die. Suzaku and Ohgi attempt to restrain her while Kaguya fetches a sedative. Suzaku injects the sedative into Kallen, but she still manages to resist and almost pokes Ohgi's eyes out before losing consciousness.

Three days later, while recovering on Horai island, Kallen gets out of her bed, and heads toward Lelouch's room. After some initial resistance from the guards, they let her in with Ohgi's approval. Kallen enters and speaks with the still-unconscious Lelouch. She tells him about everything that is going on and then vents her frustration and guilt over everything that has happened. She goes on to say that Lelouch is her only reason for living and is willing to die alongside him and so she asks him to live, saying it would be better to live and witness the new future brought about by his sister. She holds his hand to her heart and begs him to come back to them. Kallen then lies down next to Lelouch and watches over him.

The next day, Nunnally arrives at Lelouch's room and Kallen warmly welcomes her. The two discuss Lelouch's condition, Kallen's altercation with the doctor, and the relationship that Lelouch and Kallen share. Now that she is able to see again, Nunnally also compliments Kallen on her beauty, much to Kallen's embarrassment. Nunnally then asks Kallen how Shirley died, and Kallen reluctantly and sadly replies. They continue to talk, addressing Kallen's concerns that not everyone is glad that Lelouch is alive and, therefore, she must stay alert. Nunnally also discusses the difficulty of faking Lelouch and Nina's deaths and Kallen explains how some of her comrades have turned against her after she declared herself to be a Britannian. Their meeting ends when Kaguya arrives and tells them that Lelouch's "death" has been arranged.

After Lelouch's public funeral, in which he is officially declared dead to the world, Kallen, Nunnally, and Cornelia visit his grave. Despite Kallen's fatigue from watching Lelouch around the clock, she insists that she wanted to attend to make the charade more believable. Kallen expresses her stress and anxiety about being unable to help Lelouch and then collapses to the ground. Knowing that she can't stand on her own, Cornelia offers to hold Kallen up as they walk back and she reluctantly accepts.

Afterwards, Kallen secretly sneaks away to her father's estate. After entering her father's home, she is met by her stepmother who greets her with great disdain. Kallen then meets with her father in his study, who explains that he's a bit annoyed and confused by the recent developments. Kallen explains everything that has happened to her the last few years (while withholding some information), and also asks him to disown her. Though bewildered, her father admits that he does not condemn Kallen's actions, but says he cannot grant her request.

Kallen then asks her father to tell her how he and her mother met, after which he explains how their family and their living arrangements came to be. Kallen's father gives his condolences for Zoyo's death, and tells Kallen that she must strong and continue to live. Kallen becomes hysterical, screaming that she killed her mother, but she eventually settles down. The two continue their conversation with Kallen explaining how she was able to stay in Ashford despite her truancy and how she learned to pilot a KMF. Returning to the topic of Kallen's request, her father speculates that it makes no sense unless Lelouch really was alive. Kallen grabs her father, glaring at him intensely, and tells him that no one must ever know about it, confirming his suspicion. Kallen's father then teases her about her affection for Lelouch, which makes Kallen flustered. Understanding that this is the last time they will see each other, Kallen's father accepts her decision and Kallen tearfully embraces him, telling him that she loves him.

Some time later, Kallen attends Ohgi and Villetta's wedding, during which she announces her intention to leave Japan and become a Britannian citizen. Later, inside the camper, where Lelouch and Kallen are being hidden, Kallen and Kaguya meet and discuss the situation. Kaguya asks why Kallen has decided to identify as a Britannian and Kallen explains that is a personal choice and she does wish to be a ward until the age of 21 under Japanese law. In spite of Kallen's devotion to Lelouch, Kaguya asks why she was so quick to repudiate Japan. Kallen explains that her mother's suicide note changed her views about Britannia and she became disgusted with Ohgi and the others when they betrayed Lelouch. Kaguya then asks Kallen if she's really sure she wants to become Lelouch's caretaker, suggesting that she may change her mind upon recovering from the trauma of losing her mother. This causes Kallen to snap and attack Kaguya, but Sayoko holds her back before she can reach her. Kallen screams at Kaguya, claiming that she is trying to dominate her and that she never really cared about Lelouch. Finally, Kallen settles down and apologizes. She breaks down in tears, admitting that she always refrained from admitting her feelings for Lelouch and was jealous of C.C., but now she truly wishes to stay with him as she has no one else. This convinces Kaguya of the depth of Kallen's feelings and she promises that she will become Lelouch's caretaker.

