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"You can never judge a person's action if it's bad in your point of view Suzaku. Because what The Black Knights are doing is what they believe is for the good of everyone. You can't see through it if you're only seeing one side of the coin."
Kanji Kyōshigaki
Kanji Kenji

’’’Kyō shigaki Kanji’’’

Kanji Hyuga Monaco-Kyōshigaki
Kanji Kyōshigaki
Kenjie Monaco
“Thor: Ragnarok”
Full Name: Kanji Hyuga Monaco-Kyōshigaki
Kanji Kyōshigaki
“Albert Wesker”
Nicknames: The Vigilante
Hannibal (From Knights of the Round)
The Cerebral Assassin (As “Albert Wesker”)
Judas (as Knight of Thirteen)
“The Rouge One”
Zero's Left Hand (as One-Half of Knights of Zero)
One Half of the Knights of Zero
Devil Gene
Aliases: Kenjie Monaco
“Black Panther”
“Thor Ragnarok”
“Jin Kazama” [(As Ruler of Britannia under Under Lelouch)]
“Albert Wesker” (As The Vigilante Member of The Order of the Black Knights)
Zero (Shared with Lelouch and later Suzaku after Zero Requiem)
Age: 17 (first archive)
18 (R2)
Status: Immortal (Caused by Implanted Ragnarok Sigil)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Pink
Eye Color: Blue

Birth Date: a.t.b. January 8th of 1999
Death Date: a.t.b. N/A
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese- Britannian
Honorary Britannian
Relatives: Grandma Monaco-Kyōshigaki (Grandmother)
Mr. Kyōshigaki (Father)
Mrs. Kyōshigaki (Mother)
Eskurante Kyōshigaki (Eldest Brother)
Dante Octaves Monaco (Older Brother)
Akito Hyuga (Cousin)
Shin Hyuga Shaing (Cousin)
Kallen Kōzuki (Girlfriend/Wife)
Milly Ashford (Lover/Girlfriend)
C.C. (Lover/Close Friend)
Lelouch vi Britannia (Friend/Sister in-law?)
Nunnally vi Britannia (Friend/Sister in-law)
Cornelia li Britannia (Sister in-law)
Euphemia li Britannia (Sister in-law)
Marrybell mel Britannia (Sister in-law)
Guinevere de Britannia (Sister in-law)
Carine ne Britannia (Sister in-law)
Charles zi Britannia (StepFather)
  • Ashford Academy
  • Student Council
  • United Federation of Nations (As “Zero” and “Thor: Ragnarok”)
    • The Black Knights (As “Zero” and “Albert Wesker”)
  • Holy Britannian Empire
    • Britannian Imperial Family
    • Knights of the Round (Leader)
    • Britannian Military
Additional Information
Title: Member of the Kyoto Group(As “Albert Wesker”)
Leader of the Jikeidan Stray Dogs
Personal Knight of the Prime Minister, ‘’’Ohgi Kaname’’’
Vigilante Assassin of The Black Knights (Shared with Lelouch)
Defender of Britannia
A Ruler of Britannia
Rank: Prince
Occupation: Student
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:
Thor: Ragnarok Armor
Vibranium Panther Suit
Zeus B.E.T.A Armageddon
Real World
Voiced By: KaggyFilms (Spanish)

Alejandro Saab (English) (Old Dub) Yuri Lowenthal (English) (New Dub) Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese)

Other Info:
See Britannian Imperial Family

Character History[]

First Season[]

Kanji makes his first appearance in the beginning of the first stage of the archives as a child with Kallen running across a hillside when they suddenly stumbled and  discovered the Ark Fleets up in the sky where Britannia is about to take on Japan for the battle of supremacy for the nation. Kanji's father, Reigm then takes Kanji while Kallen tries to run for him but soon fell down and never realized that it was her last time with the person she's pretty close with.

Kanji is later introduced with a new name of Kenjie Monaco (due to his previous record as a Japanese citizen, where it was soon burnt down leaving his true name Kanji marked as Deceased) and was with Lelouch Lamperouge and Rivalz, where Lelouch is a about to gamble by the game of Chess where Kenjie was then studying Lelouch's every move. As they were leaving, they were disturbed when Britannian Soldiers were sent to retrieve the poison gas stolen by the [[Japanese Resistance]]. Lelouch then soon leaves where Kenjie follows him, leaving Rivalz confused. Kenjie was then later revealed to have made his way by a compartment under the truck from the "Code: Kanji archives". Afterwards, When [[Nagata]] opens the capsule, Kenjie quickly ducked down in a hidden compartment of the truck, covering his nose. The capsule then opens, and instead of gas, a restrained [[C.C.]] appears. Before Suzaku and Lelouch can get answers, Kenjie and Suzaku's superiors come, telling Suzaku not to question his briefing and to shoot the "terrorist", Lelouch. When Suzaku refuses, he is promptly shot in the back. However, the bullet is stopped by a broken pocket watch belonging to his deceased father.

