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Lekazu vi Britannia is the Strongest Character in Code Geass Season 4: Sons of Power and the Main Protagonist of the Season.


Lekazu has black hair styled in a messy emo hairstyle and he has brown eyes which constantly turns sky blue when his powers take over and his hair is automatically styled in a spiky hair matter.

Lekazu dresses very casually in his kid days, Often sporting a Red Shirt with Blue Shorts and some black white stripped running shoes.

Lekazu temporary wears a Bumblebee outfit after he finds it only to take it off.

Lekazu wears a red plaid jacket with a Blue Shirt underneath and Red Shorts which is a reverse of his signature colors.

Lekazu received a handmade Golden Chain Necklace by C.C/C2 which she made herself, Lekazu wears this in his older days.

As a 15 year old Teenager Lekazu wears a Darkish Red T Shirt with slightly darker blue shorts and some white black stripped shoes but still retains his converting hair and brown eyes he also has a Golden Chain Necklace now carved Powerful

Lekazu shortly returns to his former child outfit with the exception of a different size to match his grown body.

Lekazu later in the season and later episodes wears a red jacket with no zipper with a Orange T shirt underneath completely ditching his Signature Blue with his same shoes.

Lekazu at the end of the season wears his former outfit once again to show his true colors to Schneizel.


Lekazu first appears as a 6 year old who is incredibly wise, selfless and very heroic often wanting to become a ‘super hero.” And goes to his Older Brother Sukayo for any support which he is pushed away from. Due to his young age Lekazu becomes afraid of his inner powers discovering he has the Power to levitate Objects with his mind, Few days discovering his Telekinetic Powers Lekazu stops moving things with his hand and only with his mind but also begins developing a power complex which makes him believe the Illusion that He is superior to other humans just because of his Power alone but soon begins to be understanding, wise and heroic which is a interesting change in his personality

As Lekazu turns 15 He still is the Understanding, Heroic Boy He was Before but He is even more Power hungry regaining his Power Complex due to wielding so much Superhuman Powers. However Lekazu seems to be in full control avoiding letting power get to his head due to his age Lekazu becomes very supportive in the public often helping people in danger with his Telekinetic Powers but he has become wiser as He knows how bad it feels to be selfish and doesn’t seek any attention, fame or worship from anyone as he goes by his own self made morals.


Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: Lekazu can manipulate any object and use them as Weapons, This is also because he was born a Kinetic Human which are Supernatural Humans in the Code Geass Universe, Lekazu can also create shockwaves with his Psychokinetic Powers, Explosions, Rip Cars from Roads, Split the ground in half, And Even Destroy a Whole Britannian Army, Lekazu shows a impressive amount of strength when he destroys a Group of Tanks sent by Schneizel And When Lekazu took out a Army of Evil Britannia like Swat Team with no effort

Intelligence: Lekazu thinks Wisely in most situations due to an Unknown reason excluding his Parents’s Blood.

Enhanced Strength: Lekazu can potentially destroy a normal human with a punch and Because of Being Psychokinetically Enhanced by his Kinetic Blood or DNA possesses Superhuman Strength Lekazu can also Destroy a Monster with a single swing of his Punch or Knock out a Ordinary Human with a Smash of his Fist, Lekazu can simply one punch any opponent If he simply feels too bored.

God like Speed: Lekazu can move faster than a human eye can see which often leaves a blurry trail behind him as he runs.

Invulnerability: Unlike most Kinetic People Lekazu feels no pain at all which is how Opponents are so frustrated of not being able to destroy him.

Telepathy: Lekazu can hear other people’s thoughts Telepathically due to his Psychokinesis, Lekazu also uses this ability to predict his enemies’s attacks.

Energy Absorption: Lekazu can take other Kinetics’s Energy by touching them, Which is how he could master Lightning, Fire And Control most elements apart from Objects.

Energy Transfer: Lekazu’s DNA can transfer to a regular human giving them some of Kinetic energy to the Non-Kinetics, Schneizel Easily got Pyrokinetic Energy by consuming Kinetic DNA from his Bottle of Water.

Sensing: Lekazu can sense any attack and Danger from 255 miles in his Telepathic Mind, Lekazu uses this to warn his family of Danger.