Some time later, Nunnally visits Lelouch and Kallen again. As they discuss Nunnally's attempt to deliver an award to Kallen's father for her heroism, Lelouch awakens from his coma, much to their delight. Kallen then excuses herself so Lelouch and Nunnally may speak privately. Kallen meets with Sayoko outside the camper, who confirms that she will continue to work under Nunnally. Sayoko then asks Kallen if it's possible to feel something for someone after doing something simply out of a matter of honor, but Kallen says she's the wrong person to ask. Sayoko asks her what the feelings are between her and Lelouch and Kallen replies that the two have a life debt together and, for her, it is an uncontrollable feeling that pains her heart. Once Nunnally is done speaking with Lelouch, Kallen's returns and welcomes Lelouch back.

Later, when Lelouch appears before the tribunal to be tried and sentenced, Kallen stays at his side and acts his representative. In this capacity, Kallen collaborates with the UFN, revealing information about the Geass Order and Kaminejima Ruins. Ultimately, Lelouch is sentenced to exile where he will be given a new life and a new identity. Kallen asks to stay by his side as his caretaker and the committee agrees.

One night in the camper, Kallen suffers a horrific nightmare in which Shirley appears and accuses Kallen of deceiving her and failing to protect Lelouch. Shirley brings out a horribly injured Lelouch and Kallen desperately tries to save him. As Shirley transforms into the Guren, ready to kill Lelouch, Kallen is surrounded ghostly visions of the people she has killed and begs Shirley to spare Lelouch and take her life instead. Shirley is pleased by Kallen's response and ultimately relents, leaving Lelouch in her care. However, the ghost of Luciano Bradley kills Lelouch anyway, causing Kallen to cry out in anguish.

Kallen awakens and sees Lelouch who says she was tossing and yelling in her sleep. Kallen runs toward him and tearfully embraces him, explaining her dream to him. She then asks to stay near Lelouch and lies down in bed with him. The two then discuss their relocation, and Kallen tells Lelouch they will move to Westerville, Ohio where she has chosen a large house for them. Lelouch wonders why she chose such a large place and Kallen tells him that she made a promise before falling asleep again.

Some time later, Kallen meets with Ohgi at the FLEIJA crater in Tokyo. They discuss the speech Kallen gave at the end of Ohgi's wedding, in which she told everyone she would be moving to Britannia. Ohgi asks Kallen if she ever considered simply returning to school to be with her classmates, but Kallen says she has no right as she has killed many Britannians. Ohgi says she was only following orders, but Kallen denies that as an excuse and says she still feels guilt over it. After seeing a nearby family, Ohgi wonders if Kallen is thinking about Lelouch and her in the same situation. Kallen doesn't deny it and Ohgi remarks that she truly loves Lelouch. Kallen says she has seen Lelouch for he truly is, a good man who was willing to die for the future of the world. Kallen then asks Ohgi about the time he had used her to draw Lelouch out to kill him. She asks that, if Lelouch had not lied to her, would Ohgi have killed her as well. Ohgi replies that he knew Kallen wouldn't have stayed with him, but Kallen counters that he couldn't know for sure and that he decided through supposition, unlike Zero who always knew the consequences of his actions. She then suggests that, had they actually killed Lelouch, they would all be dead as Schneizel would have disposed of them afterwards. Ohgi then asks Kallen if everything in C.C.'s testament is true and she affirms that it is. After affirming that she will never return to Japan, Ohgi gives Kallen a necklace that had belonged to her mother and that she, in turn, gave to Naoto. Ohgi explains that Naoto had asked Ohgi to hold onto it and give it to Kallen once Japan was free. Kallen accepts the necklace and tells Ohgi that she will meet him at the airport when she and Lelouch depart. She tells Ohgi to take care of his family and asks that he place flowers at her mother's grave every now and then. Ohgi agrees to and says his farewell.

