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"You can never judge a person's action if it's bad in your point of view Suzaku. Because what The Black Knights are doing is what they believe is for the good of everyone. You can't see through it if you're only seeing one side of the coin."
Kanji Kyōshigaki
Kanji Kenji

’’’Kyō shigaki Kanji’’’

Kanji Hyuga Monaco-Kyōshigaki
Kanji Kyōshigaki
Kenjie Monaco
“Thor: Ragnarok”
Full Name: Kanji Hyuga Monaco-Kyōshigaki
Kanji Kyōshigaki
“Albert Wesker”
Nicknames: The Vigilante
Hannibal (From Knights of the Round)
The Cerebral Assassin (As “Albert Wesker”)
Judas (as Knight of Thirteen)
“The Rouge One”
Zero's Left Hand (as One-Half of Knights of Zero)
One Half of the Knights of Zero
Devil Gene
Aliases: Kenjie Monaco
“Black Panther”
“Thor Ragnarok”
“Jin Kazama” [(As Ruler of Britannia under Under Lelouch)]
“Albert Wesker” (As The Vigilante Member of The Order of the Black Knights)
Zero (Shared with Lelouch and later Suzaku after Zero Requiem)
Age: 17 (first archive)
18 (R2)
Status: Immortal (Caused by Implanted Ragnarok Sigil)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Pink
Eye Color: Blue

Birth Date: a.t.b. January 8th of 1999
Death Date: a.t.b. N/A
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese- Britannian
Honorary Britannian
Relatives: Grandma Monaco-Kyōshigaki (Grandmother)
Mr. Kyōshigaki (Father)
Mrs. Kyōshigaki (Mother)
Eskurante Kyōshigaki (Eldest Brother)
Dante Octaves Monaco (Older Brother)
Akito Hyuga (Cousin)
Shin Hyuga Shaing (Cousin)
Kallen Kōzuki (Girlfriend/Wife)
Milly Ashford (Lover/Girlfriend)
C.C. (Lover/Close Friend)
Lelouch vi Britannia (Friend/Sister in-law?)
Nunnally vi Britannia (Friend/Sister in-law)
Cornelia li Britannia (Sister in-law)
Euphemia li Britannia (Sister in-law)
Marrybell mel Britannia (Sister in-law)
Guinevere de Britannia (Sister in-law)
Carine ne Britannia (Sister in-law)
Charles zi Britannia (StepFather)
  • Ashford Academy
  • Student Council
  • United Federation of Nations (As “Zero” and “Thor: Ragnarok”)
    • The Black Knights (As “Zero” and “Albert Wesker”)
  • Holy Britannian Empire
    • Britannian Imperial Family
    • Knights of the Round (Leader)
    • Britannian Military
Additional Information
Title: Member of the Kyoto Group(As “Albert Wesker”)
Leader of the Jikeidan Stray Dogs
Personal Knight of the Prime Minister, ‘’’Ohgi Kaname’’’
Vigilante Assassin of The Black Knights (Shared with Lelouch)
Defender of Britannia
A Ruler of Britannia
Rank: Prince
Occupation: Student
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:
Thor: Ragnarok Armor
Vibranium Panther Suit
Zeus B.E.T.A Armageddon
Real World
Voiced By: KaggyFilms (Spanish)

Alejandro Saab (English) (Old Dub) Yuri Lowenthal (English) (New Dub) Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese)

Other Info:
See Britannian Imperial Family


Piloting Skills & Knightmare Engineering[]

Kanji was considered as one of the best Knightmare Pilots between the Knights of the Round next to Suzaku. Kanji is known for his unique way of piloting his Knightmare. In which his Knightmare's build is very unique from the inside as he is the one who engineered the software of his Knightmare, while his brother Dante engineered the hardware and the database for the Knightmare. As seen from the way he is capable when using his Knightmares, the Knightmare is seen to move even quicker than other next gen Knightmare Frames, as he uses his senses by using a sensor by his pulse for his knightmare to move. It is also known that Kanji himself built his first knightmare, Cassius Shock W.A.V.E., in which he used a stolen blueprint of the F.L.E.I.J.A to create the arm canon and nuclear missile, which he created as a child, being apart of the Jikeidan Stray Dogs. This was later put Under Maintenance as it was very slow on movement and was bugged, in which the Key was soon given to Milly Ashford as a sacred gift.

Battle Prowess[]

Kanji is known for his way of physical combat as he uses his agility and his body movements to defeat his enemy. Kanji was first trained by his own father, as his father is known for his background as a soldier and a knight and Sayoko, who met him as a kid bruised up from training and soon trained him,.in which he learned how to use his speed and agility as a weapon. Basing from his abilities in fighting, he is seen defeating 5 students on an encounter at a school, who were ruining Suzaku as they consider him as an Eleven and him being responsible on Prince Clovis' death. He is even more dangerous when using his sword or a gun, as he is able to use both to his advantage, even being able to vend bullets using his speed and quick movements for them to hit a certain target at a given angle. With his sword, Kanji is known for his outstanding abilities with a sword, as he uses it either by moving or dodging defensively, turning it offensively by the way he analyzes and study his enemy.

Critical Intelligence[]

Kanji doesn't show his intelligence that often, as he only uses it for the right time. Lelouch also considered Kanji to be better at chess than him but doesn't want to as he only uses his ability to think for a better purpose. His intelligence can be desplayed on how he plan his missions as a Knight of the Round, as he is known for being able to plan ahead of time and being able to predict the possible events on the particular mission, which is displayed when he intended for retreat when Suzaku was fighting Tohdoh. This is also displayed when he managed to escape on faking his death and being able to communicate with the Black Knights without being spotted or noticed by Britannians, including when helping the Black Knights on their missions via communication or detecting close Enemy Knightmares, seen when he is helping Sayoko track and get away from the other students at Cupid Day even when he is on Route with his responsibilities as Kallen's guard and even for personal things such as when he managed to sneak in a communicator inside the dress Kallen was wearing.