Psychic Barrier: Lekazu can raise a barrier in front of himself that destroys bullets, missiles and Lasers, Lekazu is capable of throwing the Barrier that creates a magnetic effect that pulls projectiles to the Barrier itself.

Elemental: Lekazu can control or bend basic Elements from simple substances as Water from any Ocean, Fire from any Heat, Rocks from ground And Air from gas and Wind.

Enhanced Agility: With the support of the Kinetic Blood inside of him, It allows Lekazu to flip to evade bullets, weapons and punches, Lekazu is also more evasive than a Regular Ninja.

Resurrection Ability: Lekazu can pull any deceased person back into the living world with enough Energy that He needs to transfer in order to revive them, This is considered to be the Method that People heard about that have been believed to have brought Shirley Fennette and Euphemia back from dead.

Flight: Lekazu can fly by using his Telekinesis to levitate himself in the air allowing him to soar 300 feet into the air and controlling where he glides with his arm movement, Lekazu gets place faster with Telekinetic Flight than Teleportation.

Teleportation: Lekazu can disappear and reappear in the flash of a light in a split second faster than the eye can see which causes most people to believe the Illusion he is running very fast rather than vanishing.

Water Manipulation: Lekazu can bend and shape water from rivers and oceans in big or small portions to whip any enemies or splash them away, Lekazu can also make water tornados which allows him to soar through the air for a while and prepare a devastating splash.

Earth Manipulation: Lekazu can summon rock and stone structures from any Hard Stone material such as Boulders and small Stones, Lekazu can attack With Big Boulders Which are heavy enough to knock out a enemy or send them into the sky.

Wind Manipulation: Lekazu can control air with his Telekinesis as he can blow enemies away and defend himself with wind but is rarely seen doing so.

Lightning Manipulation: Lekazu can zap enemies with his Electro Kinesis that he has absorbed from his friend Hakuru which allows him to power energy sources and control electrical currents.

4 Elements Manipulation: Lekazu is mostly seeing using all 4 Elements at full strength enhanced 100 fold when entering his Psychokinetic Form launching Water, Fire, wind and Rocks at an enemy which greatly damages them due to being enhanced fully.

Hand to Hand Combat: Without using Powers or Weapons Lekazu is extremely skilled with his Fighting with Enhanced Strength as seen fending off An Vengeful Ikura by kneeing his stomach and throwing him on his back with a karate throw, Lekazu also knocks out a guard with a single punch and sometimes even knocks out a guard with similar fighting skill with a elbow attack.


Lekazu acts like a Bratty Good Boy which is understandable at his age, Lekazu often has emotional problems that allow his Powers to reach their Full Capabilities

Lekazu is a caring person somehow as He doesn’t want anyone getting hurt because of him and his Destructive Powers

Lekazu can be full of tense Vengeance as He went as far to Almost Kill Kallen for hurting his Father in the past although he learns to forgive her after their final and first battle.

Power Usage[]

Lekazu manipulates his power through basic hand gestures as raising his hand and thrusting his palm causing different results

Objects injure the target when Lekazu waves his hand sideways forcibly

People fly into the air when Lekazu flicks both of his hands into the air

People get sent into the air if Lekazu thrusts his hand firmly

Vehicles crash if Lekazu punched the ground hard enough

If Lekazu gently raises his arm the Object slowly levitates upwards and towards him, Lekazu can also speed up the movement of the Object or Food.

Lekazu can break people’s bones by quickly tilting his head to the side

Lekazu can push people back by staring at them firmly

Lekazu is capable of forcibly thrusting his palm on Any Object which causes a Group of Objects to crash and flip violently

Lekazu can only levitate heavy Objects if he raises both his hands

Lekazu levitates and freezes bullets by staring at them and uses his hands to redirect them

Elemental Control[]

Lekazu can bend water from any Liquid source and sometimes non water Liquids with his Psychokinetic Powers, Lekazu can also bend fire from heat sources and Flames, Lekazu is also capable of manipulating stones, rocks and boulders from any heavy or sturdy area like a Mountain or a Wooden tree, Lekazu is mostly capable of manipulating wind from the air of the Sky and sometimes even from his own Breath

Lekazu can bend more than 4 Elements as Lekazu uses Lightning, Fire, Water, Air and Rock at once in his Intense Electrifying battle with Kallen Kozuki as he enters his Psycho Form.