Before their departure to Westerville, Kallen joins Lelouch, as well as Suzaku, as they visit Shirley's grave. As Suzaku takes his leave, he tells Kallen that Lelouch will never have room for her in his heart, due to his guilt over Shirley and C.C., but Kallen replies that she doesn't care.

Afterwards, Kallen goes to her father's estate and finds that the gate is locked, indicating that he and his wife have moved. Realizing that she has additional time, Kallen stops by her mother's grave and places a marker next to it to act as her brother Naoto's grave. Kallen regrets that this is the last time she'll be able to visit them, but she tells her brother that Japan is free now just as he wanted. She bids farewell to her mother and brother, saying that they will meet again in C's World.

At the departure site, Ohgi holds Kallen as she prepares to leave with Lelouch. On board the plane, Kallen looks over their new IDs, passport, and certificates, commending Kaguya's work on them. Lelouch asks Kallen how she feels having to lie to so many people and Kallen replies that she's feels terrible about it. Kallen says she doesn't want to see Lelouch so unhopeful as they both agreed to start a new life together. She begins to tell him that she loves him, but Lelouch stops her, telling her she doesn't have to say it. Kallen looks away, despondent, but Lelouch reaches out and touches her hand. Kallen thinks back to what Suzaku said and believes that, though it may take some time, Lelouch will return her love.

The start of Kallen and Lelouch's life in Westerville is marked by great turmoil as they both suffer from severe post-traumatic stress and guilt-driven emotional anguish. In one incident, Kallen locks herself in her room and suffers a PTSD attack after witnessing Lelouch having an emotional crisis. She collapses to the ground, but decides that she cannot go on like this and she must be strong so she can help Lelouch. Kallen enters Lelouch's room and forcibly holds Lelouch's hand to her chest, telling him to feel her heartbeat. She tells him that as long as he can feel her heartbeat, he is not alone and she will be there for him to protect and heal him. She also tells Lelouch that he must continue to live for her and Nunnally and everyone else who cares about him. ​As Kallen holds Lelouch in her arms, she thinks about everything she learned about him from C.C. In spite of everything he's done, she knows the Lelouch she is holding is the true Lelouch, the man she loves. She reaffirms that she will stay by Lelouch's side, helping him heal and build a new future together.

Later, about one month after Lelouch and Kallen start their new life, Kallen and Kaguya have a conversation via instant messaging. After discussing their new life and the "miracle" Nunnally performed by standing up before the world, Kaguya asks how Lelouch is and Kallen replies that he has been very sick. She then excuses herself as Lelouch wakes up. Upon her return, after a few harsh words, Kallen explains that Lelouch has been unable to sleep due to nightmares caused by his guilt. Kaguya decides to conclude the conversation by asking Kallen why she chose this life for herself. Kallen angrily replies that she loves Lelouch with all her heart, unlike Kaguya who she says only sought him for political power. Kallen finishes by saying she has nothing against Kaguya or Ohgi, but asks that they leave her alone, and then signs off.

Some time later, Lelouch screams out in pain after having a nightmare and Kallen rushes in to aid him. Lelouch tells her that he can't deal with the pain and Kallen replies that he must continue to live. She tells him that he is not the only one suffering as guilt weighs on her conscience too. She holds Lelouch's head to her chest and tells her to focus on his happy memories and her heartbeat. Kallen asks if he would like her to stay with him and the two fall asleep together.

