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Britannian Royal Navy

Class King Henry-class
Unit type

Guided missile cruiser


Boston Royal Shipyards


RN Royal Navy

  • Length: 276 meters
  • Beam: 24.3 meters
  • Draught: 11.9 meters

10,200 t

Equipment and Design Features
  • S3-D multirole air tracking radar
  • Integrated Bridge and Navigation System
  • MFS-9000 sonar

Anti-air missiles:

  • Sea Viper missiles
  • Kalibr long range missiles

Anti-ship missiles:

  • Harpoon launchers


  • MK VIII naval guns
  • MK VIII.3 naval guns
  • Miniguns
  • General purpose machineguns
  • Phalanx CIWS
Flight units

20 x Knightmare Frames (Portman and Portman II)
2 helicopters

The King Henry-class cruiser is a guided missile cruiser class used by the Britannian Royal Navy. It is one of the main cruiser classes of the Royal Navy and serves as among the largest surface combatant warship currently in service anywhere in the world, second only to the Nelson-class battlecruisers. The King Henry-class is able to project the Holy Empire of Britannia's power throughout the seas and ensures that Britannia continues to rule the waves.

Design and construction[]


Service history[]

Notable ships[]

  • HMS Vengeance
  • HMS Tyrant
  • HMS Nemesis
  • HMS Rage
  • HMS Titan
  • HMS Juggernaut
  • HMS Conqueror
  • HMS Stormhawk
  • HMS Judicator
  • HMS Inexorable
  • HMS Inviolable