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Lelouch Vi Britannia, also known as Lelouch Lamperouge or Zero, is one of the seven main protagonists of the Fanfiction series Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron. He is the leader of the current Paladins of Voltron, and pilot of the Black Lion, which he names Zenobia, or Zen for short. He is the second and current Black Paladin after Zarkon.


Lelouch is a handsome young man with black hair and violet eyes, which he inherited from his mother. Lelouch is somewhat scrawny, having little muscle, and like most characters in the series, is rather thin. In spite of this, Lelouch is considerably tall, standing at least a head taller than Kallen, and apparently being slightly taller than Suzaku.

He usually wears a red jacket with a black shirt underneath, along with grey trousers as his casual attire.

He wears the standard Black Paladin armor when piloting the Black Lion, usually for stealth missions. As Zero, the white portions of his Paladin armor is colored black with the black lines that would usually identify him as the Black Paladin are colored bright gold. He wears the same mask and cape from his old Zero attire before becoming a Paladin. He usually dresses this way durning major battles or conflicts.


At the beginning of the story, Lelouch is a calm and secretive individual, appearing as stoic and distant from the others as he did in canon. However, as the story progress, he begins to open up more to his fellow Paladins, seeing them as more than just his team, but as his family. He eventually confesses to them, and later the Black Knights, about both his identity as a former Prince and the revolutionary Zero, and they come to accept these aspects of him, which both surprises and pleases him.

According to Nunnally's observations, he's been speaking openly and honestly with others, which he previously hadn't done due to the trauma and pain he suffered early in his childhood. He even begins to make small jokes and laugh along with the other Paladins at something funny. One of his biggest examples of humor is when he used "the powers vested in [him] as a former prince and leader of Voltron" to declare Milly and Lloyd husband and wife, much to the shock of the other Paladins.

Despite this, he still struggles with showing others his vulnerable side, or forgiving others. Such as when the Paladins had captured Cornelia, Lelouch was livid with her and only saw her as an enemy and nothing more. However, as time went on, and thanks to Nunnally's convincing, Lelouch began to see that Cornelia truly does still love him and was still the sister he knew before his exile. This, along with Cornelia's attempt to save him from Zarkon cost her an arm, allowed Lelouch to forgive her for the mistakes she made, willing to let her back into his life as part of his newfound family.

He also still has his overprotective nature for his sister Nunnally. On two occasions, it almost cost him. The first was when he almost left the team so that he could return to Earth to check up on her, as well as prepare it for a Galra invasion. However, after talking with an A.I. of King Alfor, and working with Kallen to rescue the other Paladins from Sendak when he took over the castle, he then decides to stay with the team, seeing them as his new family. The second time was when he learned that Nunnally was in the cluches of his brother Schneizel. He would have charged in like a maniac if the other Paladins didn't stop him and remind him to calm down. He eventually does so and is able to beat Schneizel in battle later on.

As Paladin of the Black Lion, Lelouch is described to have the traits of a born leader. Someone whose in control of themselves at all time, evident by the fact he's able to keep calm while most of the Paladins either begin panicking or are blinded by anger, though there have been times he's let his anger get the better of him. He's also someone who can inspire others to follow him without hesitation due to his charisma and leadership skills, making him a natural leader fit to pilot the Black Lion.

His biggest fear, as pointed out by Mao, seems to be that he may one day become like his father or worse; Zarkon, the former Black Paladin. He's already seen the similarities he has with the Emperor of the Galra, and is fearful he may become like him one day and the Black Lion will abandon him. This fear is further intensified when he suspects that he himself is part Galra. However, Allura, who has more reason than anyone to hate the Galra, states that even if Lelouch is like Zarkon, then he's every bit the hero the former Black Paladin was, not the tyrant they face today. After hearing words of comfort from his sister and friends, Lelouch then declares that no matter where he comes from, whether he's a Britannian Prince or even part Galra, he knows who he is: Zero, Paladin of the Black Lion of Voltron. This declaration allows him to awaken the Luxite blade that belonged to his grandmother.

His Galran bloodline does seem to have an effect on his personality though. As apparent when Sendak agreed with his statement that "the only ones who should kill, are those who should prepare to be killed". This belief could come from his Galra heritage, as their culture believes in "Victory or Death" above all else.

Character History[]

Rise of Voltron[]

Lelouch and the other members of the Ashford Student Council (besides Nina) go to visit Lake Kawaguchi, to celebrate the newest addition to the Student Council, Rai, a amnestic boy that he and Milly found in front of the school's gate. After hours of playing in the water (which Lelouch mostly tried to avoid), the other members questioned Rai when he pulled out a set of gear similair to military use. After Rai reveals that he's searching for something called 'Voltron', something aliens are supposedly looking for as well, and shows them a wavelength of an unknown energy, Lelouch notices that the wavelength matches the mountain range exactly. The group then walks told the entrance of a cave, which shows pictures of a supposed lion goddess. The ground then collapses and the Student Council falls through the ground, where they are greeted with the sight of a giant mechanical Blue Lion.

