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The Knights of the Holy Order is a group of eight of the best Knightmare Frame pilots in the European Union. Its current leader is First Grandmaster Gregory Isaac Anselm. They are not aligned with the Europeain Union Democratic Alliance Force, rather they are under the direct command of the Central Council. The pope helped in the organization of the order. They are the only force in the EU which uses the Archangel series of Knightmare Frames.

Members of the Order[]

Gregory Isaac Anselm[]

Leader of the Order. Also known as the First Grand Master as dubbed by Pope Constantine II. He pilots the first Archangel, Michael . He comes from London,Great Britain. He was a former captain of the Army. He was assigned in the Alpha Region (Great Britain and Ireland). Later to be deployed in the Battle of the Straight of Gibraltar where he faced Sir Suzaku Kururugi. Third best pilot in the order.

Maria Olivia Di Francesca[]

Known as the "Lady of the Roses". She hails from Venice, Italy. First served in the EUDAF as a Naval Lieutenant. She pilots the Zelel. She is second-in-command of the Knights of the Holy Order.

Leonardo Vettra[]

Gregory's former classmate in the London University. He is the younger brother of R&D Head and Father of the Archangels, Bartholome Vettra. He pilots the Raphael. He is the second best pilot in the Order. He is from Rome, Italy.

Heinrich Gottschalk[]

Known as the "Blood Chancellor". He is the former regional chancellor of Epsilon Region(Germany, France, Belgium). Best known as one of Supreme Chancellor Testarossa 's associates in the Aegean Sea Disaster. He pilots the heavily-armed Metatron. He is born in Hamburg, Germany.

Antonio de la Verde[]

A former Spanish count from Huelva, Spain and former admiral in the Iota Region(Spain and Portugal). He defected from his country since Spain left the E.U. shortly before the establishment of the Order. Amongst his fellow knights he is known as "Don de la Fuego" (Sir of the Fire) due to his Knightmare Frame's flame-based weapons. He pilots the Uriel.

Alfonso Christen[]

A former agent of The Phoenix. He is from Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He pilots the Sariel. Also known as "The Shadow" because he was a famous spy during the war between Britannia and EU. He is aware of the existence of the Geass Directorate, although as to how far does he know about the power of Geass is still unknown.

Vladislaus Dragulia/Vlad Dracul V[]

A former ace pilot from Romania. He is a living descendant of Vlad III or Vlad Tepes and holds his ancestor's name in regard. Known for his reputation as a fierce, brutal, strong, and merciless fighter and leader, Vlad was also known among the ranks of the EUDAF and Britannia as the "True Vampire of Romania". He pilots the Remiel.