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Lancelot Striker
Unit type 7th Generation Specially Designed Knightmare Frame
Codename "Striker"
Type Special Modification Design

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Manufacturer Advance Special Envoy Enginerring Corps

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Developed from Lancelot

Developed into Arthur

Variants Lancelot Strker Air Calvary

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Pilot(s) Kaizaren ki Britannia
Real World
First Appearance Kaizaren of the Empire chapter 2
Last Appearance Kaizaren of the Empire R2 chapter 2
Other Information
Was specially designed for Kaizaren ki Britannia

The Lancelot Striker, or just simply "Striker," is a 7th generation Knightmare frame developed by Lloyd Asplund and the Engineering Corps specially designed for Prince Kaizaren ki Britannia.The Striker outperforms almost all other models before it, being matched by only the Lancelot.


Has the same design as the Lancelot, but the white color is replaced by navy blue.


The Lancelot Striker was built with spare parts from the Lancelot, as well as experimental parts that are used for it's unique feature: the capability for further enhancement by it's intended pilot Prince Kaizaren. The Striker has been modulated to fit with Kaizaren's brutal and somewhat reckless tactics, and as such, it can be rather peaky and only he can pilot it. It has been outfitted with the same Slash Harken/Blaze Luminous combo as the Lancelot, along with two MVS blades. From modification by Kaizaren, the Striker has two rear Factspheres that provide him with a three-hundred-sixty degree view, along with two more rear Slash Harkens, effectively making the Striker impervious to attacks from behind, though these last two Slash Harkens are not linked to the Harken Booster. Due to a slight budget cut, it started out somewhat less powerful then the Lancelot, but was soon modified to where it matched it's performance, and could even outmatch the Lancelot in some areas.


Lancelot Striker Air Calvary: After Kaizaren receives a prototype Float Unit, it is permanently attached to lower the energy consumption, and is then fully integrated to bring the energy consumption back down to normal levels.


  • 6 x Slash Harken
  • 2 x MVS swords
  • 1 x VARIS/C rifle

Design Features[]

  •  Landspinner propulsion system
  • 4 x Factsphere sensor systems
  • 1 x Float unit (previously optional)
  • 2 x Blaze Luminous shields