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"The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed."
―Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch vi Britannia, also known as Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, or Zero Prime, is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Optimus Prime) of the fanfiction series Code Prime. He is the co-leader of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, alongside Optimus Prime in the fight against Megatron as he mainly leads the human side of the alliance.


Lelouch is a handsome young man with black hair and violet eyes, which he inherited from his mother. Lelouch is somewhat scrawny, having little muscle, and like most characters in the series, is rather thin. In spite of this, Lelouch is considerably tall, standing at least a head taller than Kallen, and apparently being slightly taller than Suzaku.

Lelouch usually wears the Ashford Academy uniform, or the Zero uniform, which Bumblebee had described as a "sci-fi Count Dracula look". Outside of Ashford, his primary casual outfit is a red jacket with a black shirt underneath and grey trousers, though he has occasionally worn other clothing.

In R2, he wears a new Zero attire, gifted to him by the Autobot scientist Perceptor. The gold and purple cravat or any other pieces of fluff have been replaced by a suit of armor. The armor covers most of his body and is primarily black with dark purple, save for the Autobot-Black Knight emblem located on his chest. He retains the same mask and cape from his old attire. The armor is equipped with advanced technology that can allow Lelouch to engage a Knightmare on foot. It includes a set of Energon blades on the arms, hover skates that allow him to move at twice his normal speed and leap up to slightly higher than a Knightmare's head, a holographic function that allows him to disguise himself as others, and is bulletproof.

While at the Gypsies camp, Lelouch was forced into a black and purple dress that, coupled with his body features, gave him the appearance of a girl. He was noted to look quite beautiful.

Zero Prime

Zero Prime

After being resurrected by the Primes and being gifted their power, Lelouch's Zero armor changed to glowing white and blue briefly before returning to the original color after the power left him.


Lelouch is a highly intelligent individual who is also calm, sophisticated, and arrogant due to his aristocratic upbringing. While at school, Lelouch conducts himself as a sociable, likable, and often easygoing student. However, this is really a mask to hide his true nature. While as Zero his true nature is expressed. His charisma and beliefs in justice gain him the trust and respect of many soldiers and leaders.

In the beginning of the series, he is much like his canon self, at first only seeing the resistance fighters and Autobots as pawns in his revenge against Britannia. However, after falling into Cornelia's trap, and having to be bailed out by Optimus, he receives a harsh lecture from all the Autobots, telling him that war is not a game, and that he needs to stop acting like a Britannian Prince and more like a soldier, an Autobot. The lecture takes effect on Lelouch as he realizes that he can't put his desire for revenge over the lives of his team, and he begins to take steps to not let his arrogance or desire for revenge lead him down a dark path.

The Autobots, especially Optimus', influence on Lelouch begin to show early in the series. For instance, he uses himself as bait to lure a swarm of Scarplets, metal eating termites that are deadly to Cybertronians, through a Groundbridge to the Arctic to freeze them, saving and earning the trust of the Black Knights and Autobots. He also uses his Geass to give Kallen and her mother a new home in the Settlement for free after the hearing from Cliffjumper what her home life was like. He notes that he never thought of himself doing such a thing before, thinking that being around the Autobots have started to change him.

His personality and willingness to trust others considerable improves to the point where he decides to reveal his true identity as Zero and a former Prince, along with his Geass, first to Kallen, then the rest of the Black Knights leadership, and even Nunnally. This shows that Lelouch has grown past his flaws and has learned the value of placing faith and trust in his comrades. This is due to the fact that he has the Autobots, particularly Optimus, who are a group of individuals that he can place his absolute trust in since the beginning, which helped him grow as an individual.

By R2, Lelouch has become a completely different person than he was at the start of the series. Arcee even notes how much he has changed since she first met him aboard the Ark after Shinjuku. Leila even comments to him after he reveals his identity to her and her subordinates that "[Lelouch] is above all an honest man", much to his surprise. Optimus even makes note of this change when Lelouch uses his Geass on a Vehicon to go and rethink the choices he made in life instead of just outright ordering him to die. In fact, the first thing he thinks about when the Autobot-Black Knights discover the Forge of Solus Prime, an artifact capable of creating anything in existence, is to repair Bumblebee's voice box.