Lekazu seems to have to be in a Area of a Certain Element to be able to wield them which brings some disadvantages and flaws to his Powers, Lekazu cannot manipulate Liquid unless he is beside a Liquid source or a Ocean, Lekazu can only manipulate stones and Rocks if he is around a Mountain or a Area full of Stones and Rocks, Lekazu can’t manipulate fire unless the Fire is coming at him or he is beside a heat source, Lekazu cannot manipulate air unless he is flying or have a wind related source around him.

Lekazu can summon 5 Elements from afar Heat, Liquid, Wind and Electrified Sources in his Psychokinetic State as he is out of consciousness and has no control of what he is capable of as he is not aware of himself in this State or form.

Family & Relationships[]

Lelouch vi Britannia: Lekazu cares most of his Father although becomes disgusted when He kisses his Mother C.C, It is always normally up to Lekazu to help his father when He is in Danger.

Sukayo Lamperouge: Lekazu starts off to be hostile to his brother until The Two starts to bond, Lekazu helps His Brother a lot in many situations.

Kallen Kozuki: Lekazu was friends with Kallen until He realized how much of a Selfish and Abusive Friend She is to his father, Lekazu bonds with Kallen eventually.

Ikura Kaname: Lekazu Cares for his Best Friend Ikura until They Temporarily become Enemies as Ikura let too much power get into his head.

Hakuru Kaname: Lekazu soon befriends Hakuru and they make a 4 Boy Team Together, These Two are often respectable.

Ohgi Kaname: Lekazu respects Mr. Kaname very much and Even goes as far to use his powers to help Ohgi.

Villetta Nu: Lekazu normally sees Villetta as a Close Friend and Not more, They warm up to each other after Lekazu reveals his Powers...

Suzaku Kururugi: Lekazu has high respect for his Best Friend, Lekazu shows a great kindness when Suzaku was killed by a Knight of Round who returned in the Season Later, Lekazu destroy the knight in rage avenging his friend but still is emotionally sorrowful for his dead Friend.

Prince Schneizel: Lekazu has great hate for the Evil Prince who hated Britannia in return when Lelouch was struggling to bring peace, He is brutally defeated by Lekazu’s Raw Strength near the end of S4 Episode 20

C.C: Lekazu and his mother have a decent relationship that resembles a Normal Cartoon Family That cannot happen in real life, Lekazu does everything he can for his Mother due to his great respect for both Parents.

Mao: Lekazu never knew his horrible Mao is until He met his Spirit which he utterly destroys with Ease although it took him more effort than he expected.

Shirley Fennette: Shirley seems to be very distant of Lekazu at first learning about his Telekinetic Powers until she realized how he revived her with the Kinetic Capability, Shirley seems to consider Lekazu more of a friend later in Episodes.

Euphemia: Lelouch’s Cousin who was also revived by Ikura’s Psychokinetic Powers rather than Lekazu’s Psychokinesis, Euphemia much like Shirley temporarily stays distant of Lekazu fearing his Telepathic Powers which are witnessed to levitate any object or person later in the Season Euphemia grows closer to Lekazu and treats him like a Cousin as well.

Milly Ashford: The Enthusiastic President of Ashford Academy no other than Milly herself met Lekazu in a more vigilant and cautious way, The Two never stood the attitude of the other letting off some hostile connection between the two people although later Milly and Lekazu bond more as Milly slowly understands why Lekazu acts so tough and serious all the time warming up to him.

Charles vi Britannia: Lelouch’s Evil Father who Lelouch has told his Son Lekazu over a zillion times a day how sinister and evil he was about to bring war and Destruction to obtain Peace, Lekazu never seemed to meet Charles in person but it leads Lekazu to become more curious about his Grandfather.


Psycho Form: Lekazu’s form in which he loses his pupils and Lekazu starts controlling Basic Elements with his Psychokinesis and Utterly Overwhelming his Enemies.

Lightning Flame God: A Form where Lekazu is being instinctual And Begins moving before thinking like pure instinct, Lekazu dodges well and fights more skilled in this form, Lekazu also upgrades the form to a more mastered version of the Transformation Where he gains silver hair and attacks and Defends at the same time.