About two years after starting their life, Lelouch asks to talk with Kallen. He tells her that he has never been in a physical relationship with a woman and Kallen asks why he would tell her this all of a sudden. Lelouch replies that he can no longer ignore the reason Kallen chose to live with him. Though she is a bit embarrassed, Kallen admits that it is what she wants and she accepts Lelouch's proposal. Later that night, Lelouch and Kallen passionately, though somewhat awkwardly, make love for the first time. The next morning, Lelouch and Kallen have breakfast out on the veranda to celebrate the previous night. As Kallen spots a woman walking a baby in a stroller, she asks Lelouch what he thought about last night and he replies that it was chaotic, but good, and will likely happen again. Kallen is glad to hear it.

Six months later, Kallen discovers that she is pregnant. She immediately receives a phone call from Kaguya who has been watching her and Kallen confirms her pregnancy to her. Kaguya congratulates her, but wonders if it really is the best thing for them. Kallen assures her that it is what she wanted and she will handle everything. Kallen then meets with Lelouch, planning to tell him about the pregnancy, but Lelouch brings it up before she does. Lelouch explains that he read the Braille written on the boxes of the pregnancy tests (though, in fact, he learned it from C.C.). Kallen admits that she had always planned to get pregnant and explains that she believes a baby is the only way to save Lelouch from his suffering, but she is still willing to accept whatever decision Lelouch makes. Without hesitation, Lelouch decides they will have the baby, not wanting to insult C.C.'s sacrifice. Kallen decides that if it's a boy they will name him after Naoto, while Lelouch decides that if it's a girl they will name her after Shirley.

Nine months later, Kallen gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl, whom she and Lelouch name Naoto and Shirley.

A short time later, as Kallen and Lelouch adjust to parenthood, Kallen contemplates that, while Lelouch has improved after becoming a father, she still wishes he would open his heart to her. Kallen then makes the realization that she has still been using her "masks" of Kallen Stadtfeld, the shy student, and Kallen Kouzuki, the Black Knight rebel. She then cuts her hair to symbolically free herself of the past and become her true self. She then joins Lelouch and affirms that their children are her new goal and she hopes to give them the happy life they never had.

About three years later, Kallen, Lelouch, and their children go to a chess tournament, which Lelouch is participating in. Unbeknownst to them, the tournament is also being witnessed via surveillance camera by Nunnally who, at the same time, receives a care package from Kallen detailing the last six years of her and Lelouch's life. After the tournament, Kallen discovers Sayoko who had set up the cameras. Sayoko assures she was only spying on them as a favor for Nunnally and the two wish each other well and go their separate ways. Outside the building, Kallen asks Lelouch what is troubling him as she can hear it in his voice. After sending their children to the car, Lelouch asks Kallen to close her eyes and place her hands on his face, and she complies. Kallen is then shown a vision of C's World, allowing her to see and communicate with her deceased mother for a short time. Once the vision is over, Kallen deduces that Lelouch is connected to the collective unconscious through his Geass. Touched by Lelouch's gift, Kallen pulls him into a passionate kiss, which he reciprocates. As they drive home, Kallen wonders if it's time to give Naoto and Shirley a little sister. Kallen then asks Lelouch if she will marry him, but he cheekily declines.

A few months later, Kallen is pregnant once again. One day, after accidentally ruining lunch, Kallen is asked by Naoto and Shirley to tell them how she and Lelouch met. Having prepared an alternate story that depicts her and Lelouch as normal high school students, Kallen, along with Lelouch, tells them the story while also telling them about her brother Naoto and Shirley Fenette, the people they were named after. She then tells Naoto and Shirley that they are going to have a little brother whom they will name Nicholas.

A few more months later, after Kallne has given birth to Nicholas, Kallen receives a phone call from Nunnally. The two happily discuss Lelouch and Kallen's children as well as Kallen's relationship, with Nunnally advising that Kallen may have to make the first move to make Lelouch open up to her. After reading some of Lelouch's writing and reminiscing about her past, Kallen confronts Lelouch and begs him to open up to her, asking him to not feel guilty for her. This finally moves Lelouch enough to admit that he loves her.

