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Full Name: Kanna
Aliases: Subject 657
Age: Unknown (mid twenties)

Birth Date: a.t.b. N/A
Death Date: a.t.b. N/A
Height: 167 cm
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: AB-
Nationality: Japanese
Relatives: Akashi Shiba

Geass Order


Real World
Created By: Nixie the Bloody Pixie

Kanna is the mother of Akashi Shiba from the fanfiction Code Geass: A New World written by Nixie the Bloody Pixie and her connection with Yui Ichimaru and the Silverhawk Knightmare serves as one of the major plotpoints.


Kanna is descibed as dark-haired, and has pale skin. She wears the same bodysuit as C.C. does for the most part of Code Geass R1.


Not much is known about Kanna's past other than she gave birth to a girl named Akashi, and that she was living in Indonesia for the first few days of Akashi's life. Not long after Akashi's birth she tries to escape from the Geass Order but is unsuccessful. Not long after she disappears and leaves behind her daughter with the Geass Order.