Kenjie, hiding in the shadows then passes out from the gas coming out from the ventilation he was near at that was releasing contaminated solutions.

After Lelouch managed to see him while he was passed out, he was then carried back to Ashford Academy after he was found by Rivalz, where Kenjie was left in an abandoned railroad by Lelouch and was seen when Rivalz managed to pass through. They then managed to reach the meeting with the school council, where he was still drowsy and was only awakened by Milly. As he was back at class, he discovers a student named Kallen Stadtfeld, that is when Kenjie was left thinking if she is his old friend that he lost after leaving Japan. When Lelouch and Kallen were seen having a conversation, he came across what seemed to be a jealous Shirley, due to him knowing Shirley's feelings for Lelouch, he then saw Kallen and managed to process the reason of Shirley's jealousy. He was later seen with the student council having a drink . Right after Kallen 's conversation with Lelouch inside the shower room, He was seen outside the room and managed to clean her uniform and gave her extra towels with him acting shy and kind of frail, which made Kallen getting into thinking.

After he found out that Suzaku found himself under arrest for the murder of Prince Clovis; though Lelouch was in fact responsible for this, the military then needs a scapegoat since they actually have no idea who was responsible for the murder.

Lelouch then rescues Suzaku from his impending execution by assuming the identity of Zero and taking credit for Clovis' murder, forcing the military to acquit Suzaku due to lack of evidence, as soon as Ohgi and Kallen saw they may have been put into a bad position, A Knightmare, that seemed to have been with Jeremiah's squad from the very beginning, turned position and defended the two and Zero, evening the playing field. He then helped the two escape when gunfire was made. Soon after, he reveals himself as "Wesker", a masked vigilante working for the Kyoto Group. He then quickly escapes without uttering another word.

While being behind the scenes and was with Lloyd and Cécile at the time, Suzaku was seen ending up intervening in an internal [[pureblood]] struggle, in which Kenjie (who is also a Honorary Britannian and a soldier like Suzaku) voluteered to help his friend out and was soon revealed to be the pilot of the next generation Knightmare frame, Kassius, that was mostly similar to the Lancelot by program only having a few tweaks implanted from the prigram created by his older brother, Dante Octaves Monaco. He then managed to meet Euphemia li Britannia, the Third Princess of Britannia after the encounter.

From this point on, Suzaku remained the pilot of the Lancelot. He is enrolled into [[Ashford Academy]] on [[Euphemia]]'s suggestion, though he is at first mistreated by other students in events such as how somebody spray paints "Go Back To Your Ghetto, Eleven!" on his shirt in which Kenjie revealed himself slowly to those doing this in where he even got into a fight with 5 students and managed to knock them off quickly due to his experience in combat, in which he then uses restrain on them to make them forget about the confrontation when they wake up. Even with the belief that no one will know about his true personality, Milly was seen hiding behind a tree where she seemed to be very interested and impressed with Kenjie. He is later seen aiding Nunnally while Suzaku was being confronted by Lelouch and later met up with them at the clubhouse. Suzaku and Kenjie then talked while leaving the clubhouse where Suzaku asked why Kenjie was hiding his true identity and why he won't reveal his true personality, due to him knowing the existence of Kanji Kyoshigaki. In which he later explained that it may lead to them leaving Britannia again and explained about his old friend and love interest, Kallen Kouzuki possibly being alive and may be lurking around Britannia. Later on, [[Arthur]], a stray cat, is later chased throughout the school grounds by the entire student body after wandering into the Lamperouge residence and escaping with [[Lelouch]]'s [[Zero]] mask. Milly announces that the one who catches the cat will get a kiss from any member of the [[Student Council]]. [[Suzaku]] and Lelouch are the ones who get the cat, and they receive a kiss on the cheek from [[Nunnally]]. As a result of this, Suzaku receives a warm welcome from the Student Council and the rest of the student body that left Kenjie happy due to him feeling that Suzaku deserves the welcome he's getting from them. The Student Council then adopts Arthur and builds a cat house in the council room. Kenjie, along with the rest of the student body, watches Prince Clovis' funeral live. During the funeral, the [[Emperor of Britannia]] makes a speech on the virtues of inequality and the social battle for evolution and betterment.

