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Kallen Kozuki (Code Ghoul)
Full Name: Kallen Kozuki
Nicknames: Rabbit
Age: 17 (Pre-Aogiri) 18 (Post-Aogiri) 20 (currently)

Birth Date: a.t.b. March 29th (disregard a.t.b.)
Height: 171 cm
Nationality: Japanese
  • Anteiku/20th Ward (formerly)
    re/20th Ward (currently)
Other Info:
Species: Ghoul

Rc Type: Ukaku

"I think it’s because we want to live. Is there something wrong about that? We were all given life and raised. If the only thing we can do is eat people…how can we ever live correctly with a body like this? Even ghouls…even I want to live just like you guys!"
―Kallen reflecting on the life of ghouls

Kallen Kozuki is one of the major characters in Code Ghoul, and plays the role of Touka Kirishima. She is a waiter at Anteiku, as well as a ghoul. Much like Nunnally/Chiharu, her parents also died under the hands of the CCG; only this didn't happen recently, and Kallen was at a younger age. After the events of he Post-Aogiri arc, Kallen returns as a waitress at a new cafe called :re.


Early Life[]





Kallen is depicted as teenage girl standing at 171 cm (5'7") with a slender build and a curved body. She's generally shown wearing a waitress uniform while working at Anteiku, but is clad in a black hoodie, jeans, and a rabbit mask while hunting. Her character module, however, depicts Kallen in their original Code Geass outfit, but it also viewed as another casual wear in the Code Ghoul universe. Her dark pink hair is assumably shoulder length, but it swoops up behind her; and her bangs are separated with a red band around her forehead.


The creator views the 20-year old Kallen as a beautiful young woman with her hair down and wavy, extending past her shoulders. Her dark pink hair is dyed a lighter shade to avoid recognition from CCG investigators.


During the Pre-Aogiri arc, Kallen had portrayed a very rash attitude, which comes from having to live a "hard-working" double-life of a human and ghoul identity. As a human, she is seen as a normal girl attending school with normal friends and being a café waitress. As a ghoul, she reveals a more reckless and ruthless personality full of hatred for CCG's investigators. This stems from the fact that her family was torn apart by CCG and she had to live a fugitive life until leading a more docile life by attending school. Kallen has somewhat softened up because of her friends and even Mezame's influence.

After the Post-Aogiri arc, Kallen possesses a much gentler and warmer personality compared to how she was back then. She is also seen smiling a lot more and greets people politely even outside her workplace.



Kallen with her ukaku kagune summoned.


  • Ukaku: Kallen's kagune comes from her shoulder, forming into a pair of wings. (Though it appears one is larger than the other.) As a typical Ukaku-type ghoul, her strength is mainly from her agility and firing projectiles. Her tendency to rush in for the killing blow catches her opponents by surprise. She can cause serious damage by either focusing her Kagune in a single focused attack or firing a flurry of bullets. From a distance, she can rapidly fire a volley of rounds to overwhelm enemies. When striking a single attack, her kagune can pour down a linear strike that grinds surfaces and can even wear down a Koukaku kagune. However, Kallen has a short Rc supply, and as the fight continues her strength diminishes.


  • Lelouch/Mezame Kagayaki
  • Nunnally/Chiharu Nozomu