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Kingdom of Logres

The Kingdom of Logres is the Britonic territory corresponding to the borders of England before it was taken over by the Anglo-Saxons, which later became the Britannians. It is known as the name of King Arthur's realm during his reign.

IT was a realm of peace, where justice reigned and was mette4d out be the King. The realm was at war constantly until Arturia united Britannia under her rule for 10 years. It fell apart after Mordred's Rebellion and after Aldwin Vi Britannia's succession, it was ruled by him until his death. It was taken over by the Normans in 1066. House Britannia married into the Norman Bloodlines, able to retain their heritage as Britannia's ruling family through intrigue and assassinations of their Norman allies.

The Realm of Logres is merely a memory to the Britons who still live in England, they resent the Britannians, feeling they have stolen their culture and glory. Even though they live in the Republic of Britain, they still dream of the glory days of when they were ruled by the King of Knights.