This then makes Kenjie leave the room that got him thinking personally that the Britannian Empire is responsible for poverty and problems affecting the Japanese residents, due to him previously hearing and watching these speeches from the Royal family with no progress being made for the Japanese.

When Kallen was sent in an operation by the Black Knights, Ohgi contacted someone about her mission, soon revealed to be Wesker, who appeared at the scene right after Kallen saw her drugged mother and helped them escape by fending off the Britannian Police. After this encounter, Kenjie is seen in his working desk thinking, where he started to have doubts about how the Britannians control the Japanese and how their proclamations are nothing more than words.

His rank within the military is initially Private, but he is promoted to Warrant Officer by Cornelia when she first arrived in Japan right after Suzaku, this even leaves Cornelia thinking of a knight she used to have interest on from her past when she sees Kenjie, due to him looking like his eldest brother, Eskurante when he was younger. When Nunnally is kidnapped by [[Mao]], Kanji helped Lelouch and Suzaku rescue her when they managed to meet with him along the way. When they find Nunnally, they also find a bomb above her that is ready to detonate. Lelouch comes up with a plan with Kenjie and Suzaku were able to defuse the bomb, when he manages to decode it and come to Lelouch's aid. Kenjie warned Suzaku about coming closer to Mao, knowing that it was a trap but ended up being discarded when Suzaku approached Mao to arrest him. Mao then uses his Geass at Suzaku and reveals the fact that Suzaku was the one who killed his own father, Genbu Kururugi. With Kenjie having no regrets, he tried to attack Mao but soon ended up being knocked out of consciousness by using his Geass. After this, Lelouch uses his Geass to permanently silence Mao, who is then killed by C.C. Afterwards, Lelouch takes advantage of this and sways Suzaku and Kenjie to protect Nunnally. Right after Suzaku is informed that Cornelia changed the executioner for [[Kyoshiro Tohdoh]] to him, which made him hesitate. As Lloyd is signing papers, the Black Knights attempt a rescue mission. Kenjie comes with the Kassius and engages in a battle with Nagisa and the [[Four Holy Swords]], with the feeling of regret and didn't fight seriously, while Suzaku fights Tohdoh. As he is overwhelmed, him and Suzaku were forced to use the Harken Boosters to repel the Black Knights. In which Nagisa managed to sense that he wasnt fighting seriously, with Kenjie barely even landing offensive attacks, Nagisa then became more aggressive, with her wanting to make Kenjie fight seriously. He then managed to get his Knightmare incredibly damaged and soon retreated due to Suzaku not being able to continue fighting as his [[Landspinner]] is destroyed where he then ran to Suzaku evacuating him from the battlefield which allowed Nagisa, along with the Black Knights to retreat with Tohdoh.

Suzaku is soon appointed as Euphemia's personal Knight, granting him the rank of Major, after a televised battle with the Black Knights makes his occupation public knowledge with Kenjie rejecting the offer to also be her Knight, due to him hiding the truth about his identity and his military background that were being hindered if it gets media attention. During the battle on [[Shikine Island]], Kenjie stayed at the Knightmare station where he was reprogramming his Knightmare by breaking its database. He was soon seen by Kallen, who was willing to take down the Knightmares that arent being used for them to not be able to send reinforcements. Kenjie then lied that he was only curious of what the Knightmare database is and that he's doing it for research when Kallen asked why he was there in the first place. As Kallen was willing to escape Kenjie from the battlefield due to her having complete trust for him, Kenjie took the advantage to take down Kallen and pin her to the ground by putting her in an armbar, where he then explained to Kallen who he is after he removes his glasses, saying that there are things that he wants to spill out to her but cannot for the reason that he doesn't want to put her in trouble, in which Kallen thought that he was lying again. He then slowly released the armbar but Kallen then took advantage of this to try and beat Kenjie up, releasing her anger towards him in which Kenjie avoided defensively without hurting her. When she managed to land a punch at him, putting him down. Kallen stopped with her believing his words. In which then Kenjie asked Kallen to leave as soldiers may be coming back in which Kallen does. Kanji then shoots himself in his right shoulder, making it look like that Kallen managed to escape by injuring him. As Suzaku and Princess Euphemia were still missing, Kenjie led the search and rescue operation for them but never made progress for a whole day. After a day, They managed to find the two where Kallen and Euphemia were held as hostages but was soon settled when the two sides traded where Suzaku and Euphemia were rescued but Suzaku is then taken into custody due to insubordination.