He’s become much more idealistic since the beginning. After witnessing everybody in the Black Knights and Autobots together and having fun, regardless of things like nationality, social standing, or even difference in species, he couldn’t help but hope that this was the future in store for Earth when the Decepticons were defeated. He also expresses faith that Leila, a somewhat naive and idealistic girl, can help unite the world when General Smilas, her own mentor, thinks otherwise.

He even has a much higher moral standard, as best evident when he is shocked that Optimus proposed the idea to use the Spark Extractor, a Decepticon made device that is capable of extinguishing the spark of any Cybertronian in a blast radius, to try and end the Decepticons quickly. While he admits that six months ago, he wouldn't even hesitate to use such a weapon, he now found the idea leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

He has even begun to think of a life for himself outside of just looking after Nunnally and being Zero. While he admits that he never truly saw anything else for him besides caring for Nunnally and the revolution, he has began to think how to live his life beyond just Nunnally and being Zero. One idea that comes to him is helping rebuild Japan alongside Kallen, and spending the rest of his life there with her.

Lelouch is unwilling to sacrifice the people close to him, even if it does mean he'll gain more power, case in point where he rejects the Matrix of Leadership, where accepting it means sacrificing Optimus. This action of love and selflessness proved that he is in fact worthy to wield the Power of the Primes.

By the end of R2, Lelouch is now content with the life he now has. While previously he would've have hated not having any control over his own life, he feels it is liberating to not have such burdens on his shoulders, and is just happy to not know what comes next. He's even content with never taking up the mask of Zero again, unless another threat appears.

Character History[]


Meeting the Autobots[]

After winning a chess match against a Britannian Noble, Lelouch and his friend Rivalz were on their way to school when a large truck nearly ran them over. After the truck crashed, Lelouch then went to check on the occupants, when he heard a mysterious voice. Later when the truck stops in the Shinjuku Ghetto, a Britannian soldier, later revealed to be his first friend Suzaku Kururugi, arrives. The canister supposedly holding poison gas opens to reveal a green haired girl.

As the Royal Guards arrive, Suzaku is shot in the back for refusing to follow orders. Lelouch and the girl escape when the truck by them explodes, however they are then soon cornered in a warehouse. As the soldiers open fire, a yellow muscle car burst through the wall to block the bullets, however one ends up hitting the girl in the head. The dying girl then grabs Lelouch's hands a shows him numerous visions, then asks if he would like to make a contract. Lelouch accepts and then uses his newfound power to order the royal guards to kill themselves.

After the guards kill themselves, a Britannian Knightmare bursts into the building and demands answers. Lelouch tries to use his power on her, but fails. He then claims he is the son of a duke and he requests protection. The pilot exits out and Lelouch uses his power on her to make her give him the keys. He then turns to the yellow car, and asks it to not tell anyone about what happened before he left. Later, as Lelouch works to come up with a plan to escape the ghetto, he spots the yellow car. Thinking he has found a new ally, he proposes an alliance. He then contacts Kallen, one of the terrorist, and provides instructions to her and a 'woman' on a motorcycle to defeat a pair of Knightmares chasing them.

After getting into contact with the rest of the resistance group and the mysterious drivers arrive, Lelouch then begins to provide instructions that leads them to near victory against Britannia. However, when a Seventh-Generation frame known as the Lancelot, piloted by Lelouch's friend Suzaku, enters the fray, the entire force is nearly wiped out. As Lelouch and the yellow car attempt to retreat, the car then charges the Knightmare head-on before, much to Lelouch's shock, transforms into the Autobot Bumblebee and fights against the Knightmare. After escaping from the white Knightmare, Lelouch comes face to face with the robot being who saved his life, able to deduce that this machine is no Knightmare. The two then work together to infiltrate Clovis' G1 base and order him to stop the massacre.

After interrogating and killing Clovis, Lelouch then meets with the robotic beings known as Autobots, automous robotic beings from the planet Cycbertron. He is then taken to the Ark, which is located underwater off the coast of Japan. Lelouch then learns, much to his shock and anger, that Britannia might be nothing more than a puppet state controlled by the Autobots sworn enemy, the Decepticons. He then reveals his past to the Autobots, who are sympathetic to him, which is surprising. They then form an alliance to work together to free Earth from the Decepticons and Britannia. Lelouch then shows them his power, which he realizes can't affect Cybertronians. He then returns to school.

