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Kallen Kozuki, also known as Kallen Stadtfelt, is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Bumblebee) of the fanfiction series Code Prime. Originally a terrorist apart of the Kozuki Resistance, she soon became a founding member of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance working to free the world from the Holy Empire of Britannia and the Decepticons.


Kallen is a young woman who has a slim yet strong build, a well endowed figure and fair skin. She has an average height, being shorter than Lelouch but taller then Cera. Her most distinguishing features are her big blue eyes and her short red hair which are naturally spikey and that she usually adorns of her late brother's headband, even though she can combs her hair straight mostly whenever she has to use her Stadtfelt persona, like at school, for example.

In term of outfit, She dresses in various ways; Her most used colors are Red, pink, and yellow, red being her main color whenever she uses the Guren.

A member of the resistance she is wearing a brown combination, made of a short and an upper part, open at her midsection, that she wore with a wool red crop top underneath. Wool red armtight and long brown boots to compliment the look.

After that, as a Black Knight she wore a black jacket with a black short both trimmed with grey lining and long black high boots. As the pilot of the Guren Mk II she wears a red skin tight pilot suit, with detachable arms and zippers on the front; Her first version of the suit also has a grey life saving jacket while the second had spiky shoulders.

As Kallen Stadfelt in school, she is wearing the student school uniform, a black short skirt with a white shirt and a tie, with a beige school jacket; She customizes her look with light blue tight highs. At home, we've already seen Kallen wearing a purple shirt and a white skirt.

While at the Gypsy Camp, Kallen wore a vibrant red dress.


Kallen's general personality is that of a strong willed, determined, loyal and brave individual, who can also be quite short tempered and impulsive at times; She is compassionate, quite sensitive and truly gentle to those she cares about, and has a strong sense of justice. Becomes of this, Cliffjumper compares the young knight to Arcee.

In her Stadfelt persona, Kallen is see by her fellow students as a demure, shy and well behaved young lady, having a fair share of friends despite being almost never present at school, even though she doesn't like playing this part and holds some prejudice against Britannians in general.

During R1, she claim to hate the Britannian population, this is merely an exaggeration, as she does deeply care about the members of the Student Council as her friends. She later grows past this hate and then falls in love with Lelouch, a Britannian Prince.

She cares deeply for the ones she loves, becoming greatly angered when they are threatened or mocked.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Her leader and the man she loves.

Kallen was skeptical when she first met him as Zero. She had some doubts about the masked man, and wondered if she could place her trust in him and the Autobots. After the duel between Optimus and Cornelia, which ended with the Prime's victory, she put her trust in both the Autobots and Zero. This trust and admiration grew when Zero had got both her and her mother away from her Step-Mother and into a nice place in the Settlement. This action allowed her trust in him completely, despite wearing a mask. This continue to grew after the incident with the Scraplets.

But as Lelouch, Kallen saw him as nothing more than a typical Britannian student, who she despised. She was suspicious of him when he mentioned Shinjuku after he Geassed her, however, he managed to throw her off thanks to Bumblebee's help. She would continue to see Lelouch as nothing more than an annoyance and a pain until he revealed his identity as both Zero and the exiled prince to her after the Battle of Narita.

After the reveal, she then learned both his reasons for fighting as well as his Geass. While she was hurt that the Autobots, especially her partners Arcee and Cliffjumper, didn't tell her about this, she understood and agreed to keep his identity a secret. Though she did pay him back to the incident in the bathroom by punching him in the gut.

But this point in time, Kallen has developed a crush on Lelouch, as she was jealous when Kaguya gave him a hug when they met with the Houses of Kyoto. She blushes in embarrassment when both her partners Arcee and Cliffjumper tease her about her feelings. After Mao attacks Ashford, Kallen offers her place for both Lelouch and Nunnally to stay, saying this is her way of repaying Lelouch for helping her and her mother, bonding more with Nunnally in the process.

When Lelouch is slowly being killed by Megatron's Dark Geass, Kallen punches Llyod for his comment on Lelouch's funeral and cries, worried they are going to lose Lelouch. When he recovers she runs up and hugs him.


One of her partners and beloved older brother figure.


One of her partners and beloved older sister figure

Optimus Prime[]

Her leader and beloved father figure.


Her most personal enemy among the Decepticons.


  • It was never confirmed whether or not Kallen's father survived the events of the first two seasons of Code Prime, however, it is implied that he is dead, since he didn't show up for R2's finale.
  • Her character theme is "Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way" by Spectre General.