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"I refuse to accept that strength is all that matters in this world. If I am weak, then I will reject this world. If I am strong, then I will destroy this world. I will never...ever accept this twisted place!"
―Lelouch making his Declaration
Lelouch lamperouge by airzona2009-d5tfhca
Lelouch Shinya
Full Name: Lelouch vi Britannia
Nicknames: Lulu
Aliases: Zero
Age: 17

Birth Date: a.t.b. December 5th
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 123 lbs
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Nunnally Shinya (Younger Sister)
  • Ashford Academy
    • Student Council
  • Holy Britannian Empire (Former)
    • Royal Family (Former)
  • Order of the Black Knights (Leader)
  • Shinya Family
Additional Information
Title: Vice President of Ashford Academy Student Council
Leader of the Black Knights
Prince of Britannia
Rank: Prince
Knightmare Frames:
Burai Commander-Type
Real World
First Appearance: A Devil named Shinya
Voiced By: Johnny Young Bosch

Lelouch Shinya (ルルーシュ真也) is the protagonist of the upcoming story Code Geass: Memories of the Black King. The Lelouch vi Britannia of an alternate timeline, he has lost his memories of being a prince, and thus, leads an average life until his encounter with C.C.