Right after the rescue, It is revealed that Zero has alligned himself with Princess Euphemia, with the agreement of Suzaku. During this time, Kenjie left his duties as a soldier and spent time with his family, knowing that he won't be needed for a while with the alliance of Suzaku and Zero being enough to put Britannia in safe hands. Him and his family were later seen at the Special Administrative Zone, where he believed that the day that he and his father have been waiting for has come ever since Japan became Area 11, and that is equality between the Japanese and the Britannians. Due to the Geass being cast at Euphemia with the order to kill the Japanese, which Lelouch was only joking about, Kenjie's parents were killed by her ,due to them being a shield for Kenjie, along with many of the Japanese. As his parents died in his arms, his father uttered that Kenjie must achieve the peace between the two sides himself and for the wishes of his family to come true. With the death of his parents, Kenjie screamed out of sadness and anger. He then reached for a pistol and shot Euphie in the shoulder by bending the direction of the gunshot. He then avoids gunfire by running to one of the exits of the stadium.

After the massacre that occurred, Kenjie is seen in a hospital assisting injured Japanese. He was then seen sitting and seemed depressed with a mind clouded with thoughts and doubts. As soon as he managed to get home, he locked himself in a room of what used to be the bedroom of his parents for a few days. As he managed to return at Ashford Academy, he was only a shadow of his former self, mostly revealing his true personality. With Suzaku managing to noticing his recent change, he confronted him, wanting to know if he's okay. Kenjie then angrily uttered that he doesn't care about what Suzaku believes anymore, and that he will do anything for the justice of his parents. With Suzaku wanting to find and kill Zero, Kenjie revealed that he will come along in finding him but with the warning that if he tried to kill Zero, he wouldn't think twice or hesitate in killing Suzaku, and that Euphie's sins will be put to Suzaku himself. In which he leaves silently with only a nod as an answer.

After he has decided to fight for Japan and Britannia, as his father's wishes, he then contacted Ohgi as a first step right before their attack at Ashford Academy. He then went to an abandoned base where his old Knightmre was located. He soon met with Rakshata, where his Knightmare was reinforced. As Ohgi noticed Kallen following Zero, He was contacted by Ohgi where he sent the Coordinates of Kallen's Guren, which Kanji followed after his Knightmare was put back into optimal. As he met up with Kallen, he tried to communicate with her by voice connect. With Kallen thinking that he is a treat trying to stop her, she thought of engage at him but was stopped when Ohgi revealed that Kenjie Monaco's true identity is her childhood friend and love interest, Kanji Kyōshigaki by showing the display of Kanji's documents that were kept as classified as he faked his death as Kanji Kyōshigaki. This led to Kallen being filled with the feeling of joy but Kanji never uttered a word and continued to escort her to Zero, due to Kanji being able to put a tracker at Suzaku's Lancelot before he left the Britannian base. They witness Zero's confrontation with Suzaku and learns about his true identity, the truth about the massacre of SAZ, and his Geass power. When the battle between Suzaku and Lelouch began, Kallen escaped with Kanji, caring more about Kanji's safety rather than aiding Lelouch to deal with Suzaku. Right after escaping, Him and Kallen rested at a seaside where the two would finally talk. Kallen with alot of questions in her head, asked why he didn't tell her in the first place of who he really is. Kanji then explained to her about the wishes of her father and his family including their safety,which filled Kallen in and understood his reasons. The two promised each other that to keep what they witnessed for themselves in which Kallen agreed to. The chapter ended with the two side hugging and Kallen laying her head down on Kanji's shoulder and Kallen even uttering that she won't let anything seperate them again.

Second Season: R2[]

In the second chapter, it was revealed that Kallen kept Kanji from captivity for his own safety where he stayed at the Stadtfeld residence for a while. Kanji asked Kallen for him to be left behind and that he will return whatever happens, and that he won't let anything happen to her. Soon, he was found by Britannian soldiers where he was then sent to the Emperor as he was believed to have assisted Suzaku on taking down Lelouch due to Suzaku wanting to give the change for Kanji's help ever since they began fighting together before he left Britannia with Julius Kingsley. He was then soon promoted as Knight of Thirteen, because of the Emperor managing to train him with his skills and having complete trust on his father. Even managing to escape with the truth of him being allied with the Black Knights. He still continued his studies at Ashford Academy, still continuing to hide his true self by being who Kenjie Monaco is.