As Lelouch moves to inspect a barrier surrounding the lion, Rivalz unlocks the shielding, which prompts all seven of them to see a vision of a giant robot made of seven similiar lions, holding a flaming sword, Voltron. As Rivalz begins to fly around the area with the Lion, he suddenly shoots into space where the Student Council comes face-to-face with alien life. As the begin to leave, the aliens chase after them. When a wormhole opens up infront of them, Rivalz asks Lelouch what they should do, claim that he's the smartest of them all. After thinking it over, he decides that they should trust the lion and enter the wormhole.

After emerging from a wormhole on the other side of the universe, the Blue Lion then descends down to a nearby planet and a large futuristic castle. Entering the castle, Lelouch and the others wander around, looking for any clues as to why they were brought there. They then encounter two other aliens, Alteans, in cryosleep. When the two awaken, the students share their story with them, where they learn of the aliens chasing after them, the Galra and their leader Zarkon, and that a battleship is currently approaching Arus, the planet they are on. C.C. then appears, shocking the Lelouch and the others, but mostly because of how he came to know her. Allura, the princess of the Alteans, then declare that the seven students are destined to form Voltron, Lelouch being the new Black Paladin and leader. Quickly settling into his role, Lelouch orders the rest of the Paladins to find their lions while he and Milly go get hers.

As Lelouch and Milly arrive at a planet shinning like a dimond, the two then make their way following coordinates given to them. They then come across alien lifeforms who guide them towards where the lion is. Lelouch stays below while Milly goes up to retrive her lion. Lelouch and the two aliens bear witness with smiles as the Yellow Lion emerges. As they return to the Castle, Coran, the other Altean in teh crypod, reveals the Red and Purple Lion are on the battle crusier orbitting Arus. The Galra commander Sendak then calls them and orders them to surrender.

As the Paladins begin to be divided as to what to do, Lelouch then shouts for them to be quiet, and turns to Allura for advice. After she consults a holographic version of her father, she then declares that the seven of them were brought here for a reason and that it is their destiny to stop Zarkon. Lelouch declares that they side with her. After recieving their Paladin armor, Allura regrets to inform Lelouch that the Black Bayard, the traditional weapon of the Paladin, was lost. Lelouch just says he'll make do. Lelouch then crafts a stragety where they appear to surrender the two lions the Galra know about, while the majority of the Paladins sneak aboard, the plan works, however, Rai then states that he and his family was aboard the ship when he was captured. Changing the plans, Lelouch, Rai, and Milly go looking for his family while Kallen and Suzaku search for their lions. After rescuing a set of alien captives, the three are then caught by several Galra sentries. Before he could do anything, Lelouch's mind goes blank as his Geass suddenly activates. He then instincitvely generates electricity in his hands that he uses to blast apart the approaching sentires and destorys them along with Rai. After the battle, Lelouch is greatly confused as to how he was able to do that. They then return to the Castle.

Now with the other six lions here, the hangar holding the Black Lion opens. The lion roars as it acknowledges Lelouch as it's Paladin. As the Paladins prepare themselves for battle, Lelouch delivers a quick speech to rouse them up to be ready to fight. As they charge into the battle, they suddenly remember a big problem: they don't even know how to form Voltron. As they attempt to fly in formation to try and combine, their sudden;y pulled in by a tractor beam. As the Castle's defences are taken down and the other Paladins fall into despair, Lelouch refuses to accept such an outcome, declaring to himself that he was Zero, the man who made Miricles, and that he refused to give up! He then delievers an inspiring speech to his fellow Paladins that inspire them to continue fighting to protect all they hold dear. Soon, their hearts and souls link together and they form Voltron. Being in slight awe at the amazing feeling he felt at being joined with the others, Lelouch orders them to go on the attack and they manage to destory the Galra Battleship. As Allura and Coran congragulate them on their victory, they then remind the seven of them that they must continue fighting as it is their duty as Defenders of the Universe.


Lelouch is a highly intelligent individual, able to come up with master strategies faster than most people can. He's also highly attentive and detail oriented, as he was able to pick up on the Gladiator Ro-Beast's weakness before Rai, who had defeated him beforehand, could fully remember how he did so. It's even noted by Coran that Lelouch's stratigic thinking is on par, if not better, than King Alfor's. However, knowning so little about the Galra makes it hard for him to come up with strategies to defeat them.