100% Psychokinetic Form: Lekazu’s Heart Meter reaching 100% allows Lekazu to unleash his maximum capabilities and Potential of his Telekinetic Usage.


Lekazu is based on Daniel Diaz from Life is Strange’s Sequel

Psycho Form is inspired by Aang’s Avatar State in the Last Airbender

Lekazu’s goal to restore balance and peace to Britannia and Area 11 is reminiscent to Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Plot

Lekazu mastering all Kinetic Powers is a huge reference to Aang learning 4 Elements at once

Lightning Flame God is the same as Ultra Instinct Omen and Mastered from Dragon Ball Super.

Lekazu is able to manipulate 4 Elements with his Mind just like Avatars when he enters Psycho Form or even normally.

Lekazu surprisingly reassembles Aang’s playful personality of Avatar the Last Airbender...

Noticeable Triggers for the Psychokinetic State[]

Lekazu first awakened the Form of Elements when he was knocked down a River off of a Ship at the Age of 15 by Gino who also gained Pyrokinetic Blood by Sukayo.

Lekazu’s Elemental Form awakens once again when He absorbed Light from a Pillar in the Episode The Boy and The Light Pillar Legend when Lekazu fought an Evil Alien who absorbs dark energy from Britannians and Other Kinetic brings, Lekazu easily overpowers the Evil Alien and seals him away for 30 Months

Lekazu’s Elemental Form awakens for the third time When Lekazu witnessed his Father Lelouch nearly being killed by Gulliford’s Knightmare Mech

Lekazu’s Form is forcibly Awakened by Schneizel pressuring him with Ruthless Attacks where he overpowers him to the point of almost killing him before Lekazu absorbs his powers and sends them back into The Thin Air sealing them away forever...

Lekazu’s Form is awakened again by a Vengeful Kallen Kozuki who begins attacking Lelouch and his Family upon being possessed by a Dark Energy, Kallen Manages to knock Lekazu to the ground forcing him to lose consciousness although unconsciously sensing his Father Lelouch’s death awakens his Elemental State and easily defeats Kallen with 4 Elements...

Lekazu’s Final Trigger for his Psychokinetic Form is when Guilford overpowered him with his Precise shooting skills and quick thinking easily outsmarting Lekazu, Upon being overpowered Lekazu’s energy enhances itself and sparks enough times to summon unbelievably powerful energy of space light Thus Awakening his Psycho Form once again allowing him to outsmart and overpower Guilford in a Supernatural Duel that ends quickly.

Lekazu no longer uses the Psychokinetic Form to wield elementals after his 6th Awakening upon learning the danger of it’s capabilities.

Lekazu’s Responsibilities[]

Lekazu has been Told to use his Powers both wisely and Reasonably which he briefly has a hard time understanding until He manages to save more people later in the Season

Lekazu has had the most stressful time dealing with his Emotions until he learned how to understand them and control his emotions alongside his Powers

Lekazu has a hard time sparring enemies as he believes that no Enemy of his family should even have any mercy, After Killing enough Villains Lekazu learns to let Enemies go as he understands how Killing never helps all the time.

Lekazu Name And Similaraties to his Parents[]

Lekazu was a combination of Lelouch’s L and E as well as Suzaku’s K & U which were rearranged by Lelouch to spell Lekazu

Lekazu inherits C2’s Wisedom from her past interactions with the exception of her Emotionless personality he never knew about, Lekazu overall develops his own Emotional Personality as he realizes he is mostly his own person just like his parents are Humans with no special Powers...


Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion (Seasons 1-3)[]

Lekazu has not been introduced to Code Geass until the release of Sons of Powers although there have been little hints in few episodes of Telekinesis that are sometimes not noticeable at all, One Episode has Lelouch calling his Geass a tool admitting he has no supernatural powers, In another Episode There is a Scene where a Random Guy in a Cart watches objects telekinetically shake

Lelouch has not talked about having any Child’s with C.C/C2 in any Episodes Although in Resurrection Movie it has been hinted that He would one day marry C.C for eternity.

Most noticeable hints of Sons of Powers is the constant talk about World Peace by Suzaku and Lelouch in the Majority of 2 Seasons as Code Geass’s 3rd season is currently in the making

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection[]

Lekazu has been hinted to appear one day in another Season although the Original Creator did not state anything about a New Character who is the son of Lelouch, There have been many hints in some episodes that Lelouch would have 2 Sons.