He was seen at Babel Tower coming along with Rolo and Lelouch, who are just about to enter the tower. They then bumped into Kallen, Kanji's girlfriend at the time after managing to get together secretly, who was disguised as a bunnysuit-wearing prostitute/waitress. As she failed to put a tracking device at Lelouch, She was caught by the Mafia boss and then started pulling her by her hair, that angered Kanji. Lelouch then played a game of chess with the mafia boss out of generosity and ends up winning. As C.C. invades the tower, Kanji assisted Kallen as she reveals herself and defeats all of the mafia furiously with ease. He then gets seperated with them as he went to get his mask and his Knightmare that was being dropped down by the Black Knights and assisted Kallen along the way. After their mission was finished, Kanji picked Kallen up in his motorcycle and the two then shared a conversation about their relationship and if Kallen was ok after the mission.

Kanji, who was actually Sayoko due to her accepting her former student's request to appear at E.U. as him and making a switch at the Airport while he returns to Area 11, and the rest of the Knights of the Round watch as Zero announces that he will continue his plans to create the United States of Japan. He was later seen when Lelouch attempts to kidnap Nunnally as she is being brought to Area 11 where he and Suzaku step in to rescue her, ironically fulfilling the purpose Lelouch had originally envisioned for. After Nunnally's arrival, Kenjie was helping the student council at the garden and Suzaku was later seen after due to Suzaku wondering if Lelouch did lose his memories and if he didn't, where Kanji slowly notices this happening and was curious of Suzaku's way of acting.

He and Suzaku then lead the Britannian Navy to wipe out the Black Knights to ensure that Nunnally's plans of re-establishing the Special Administrative Zone of Japan will not be dismantled, but were completely surprised when the whole Navy is wiped out. In a surprising twist, Zero announces that he will accept Nunnally's offer in exchange for exile. This is revealed to be a clever ruse when Zero has all one million Elevens participating dress exactly like him, as he was going under the crowd of Zeros, he was put into gunpoint by one of the Elevens, where Kallen then swoops in saving him. Suzaku was left no choice but to exile the entire group to prevent another massacre. Standing on an empty stage, Suzaku realizes that Zero must know him very well, having banked on the fact that Suzaku wouldn't allow a massacre to take place because that may lead to Kanji retaliating again.

Kanji is soon deployed to the Chinese Federation's capital, where the First Prince of Britannia and the Empress Tianzi are to be wed. Kanji then stood between Schneizel and Zero as they played chess where he began to play as peacekeeper of the two sides, and reminded Zero, and even threatening Schneizel that if a member of one side engages, he won't hesitate to arrest or kill. Later, Zero kidnaps the Empress during the ceremony. Britannia's aid is requested in recovering Tianzi, and Suzaku personally has Kallen Kozuki transferred into Britannian custody before heading into the battle. Lelouch, who had became closer to her, was angered seeing it as Suzaku's way of taking everything he can from him. As Kanji was leaving the premises, he was confronted by Gino who believed that he did was foolish with Kanji stating that he doesn't know what he wants from the way he acts and that he sees him only as a quiet entity, not knowing how dangerous he is. He met with Suzaku afterwards, and requested to stay by Kallen's side as she is kept captive, which Suzaku then accepts in the condition that he won't try to set her free from captivity. Which Kanji then understood, due to the fact he needs to continue his duties as the Knight of Thirteen.

As the Cupid Day event was happening, Kanji operated a laptop where he was seen to be putting location points, soon revealed at Ashford Academy helping Sayoko, as Lelouch, locate the people that may stop her. Kallen then managed to communicate with him with the earpiece he put inside the dress, where she asked how Ashford Academy was as she haven't seen it for almost a year, in which he answered that it is still the same and that there's an even currently happening there called Cupid Day. In which Kallen answered that if she participated, she wouldn't pick anyone else but Kanji as her partner, which made Kanji stop typing and then layed his hand in the glass cell in which Kallen then put hers where Kanji's hand is.

After hearing an incident at the train station, Kenjie appeared in the scene to help on the evacuation and the security asisting him and was told by Suzaku to keep Shirley safe as he goes into the building. Kanji then witnessed Rolo shooting Shirley that led to her death in which Kanji kept a secret due to it possibly putting Lelouch out of his mind and end up killing Rolo. Kanji is later shown at Shirley's funeral right after everyone left, excluding Milly and Rivalz, and saying sorry at her grave for her death. In the aftermath of Shirley's death, where he then revealed to Milly and Rivalz his true identity and the truth off him being a soldier and the Knight of Thirteen. Suzaku then investigates Shirley's supposed suicide and comes to the conclusion that Lelouch murdered her, which Kanji refused as true with him saying that Suzaku doesn't have enough evidence to support his conclusion, where Suzaku then refused to listen. Suzaku decides to question Kallen about Zero's true identity, threatening to use Refrain if she does not cooperate while Kanji watches from a distance. Kallen then refuses to cooperate, but Suzaku does not use the Refrain, realizing that by doing so he would be no better than Lelouch and that Kanji might become angered. She beats Suzaku up severely during their next meeting in retaliation, which he does not fight back. Frustrated, Suzaku then goes to confront Lelouch personally and discovers that the Intelligence Agency is under the effect of Geass, confirming that Lelouch has regained his memories. Kanji then stayed with Kallen once again as her guard in her cell.