A short time later, as she refills Lelouch's drinking glass, she notices a ring inside which Lelouch proposes to her with. Kallen is thrilled and happily accepts his proposal. On the day of the wedding, Kallen is visited by Sayoko as she applies her makeup. After Sayoko congratulates her, she informs Kallen that the bugs and surveillance equipment are being removed from her and Lelouch's house by Tohdoh and Nagisa as they believe there is no longer any need for them. Kallen then joins the congregation and Lelouch asks her to take his hand. As she takes its, she is shown visions of her mother, brother, and Shirley who offer their blessings and well wishes. At the altar, Kallen and Lelouch say their vows, exchange and seal their marriage with a kiss. Once the ceremony is over, Kallen picks up Lelouch and carries him in her arms, much to his embarrassment.

About two years later, Kallen and Lelouch are visited by Modesty Edwards, Naoto and Shirley's teacher. Having noticed their gifted intellect, Modesty wishes to enroll them in an accelerated education program, but Kallen and Lelouch decline her offer. Modesty refuses to back down, however, which makes Kallen highly agitated. After Lelouch defuses the situation by beating her in a chess match, Modesty concedes and agrees to be their babysitter.

About three years later, Kallen looks over report cards that Naoto and Shirley have brought home and see that they have purposefully underachieved in a few subjects. Naoto and Shirley explain that they do want to seem unpleasant to their classmates, but Kallen and Lelouch reprimand them, saying that they are being deceitful and that whether or not they are unpleasant comes from their character. After they apologize, Kallen and Lelouch quickly forgive them.

About one year later, Kallen gives birth to her second daughter whom she and Lelouch name Elizabeth. As they stay the night at the hospital, after watching the news, Kallen and Lelouch discuss the policies Nunnally has implemented. While Kallen believes her policies are a bit drastic, Lelouch believes they are for the overall good of the world. Lelouch then asks Kallen if she is happy and she assures him that her life with him and their children is the only life she wants.

One month later, Kallen discovers Suzaku sneaking around her house and, believing he may intend harm, she savagely attacks him. After Suzaku explains his intentions and Kaguya confirms them, Kallen agrees to answer his questions about Lelouch's Geass since Kallen has all his memories pertaining to it. She assures him Lelouch couldn't have been responsible for the energy spike he described and then, out of concern for Nunnally, she advises Suzaku that he get over his obsession with Euphemia and move towards the future.

Shortly afterwards, Kallen and Lelouch are paid a surprise visit by Nunnally, Ohgi, and Sayoko. During the visit, Kallen talks privately with Ohgi, who explains that they have been using the Geass Canceller to remove the effects the Geass from Lelouch's victims and Kallen is the only one they haven't tested yet. After assuring him that she is not under the effects of Lelouch's Geass, Kallen accuses Ohgi of being unable to let go of the past. Ohgi argues that it's not so easy, but Kallen says she was able to do it and then reveals that she knows the truth about how her brother Naoto died. After the others leave, Kallen and Lelouch discuss how it seemed like Nunnally was hiding something from them.

Later, Kallen talks with Gadina Singh, the mother of Naoto and Shirley's friend Natalie. Gadina remarks that Naoto and Natalie have taken a liking to each other and wonders if it may be love, but Kallen remains skeptical. After going back inside the house, Kallen discovers Lelouch collapsed and in great pain as blood pours out of his eye. Lelouch falls unconscious and Kallen unwittingly makes contact with C.C., who is unable to explain what is happening. C.C. agrees to do everything she can while Kallen watches over Lelouch. Once Lelouch's pain begins to subside, Kallen asks C.C. if she has ever been thanked by anyone, to which she replies that she truly never has. Kallen then offers her sincerest gratitude to C.C. for everything she has done for her and Lelouch. Shortly afterwards, Lelouch awakens and makes a full recovery, much to Kallen's relief.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Initially, Kallen greatly admires and looks up to Lelouch's Zero persona, which then extends to Lelouch himself after she learns his true identity. Over time, Kallen falls in love with him. After her mother dies, Lelouch becomes Kallen's only reason for living and she becomes fiercely protective of him. Once Lelouch becomes blinded and is sentenced to exile, Kallen volunteers to be his caretaker so that she may stay by side and with the hope that the two will start a family and he will one day return her love. Both of these hopes come to fruition as, after a few difficult years, Kallen and Lelouch have three children together and then get married afterwards. The two continue to live a peaceful happy and have two more children.