The next day Lelouch and the Student Council hear reports of terrorist using poison gas in there ghettos, though only Lelouch knows it’s fake. Later on, Lelouch sees a group of students admiring Bumblebee, the scout hiding in his vehicle mode. Lelouch then quickly says that Bumblebee is his new car that he bought with money from gambling. He's then given a translator so he can understand the Autobot, who's voice had been damaged in battle prior to meeting. He then sees Kallen Stadfelt, who he recognizes as one of the terrorist, and uses his powers to learn why she fights. When he tries to use it again, he discovers it fails to work on a person a second time, causing her to become suspicious. Later that night at his home, Lelouch has dinner with his younger sister Nunnally. He then laminates how limited their future is, but then believes that with the Autobots, he can possibly make the world better for Nunnally. He then makes a promise with Nunnally never to lie to her.

The next day, Lelouch asks Bumblebee for help in throwing off Kallen's suspicion of him being the voice from Shinjuku. After she's dosed in Alcohol during her introduction to the Student Council, Lelouch fools her with a telephone call from Bumblebee, who uses a prerecorded message of his voice to throw off her suspicion. Later as Lelouch informs Kallen of the Student Council duties, they then see a news report of Clovis' death and Suzaku being the prime suspect.

Challenging Britannia and the Decepticons[]

Lelouch and Bumblebee arrive at the Ark, where they then discuss their plan to save Suzaku. Lelouch then asks for the Autobots help in destroying Britannia, which they agree to help him. He then asks for help in creating a costume to hide his identity, which much of the Autobots critique him for.

On the day of Suzaku's trial, Lelouch, as his new identity Zero, then contacts Kallen and her resistance group. He then meets them in a back alley where he and the Autobots introduce themselves. They then reveal the Decepticons and that Zero was the one who killed Clovis, and ask the rebels to join them. While they are skeptical, Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader, offers to show them a demonstration: they will save Suzaku from the Purebloods and they will do it without spilling a drop of blood.

As Suzaku is being escorted to his court marshal, Zero and Optimus, holographically disguised as Prince Clovis' car, stop them in their path. the hologram then drops as Zero then proclaims who he is. When Jeremiah, the leader of the Purest, asks him to remove his mask, Zero raises his hands in the air and calls the rest of the Autobots, who arrive via Groundbridge, revealing their existence to the whole world. They then reveal the Purebloods intention to use Suzaku as a Scapegoat to abolish the Honorary Britannian System, as well as reveal the massacre that Clovis carried out in Shinjuku, before revealing that Zero killed Clovis. Before the standoff can erupt into a fight, Zero then uses his Geass on Jeremiah to let Suzaku and them go. He and Optimus then leave with Suzaku, while the rest of the Autobots fight off there Purebloods, not killing a single person while doing so.

As Zero and Optimus reveal the Decepticons to Suzaku, they then ask him to join, but he refuses, much to their shock. Zero tries to persuade him to change his mind, but Optimus is able to calm Zero down and allow Suzaku to leave. Optimus then tells Lelouch to use his newfound power with caution, since it is such an unknown ability to him at the moment, which Zero agrees.

Later that night, Lelouch returns home to find the same woman who died after giving him his power, revealed to be C.C. is currently alive and conversing with Nunnally. Later, Lelouch brings her into his room and interrogates her, but she remains indifferent and dodges all of his questions.

The next day, Lelouch brings her to the Ark, introducing her to the Autobots, where he learns the name of his power is called Geass. After discussing the effect their appearance has had on the population, Lelouch returns to school with Bumblebee.

Looking up information on the rescue last night, he mets with Kallen, who asks if she can contact the “person” when they were in the bathroom. As Lelouch begins to provide an excuse he stops midway when he and Kallen see an unusual sight: a young man dressed in the same straight jacket C.C. wears collapses in front of them.

Later, with the rest of the Student Council in the nurses office, they then discover the strange boy has amnesia, not being able to remember his own name. After giving him a new name, Rai, the Student Council then offers him the chance to stay at the Academy, so long as he enrolls as a student, with Lelouch offering him to stay in the Clubhouse with him and Nunnally, hoping to learn more about him.