After hearing the news about the Emperor's disappearance, Kanji spent the time to go to a classified location that only the Emperor and V.V. can enter, where he learned almost everything about the Geass from its history and its abilities. He also managed to learn how to reverse the effects of the Geass, where he can use it as a boost for himself.

During the second battle of Tokyo, Suzaku threatens to use the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb where he fought with Jeremiah and Guilford. While this is happening, Kanji appeared as Wesker where he then set Kallen free and escorting her to the Guren, which was improvised. As Kallen was leaving to where Lelouch and Suzaku are, He reached for his newly upgraded Kassius right after removing his disguise. Suzaku is then forced to battle Kallen in her improved Guren, even though Lloyd advises him to flee Suzaku insists on dealing with Zero. As Kallen was ready to finish off Suzaku under Lelouch's order due to their broken trust. Kanji intervenes with his upgraded Kassius and protects Suzaku without engaging at Kallen. Suzaku's Geass command then activates and forces him to use the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb. Kanji being alarmed of this pushes Kallen away and the bomb instead hits the government complex, wiping out the entire government building and most of the surrounding area. As Kanji appeared to be severely wounded, in which he has decided that if the two sides of Area 11 cannot work together as one and bring balance to everyone's rights, he has to take manner into his own hands. With his decision being clear, he contacts Ohgi and sent his coordinates, deciding on reinstating himself with the Kyoto Group and joining the Black Knights personally where he was soon left as deceased with him faking his death.

As he met with Ohgi as a new member of the Black Knights, he was welcomed by Zero by his name of Kenjie in which Kanji replied to use his real name. The two then talked privately and that he is willing to reveal his true identity to the Black Knights with the assistance of Kanji, knowing that Kallen will soon return. He was then given a Geass ability of "Premonition" where he can think of a conclusion or plan with the process of seeing the problem with his own eyes as it is still happening in front of him. He then soon attended for the aid of C.C., who lost her memories, by giving her pizza and resulted to him opening with C.C. about his true self due to C.C. seeing him as a good person who's been through too much pain, in which then he managed to implant a Geass command, due to the Geass ability given to him by Lelouch's Geass. After the revelation of Lelouch being Zero and Kallen failing to convince the Black Knights, he uses his Knightmare Cassius to give Kallen cover as the Black Knights fired back at Lelouch as Rolo was helping him escape. Afterwards, he met up with Schneizel where he was put into gunpoint by the other Knights of the Round but he was then assisted by Kallen and Ohgi for his protection. Right after their confrontation. He talked to Kallen that he has to go help Suzaku, knowing that he won't last long by himself. He then promised to Kallen that he will bring Lelouch back alive at all cost. He then left to Kaminejima with the Cassius to complete his promise and help Suzaku. As Suzaku attempts to get revenge by attempting to kill the Emperor but was derailed by the Knight of One, Kanji appeared with his Knightmare, Cassius to help Suzaku in fighting the Knight of One, even with the knowledge that he won't stand a chance against Bismarck. When Lelouch attacks the island, Kanji and Suzaku then attempted to find Lelouch, only to have the ground knocked out from under them by a stray blast. They were recovered by Anya, who is next to Suzaku, and C.C., who's aiding Kanji. Kanji then enters the Sword of Akasha with C.C. and Suzaku who were told that Charles is already immortal, and looks on as Lelouch defeats his parents and stops Ragnarök. He thinks about taking revenge for the justice of his parents' death and the Japanese that have suffered under his command right after. however Lelouch tells them that nothing is unforgivable. The time shift one month later reveals that he was one half of the duo known as the Knights of Zero along with his brother-at arms, Suzaku and under his trusting friend Lelouch vi Britannia, the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, which left the Black Knights and the Knights of the Round shocked, with Kallen questioning why Kanji would do such an act.

When four of the remaining Knights of the Round attempt to remove Lelouch from power, Suzaku and Kanji battles them. With the new Lancelot Albion and Cassius Alpha where they easily defeat and kill all of them, with Kanji sparing only Gino's life asking what he should be fighting for, and that everything around him doesn't run with only protecting Britannia. They later assist Lelouch in taking the UFN leaders hostage. Due to him witnessing Kallen and Lelouch's "parting kiss" he was left broken and angered, due to his Geass ability accidentally activating that made him overthink. With thia anger, he takes out every guard he can find and even putting Empress Tianzi in gunpoint to make Kaguya vulnerable. This also made Kallen have the feeling of betrayal, now having the will to take Kanji back from Lelouch's influence.