Though Kallen initially has feelings of jealousy towards C.C. due to her closeness with Lelouch, Kallen eventually grows to see her as a close ally and friend. After her mother's death, Kallen is met by C.C. who implants her and Lelouch's memories into Kallen. C.C. then explains that Kallen must be the one to stay by Lelouch's side and give him the chance to live a happy life, which Kallen accepts. Kallen is deeply saddened after learning that C.C. sacrificed her own life in the battle against the Damocles. She continues to hold deep gratitude for C.C. for giving her and Lelouch a second chance at life. Her gratitude is so great that she insists on having a second daughter with Lelouch so they may name her after C.C. (Elizabeth).

Nunnally vi Britannia[]

Though the two are not given the chance to meet or speak often, Kallen has a very loving relationship with Nunnally and sees her as a sister. After the battle against the Damocles, Nunnally meets with Kallen and asks her to watch over her brother, which Kallen vehemently agrees to. The two periodically meet and discuss past and current matters during Lelouch's recovery. A few years after Lelouch and Kallen's exile, Kallen sends a care package to Nunnally, which includes a letter and several photos detailing the life they have led since their departure. Several years later, when Nunnally comes to visit her and Lelouch, Kallen happily welcomes her with open arms. Kallen and Lelouch continue to watch Nunnally from afar, admiring her work as Empress of Britannia.

Zoyo Kouzuki[]

Kallen has a conflicted, but loving relationship with her mother and continues to fight for Japan's freedom to give her a brighter future. However, after learning of her mother's suicide, Kallen becomes absolutely heartbroken. After reading her mother's suicide note, Kallen realizes the pain she has caused as a Black Knight and becomes near-suicidal, believing she has nothing left to live for. However, after finding a reason to live in Lelouch, Kallen continues her life, though she still feels great guilt remorse for the loss of her mother. A few years after her exile with Lelouch, Kallen is able to see and speak with her mother again through Lelouch's connection to C's World and the two make peace with each other. Kallen sees her mother once more during her wedding and receives her well-wishes. Kallen names her third-born daughter Zoyo, after her mother.

Mr. Stadtfeld[]

Kallen has a complicated, but loving relationship with her father. Before her exile with Lelouch, Kallen pays one last visit to her father's estate to say her farewell and to ask him to disown her. Her father expresses his surprise at learning about her actions as a Black Knight, but ultimately forgives and accepts her decisions. After explaining how their family came to be, Kallen's father reluctantly accepts Kallen's request to disown her and lovingly wishes her luck with her new life. Kallen tearfully expresses her love for her father and departs. After she starts her new life, Kallen periodically sends photos of herself and her family to her father.

Kaguya Sumeragi[]

Though initially little more than allies in the war for Japan's freedom, Kallen and Kaguya become friends after the battle against the Damocles, though their relationship is initially marred by some hostility. While Lelouch is recovering after being shot, Kaguya visits Kallen to discuss her decision to become Lelouch's caretaker and suggests that Kallen may wish to reconsider as she may change her mind. This outrages Kallen and she very nearly attacks Kaguya as she exclaims that Lelouch is her only reason for living and there is no doubt that she wishes to stay by his side forever. After Kallen and Lelouch begin their new life, Kallen and Kaguya regularly keep in contact through phone calls and instant messaging. Over time, Kallen becomes much more friendly with Kaguya and welcomes her as she occasionally visits Kallen's home to see her and Lelouch's newborn children.

Kaname Ohgi[]

Shirley Fenette[]

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