However, despite his impressive mental abilities, his physical prowess is severely lacking. As he was easily beaten by the Altean Gladiator at the beginning of the story. However, he has been making progress to getting better at fighting, to the point where he's able to destroy battalions of Galra Battle Droids single-handily. He also begins learning how to use a knife that had once belonged to his grandmother by the time he and the other Paladins return to Earth. This is thanks to late-night practice sessions he had in private before coming back to Earth and with Sayoko when they reunited. He's newly gained muscles and durability allows him to stand against Zarkon of all people, though this could also be due to the conditions of the Astral Plain where they dueled, but his increased dexterity did help him survive the duel for as long as he did.

His piloting abilities are also not quite up to par with his mental abilities as well. However, by the time he returns to Earth, he is able to outfight Cornelia and her entire unit in the Black Lion, being the first one to defeat her. He's also fought on equal level against a Knight of a Round, the Knight of Nine Nonette Enneagram to be specific, with the latter in the Gawain, an advanced Knightmare design to fight against the Black Lion, and it ended in a draw due to Schneizel playing dirty.


Lelouch retains his Geass of Absolute Obedience from canon, which allows him to control others when he makes eye contact with them, and it only works once on the same person. But his Geass has also evolved, giving him more unique and powerful abilities.

When he stepped onto a Galra battle cruiser for the first time, his Geass had somehow given him the ability to generate red lightning from his hands, similair to the ability of Galra Druids. He's able to shoot out bolts of lightning out from his hands, or even shock enemies up close by electrifying his hands. It also can strengthen the durability of his hands, as he was able to stab straight through a Galra sentry droid with just his bare hands, and cut his way into the Galra Command Center from the outside using his power. It seems he can also spread the electricity to his whole body, strengthen himself and enhancing his physical capabilities. It also allows him to interact with Galra technology. This new ability seems to be linked to the Galran blood that he inherited from his Grandmother, who is implied to be Krolia.

Recently, after receiving a power boost from connecting his quintessence with that of Zenobia, the Black Lion, and possibly the Thought Elevator on Kamine Island, his Geass has evolved to the point where it now appears in both of his eyes. This new boost of power allows Lelouch to transform the knife that belong to his mother into a long curved sword and use it to wound Zarkon and rescue Cornelia. It is also revealed that he still has control of the power, despite it evolving to encompass both of his eyes.

However, when Nunnally also begins to exhibit powers of her own, despite not having a Geass, is could now be believed that Lelouch's lightning powers may not be a result of just Geass and his Galran blood.


Suzaku Kururugi[]

Lelouch's first and best friend outside of the Royal Family.

The two share a strong bond and a high level of trust in each other, despite being total opposites.

When Suzaku first found out Lelouch was Zero, he was furious as to why Lelouch would resort to using violence as a way to change Britannia, but Lelouch argues that Suzaku is using the same methods as a Paladin of Voltron against the Galra. After the other Paladins agree to stand with Lelouch, and Lelouch pleading with Suzaku to continue to fight with them, Suzaku decides to place his trust in Lelouch and agrees to help him.

When the Paladins return to Earth, Suzaku states that he will always be there for him and Nunnally and that he's with Lelouch 100%. Lelouch is grateful to hear it.

Lelouch's declaration that he doesn't want to lose Suzaku, the first friend he's ever had, helps convince Suzaku to come back to the Paladins when he left them for a time to due believing because of the guilt he felt when the truth behind the murder of his father was revealed.

Kallen Kozuki[]

Lelouch's love interest.

At first, the two didn't get along very well, mainly due to Kallen viewing Lelouch as another arrogant Britannia student. However, over time as they continued to work together in the Paladins, she began to see him more in a positive light, comparing him to Zero before she found out they were the same person. When she did find out along with the others, she admitted to being confused and angry by this revelation, but also felt acceptance and peace, knowing it must have taken a lot for him to reveal himself to them. She's also the first Paladin to voice her support for him.

She seems to have a high opinion of Lelouch, now that she knows who he really is, enough that when he begins to act out character, she's shocked by it. Such as when he stuttered and trembled after he ejected Sendak from the Castle. Or when it seemed like he was giving up as he was slowly dying from his wounds. She's usually one of the more vocal voices that tries to get him to calm down and return to the confident and strong leader she knows him as.

It also seems that they have an attraction to each other, as they both blushed from being so close to the each other when Lelouch saved her from falling. They also bond when stranded on a barren planet, Kallen even accepting a Geass on the off chance she would be able to help Lelouch. Lelouch even blushes when Milly thinks he sees Kallen as a 'too valuable' member of the Black Knights as he praises her skills as a pilot, Kallen also blushes when she hears this. He even asks her to take care of Nunnally should he die from his wounds signifying just how much he trusts her.

Shirley Fenette[]

To be added

Milly Ashford[]

The two of them have a close bond, as Milly was one of the few people who knew about his true identity as an exiled Britannian Prince, before he revealed it to the others.