As his eldest brother, Eskurante returned to Britannia, with the solemn reason of taking over after his mentor, Emperor Charles died. This makes Kanji more angered because of the reason that Eskurante was never around when their parents died. He then returned home to get his weapons from the Stadtfeld residence, where he was confronted by Kallen, asking him to stay home and not to battle his brother. With the need of getting answers from his brother, he declined this and continued to go for battle. He was then stopped by Kallen by grabbing his hand wanting to help him, due to her not wanting to lose Kanji again. This left Kanji answer that she already did due to him witnessing the parting kiss Lelouch and she had earlier, and left Kallen saddened and worried.

As he managed to sneak his way into Eskurante's aircraft, he witnesses the confrontation between Lelouch and Eskurante. He then soon over for Lelouch as he got knocked out. He was then quickly being pummeled down by his own brother, due to him not being able to clear his head from the memory of the parting kiss that clouded his mind, and with Eskurante having more experience in fighting. After he notices Kanji's being vulnerable, he takes it as an advantage to brainwash Kanji, with the thought of him not being able to protect their parents and even managing to know the kiss that has been borthering him. This ultimately leads to Kanji's breaking point in which he believed his brother is right. Right after he managed to evacuate Lelouch from the aircraft, he stomps Lelouch and began putting him in gunpoint, where he then stares at the Guren. He then alligns himself with his brother afterwards . Kallen was later seen trying to catch up with the aircraft, wanting to take Kanji back, but was soon taken down by a brainwashed Kanji himself.

As he stayed with Eskurante, he was put into torture, with him actually agreeing to it. Where Eskurante has the plan to reawaken the implanted cursed Sigil in him that was caused by V.V. And Charles, for "Tyrant Ragnarok" to resurface. With the doubt of losing himself, he wanted to deny to continue the electrocution of his brain, but was soon reversed when Eskurante talks about a woman and a man falling in love with one of them being together with someone else. Which triggered his memory of the parting kiss once again that made him agree. Kanji then loses the memory of his humanity for a while due to the electrocution. With this, "Tyrant Ragnarok" is resurrected.

He soon appeared in the battlefield as the rampaging Tyrant when Lelouch and Kallen's temporary alliance to rescue Kanji began to take over the battlefield. As he began to take each and everyone from the ground one by one, He seemed to become angrier as he sees Lelouch and the Guren. This leaves him killing everyone on the ground, including the elite force sent by the UFN. This left Kallen shocked, due to Eskurante revealing that her actions were responsible for Kanji becoming rouge. He then returned to the aircraft to try and defend his brother. He was soon put into battle against Suzaku, who escorted Lelouch into the aircraft, where Kanji was left wounded when he began to have a mental struggle from his consciousness and the sigil, that was coming from his uncontrollable anger. Kanji then falls down unconscious from the aircraft where he was saved by Kallen and taken to a hidden compartment of the aircraft. This is where the two began to have a personal conversation, with Kanji willing to give up Kallen for her own happiness, believing that she chooses Lelouch to be with. In which he asked to be left behind and for Kallen to "go help the one she truly loves" and she then disappeared from the shadows. She quickly returned to him, tearing up, with her believing that it was her fault this happened and that Kanji almost died twice to protect her, that she never showed how much she loved him and not acknowledging the sacrifices he made for her and their relationship.

They were then sent to one another's memories, due to C.C.'s Geass command that was implanted at Kanji. They then share the memory of a day they were at the school grounds at a junior prom, the two were seen to be happy together and the two danced together happily, where the day the two of them had heartbeats that are on sync. This then fades away with them talking that their feelings for each other were never lies and that they stayed true to them, even with them being seperated for a long time. Where the two then replace their younger selves and they dance inside the same memory. Where the Geass command then ends up with the two having synchronized heartbeats, two hearts becoming one. They are then seen to have awoken kissing, which was their first.