Lelouch promising to marry C.C is foreshadowing the Birth of their Two Kinetic Sons in Sons of Powers.


Lekazu first begins realizing his powers while walking back to his room after a argument with his brother causing objects in his room to swerve and float around, Eventually Lelouch helps him stop the Psychokinetic Storm...

Lekazu is caught in a terrible confrontation with Sukayo and Lelouch being Confronted by Apparent Britannia Soldiers who are against Seemingly against Britannians and threatened to kill Lelouch to experiment Lekazu, Lelouch is Shot in his left arm during the Engagement and Lekazu shouts at the soldiers in an act of rage causing Metal Crates to Telekinetically Kill the Soldiers thus manifesting his Powers for the first time.

Lekazu seems to use his powers more responsibly and peacefully after awakening his Powers until Lelouch gave him a turn of his morals after he forces him to kill Soldiers against his will which made him snap and use his powers in a more violent and selfish manner he eventually balances both morals thus becoming a Legendary Britannian Warrior for the City of Britannia and Area 11.


Age 12-15

(Kid) “Okay Kayo!, I’ve had enough of your annoying attitude if You want to fight me then Fine!”

(Kid) “So, How does the Childhood of the Kinetic Brothers end?”

(Kid) “But, No!, No.”

(Kid) So We came all This Way?, All that Nonsense for Nothing...You told me we were going back home, You said!

(Kid) “Now It’s my turn to take care of us Kayo, Nothing can stop the Kinesis Brothers.”

(Teen) “Older Brother, You completely forgot about the statement of me returning.”

(Teen) “You soldiers are just punks in disguise let me show you how A Warrior God fights!”

(Teen) “Kuru, Kura You remember me?”

(Teen) “What am I?, I’m a Freakin Badass” - Lekazu to Shirley after meeting her again.

(Kid) “I took away your fire powers, you won’t use it to hurt or threaten anyone else ever again.” - Lekazu to Schneizel after absorbing his kinetic infused energy

(Teen) “I’m taking away your abilities for Good.” Lekazu to Mao before taking his abilities away

(Teen) “I’m the only one who can defeat Schneizel you know I am.”

(Teen) “Sukayo, Hakuru, Ikura...You have to trust me, I will defeat Prince Schneizel and I’ll free Britannia of any more remaining evil.”

(Teen) “Mao you have made my mother feel very hurt and sad, It’s time for my revenge you stupid Punk!”

(Teen) “This is your prison now, And I will close the portal so that no human can enter the Spirit world and release you.” Lekazu to Mao after using his Elemental State or Form against him and sealing him in a Tree enhanced by his Powers.

(Teen) “Kallen, I bet you’re surprised I’m no longer calling you Miss anymore.”

Questions from Fans[]

(Why did Lekazu leave Britannia?)

Lekazu left Britannia to take care of the remaining Elevens the Japanese Group And explains why he wants to help them before leaving.

(Why is Lekazu so Powerful?)

Lekazu’s struggle between choosing to use his powers for good and bad is his greatest strength which ultimately becoming the source to his vicious energy.

(Did Daniel Diaz really inspire Lekazu?)

Lekazu takes most Elements from Daniel Diaz but he also takes Elements from Aang from the last air bender and other Superhuman anime characters such as Naruto, Goku and Shigeo Kageyama from their respective anime universes.

(Where did Lekazu get his name from?)

Lekazu’s first two letters ‘Le’ was taken from Lelouch to symbolize his son and Kazu was a rearrangement of 4 last letters of Suzaku’s first name with the exception of ‘Su’ and Vi Britannia was taken directly from Lelouch’s last name.

(Why isn’t Sukayo named Vi Britannia instead of Lamperouge?)

Sukayo has not been named Sukayo vi Britannia due to the fact that his father had Two Last names and Lelouch decides to differentiate the two sons by giving Sukayo his second last name and Lekazu his birth last name.

(Is Lekazu an Avatar too?)

Lekazu seems to be perceived as an Avatar but he is not one, Lekazu can indeed control 4 Elements with his Psychokinetic Powers however his Psychokinetic Form or State is triggered similarly to The Avatar State.