Lelouch's half-brother.

Rivalz Cardemonde[]

The two were known to have hit it off right away when they first met before the beginning of the story, most likely due to their similar problems with their families.


Zenobia, or Zen for short, is the Black Lion of Voltron and the oldest of the sisters, is Lelouch's Lion.

As explained by Allura, the pilots' quintessence mirror that of the Lions, meaning that Lelouch's traits of being a natural born leader is shared by Zen. Lelouch trusts in the Lion's instincts, listening to her when she has an idea.

However, Lelouch's trust with Zenobia was strained when he lost control of her at Zarkon's command center when the Emperor of the Galra took over her. Since then he's only been referring to her as the Black Lion instead of the name he gave her, or even her nickname.

Thankfully, it was repaired later on in the Return to Earth arc. When he and Sayoko are trapped when rescuing Nunnally, Lelouch reaches out with his mind and pleads to the Black Lion to help him save his sister. After the three jump, the Black Lion doesn't hesitate to shoot out from the water and save them. This action restores Lelouch's trust in the Black Lion, returning to calling her Zen and projecting his regret for having doubted the lion.

As Cornelia is about to be killed by Zarkon, Lelouch is filled with terror, believing himself powerless to stop Zarkon. However, Zenobia actually speaks to him in his mind, calming him down, assuring him that he is not helpless, that they are not helpless, saying it's time for them to stand as one. Motivated by Zen's words and boosted by her power, Lelouch is able to evolve his Geass to appear in both his eyes and wound Zarkon.

When he theorizes that Zarkon's bond with Zen is how he is tracking them and also because Zarkon is using that bond to tear Voltron apart every time they encounter him, Lelouch decides he needs to strengthen the bond he has with her. This leads him to fight against Zarkon himself within the Black Lion's consciousness. When he is about to be killed by the tyrant, he declares that he trusts Zen with his life, which prompts the Lion to come to his rescue and banish Zarkon from her mind. This event allows Lelouch's bond with Zen to be the more dominate bond between the two Black Paladins.

Emperor Zarkon[]

Zarkon is Lelouch's archenemy and his predecessor as the Black Paladin.

Before learning of Zarkon's identity as the former Black Paladin, Lelouch had despised Zarkon, seeing him as an even worse man than even his father.

After learning the truth, Lelouch begins to grow afraid that he may one day end up becoming like the Emperor of the Galra. He can see the similarities the two of them have, and is afraid that he may become like him, especially when he learned how Zarkon came to be the tyrant he fights against today, and when he suspects that he's part Galra, fearing that if he was in Zarkon's place, he would have made the same mistakes as the conqueror made.

Zarkon on his end sees Lelouch as nothing more than a annoyance, a fraud who took his place as the Black Paladin. He admits that he was surprised when he realized Lelouch also held the power of Geass, but then claimed is held no significance, as his power was far greater than Lelouch's. Zarkon is determined to kill Lelouch, so that no one could stand between him and the Black Lion.

However, he seems to become slightly more wary of the threat Lelouch poses to him, as the boy had awoken a Blade of Marmora blade and managed to wound him when he had Cornelia Li Britannia, Lelouch's half-sister, under his feet.

But he then expresses disappointment at how weak his young successor is when they face each other in the Black Lion's consciousness. But even he is shocked and in disbelief when Lelouch manages to expel him from Zenobia's consciousness after calling the lion for help.

Cornelia li Britannia[]

Cornelia is Lelouch's other half-sister and former enemy.


  • If it is true that Lelouch is Krolia's grandson, that would make both him and Nunnally one-quarter Galra, and their mother, Marianne, half-Galra
  • His belief that "the only one's who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed" could stem from his Galra lineage. As Sendak, a Galra commander, agrees with his belief, saying that "Victory or Death" is the way of the Galra.
  • The knife belonging to his Grandmother had fallen into his possession when he won it from a noble man he gambled with a few years prior to the story. How the knife came in the nobleman's possession is currently unknown. He latter learned of his connection to the knife when he was inspecting it a few days after.
  • Lelouch appears to be the first person to wound Zarkon in over 10,000 years.
  • Lelouch shared several traits about himself to satisfy Allura's curiosity of him. They are listed below:
    • His favorite color is indigo.
    • He prefers Turkey over ham sandwiches.
    • His favorite tea is jasmine with a small drop of honey.
    • He likes peanut butter and peanut butter cookies, but refuses to eat peanuts on their own, claiming that they are too dry and salty.
  • Lelouch names the Black Lion Zenobia after a 3rd century rebel queen.
  • Lelouch is noted to be taller than Suzaku in canon material, but when Coran ranks them by height, it's he calls that Suzaku Number Two while Lelouch is Four. Later on, Coran calls Lelouch Number One, which was the rank Coran gave Rai previously.