The two then managed to escape together by fending off Eskurante's guards, trying to get to the Guren. He then fluked Kallen for them to escape together but Kanji then pushed her in, saying that his work isn't finished and proceeded to go intervene with Lelouch and Eskurante's battle. When he reached the control room, he managed to stop the two when he stopped the collision of their swords, with one sword making his hand bleed due to him catching it, and the other managing to hit him in his left shoulder. With the help of Lelouch, he managed to defeat Eskurante. He then proceeded to set him free because if he kills him, he would be nothing more like his superiors, how they order to remove or kill a certain person for their selfishness and power. The aircraft soon landed with Lelouch managing to escape from a pod inside the aircraft. Lelouch proceeds to dissolve the alliance he made with Kallen and planned to execute them. Kanji, as "Tyrant Ragnarok", tries to eliminate Lelouch's soldiers one by one, giving the chance for Kallen and the others to escape. He eliminates them quickly but was then taken out by gunfire managing to hit him critically where he was presumed dead, that left a helpless Kallen crying while Ohgi takes her for retreat.

Suzaku then arranged a private meeting with Kallen, Suzaku revealed that he wasn't the one who wanted to meet her. Kallen was then furious due to him being a part of Lelouch's army and being apart of Kanji's death. This then made Kanji appear out of the shadows, back as a Knight of Zero, where he then shared a moment with Kallen after knowing that he is alive. Kanji then explained to Kallen that he has to help Lelouch till the end, that it has a deep reason, and that he was responsible for him being able to survive the onslaught he received from his troops. Kallen then understood this and vowed that she will take back Kanji from Lelouch's influence no matter what.

Following the controversy of Eskurante's attack and disappearance, another meeting with the UFN was arranged, with Lelouch attending, now with no Knightmares or guards to be seen or around. This was revealed to be a trap due to the destruction of Pendragon by Schneizel and the revelation that Nunnally is alive, and declares him, Suzaku and Lelouch as her enemies. Which left them stunned.

Despite Lelouch's concern for Nunnally, Suzaku insists that their objective has not changed. He tells C.C. that he and Kanji are Lelouch's swords, and will remove his enemies and even his own weaknesses and ask C.C. to be his shield since they are accomplices. They attack the Black Knights to prevent them from reaching the Avalon, but were too late. Soon after, Kanji and Suzaku comes out victorious defeating Gino, but Gino's last attack opens the shields and allows Kallen to take over. Suzaku then fights Kallen to a standstill with Kanji trying to seperate the two from managing to destroy their Knightmares, that may lead to their death. Suzaku's Lancelot Albion eventually takes a blow to the chest which causes his Knightmare to explode while Kallen loses consciousness. Kanji soon helps Kallen and Gino to return to their base and is willing to surrender. As they reach the headquarters, Kanji was put into gunpoint by everyone present except Gino, Ohgi and Kallen, with Kallen trying to convince everyone that Kanji has surrendered. Right after Lelouch's proclamation of taking over Britannia and having the Damocles and the F.L.E.I.J.A under his arsenal, Everyone was arrested and sentenced to be executed except Kanji, who is stil aligned with Lelouch. He then tries to seperate the soldiers from arresting Kallen but failed to do so. As Kallen was inside her cell, Kanji managed to enter with the permission of Lelouch. He then explained Lelouch's plan ever since he became the Emperor, The Zero Requiem, that everything was planned with Kallen and the others being participants of it. He also explained how Suzaku is believed to have died in the blast, but will late show up as the new Zero to kill Lelouch where he revealed that he actually had a suit that is inside his Knightmare used as a camouflage to avoid being seen, he was also using a ability given to him by Lelouch's geass, allowing Kanji to have the capability to move quickly and have strong senses also revealing that he left his earpiece inside his knightmare that he used as a microphone to be able to communicate through his Knightmare that he programmed to have autopilot, now the tyrannical Emperor of the world as part of their plan for world peace. As the ceremony of the execution began and before Suzaku (now as Zero) managed to kill Lelouch, he was confronted by Kanji and fought, with the two knowing it as a publicity stunt, that ends with Suzaku stabbing Kanji in his right shoulder, complete with Kanji's permission. With the Zero Requiem complete, Kanji weeps silently, laying on the ground, as Lelouch dies. Right after Suzaku accepted the Geass given to him by Lelouch, Kanji also acquired the Geass ability he already has for himself, now being able to be activated to his own personal will. Right after Lelouch's passing, He stood up releasing Kallen from captivity but fell down from how severly he got stabbed but was then helped by Kallen to escape.

In Turn 25.01, Kanji is seen in a cliff in his motorcycle looking at the sun and reflecting the memories he had with Lelouch and C.C. He then leaves in his motorcycle and was later seen with Kallen in a train station, where she is about to return to Ashford Academy. He then offers her a ride to school where he then insisted due to Kallen being saddened that their relationship may be shattered but Kanji then responded with a smile which made Kallen sigh for relief. It then ends with the two riding off.