After returning to the Ark, Lelouch then questions C.C. if she happens to know Rai, which she replies she doesn't. As some point, Lelouch begins to share some of his views on the strong and weak, and how he goes about winning against Britannia and the Decepticons.

Later, when Optimus returns to the Ark after his visit to Shinjuku, he reveals, much to Lelouch's shock, that Suzaku is the pilot of the Lancelot, the same Knightmare that ruined his plans in Shinjuku, angering Lelouch. After he calms down, the team then discuss the appearance of the Decepticons and Euphemia's appearance in Area 11, the later meaning Cornelia has come to Japan. After deciding to continue laying low for the time being, Lelouch and Bumblebee return to Ashford, with C.C. accompanying them.

As Lelouch enters home, he's greeted with Nunnally and Rai staying up late, the former telling the later their royal identities, much to his shock. He then asks to speak with Rai privately, where he uses his Geass on him to try and see if he can learn anything more about Rai. However, his Geass is unable to awaken lost memories, much to his displeasure. He asks Rai if he's willing to keep their secret, which the boy promises to do so.

The next day, Lelouch is surprised to see Suzaku now a student of Ashford. After class ends, he and Suzaku meet up on the roof where they discuss recent events betweent them. Later that night, Lelouch invites Suzaku to his home to reunite with Nunnally and meet Rai. After a nice dinner, Suzaku begins to leave, but before he goes, he suggest that he and Lelouch shouldn't be seen together at school, greatly annoying him. As Suzaku leaves, he notices Bumblebee's vehicle mode, having recognized it from Shinjuku. Lelouch quickly steps in and convinces that its his car that he bought with his money from gambling, which Suzaku believes.

The next day, as Lelouch plans the next move with Autobots, when he notices Suzaku washing his gym clothes with a rude message sprayed on it. As he and Nunnally discuss the treatment of Suzaku, a stray cat wanders into the Clubhouse and steals Lelouch's Zero mask, forcing him to chase it around the school. Eventually, Milly orders the whole school to participate, thinking she can find some embarrassing secret on Lelouch. Lelouch eventually meets up with Rai, then Suzaku, and the three manage to corner is on the roof. In order to keep Suzaku and Rai from learning his secret, he pretends to loose his grip and almost slips off the roof, only for Suzaku and Rai to catch him.

After retrieving his mask, which he claims were his car keys, Lelouch sneaks out the back of the building and hands it toward a waiting Bumblebee and C.C., not noticing Laserbeak, one of Soundwave's Mini-Cons, observing the whole thing. He then meets up with the crowd of students in the front of the building. Once other students being to begin to be hostile toward Suzaku, Rai and Lelouch both step up in his defense, the latter even asking Milly if both him and Rai be given positions as members of the Student Council. Milly agrees.

Later Lelouch, along with the rest of the student body, watch a broadcast given by Charles for Clovis' funeral. Lelouch declares to himself that he will destroy Britannia when the broadcast finishes.

Building an Alliance of Respect[]

As Cornelia begins to whip out multiple resistance groups in the Ghettos, Lelouch and the Autobots plan an ambush in Saitama. Lelouch, full of arrogance believes that he can beat Cornelia much like how he did Clovis.

Before heading off to Saitama, C.C. tries to stop him by threatening to shoot his legs. Lelouch instead places a gun to his head, realizing that C.C. needs him alive, which convinces her to let him go.

As the battle goes on, Cornelia springs her trap, causing Lelouch to almost fall into the enemy hands. When he's about to be discovered, believing that the Autobots have abandon him, Optimus Prime then charges into the enemy base and challenges Cornelia to a duel, as a way to ensure Lelouch can escape. Soon, Optimus and Cornelia engage in battle, with Optimus emerging as the victory, surprising Lelouch and everyone else present.

As they return to the Ark, Lelouch then receives a stern lecture from all the Autobots, on how he let his ego and arrogance blind him to such an obvious trap. He then loses control of his emotions and declares he will do what it takes to create a world for Nunnally to be happy. Arcee then tells him to stop thinking like a prince, and think like a soldier, and Autobot. The words take effect on Lelouch as he now realizes that this whole war wasn't about him, allowing him to be willing to listen to the Autobots.

Later, Zero and the Autobots invite the Kozuki and other resistance groups to the Ark. As everyone begins to get settled, a news broadcast reports that a terrorist cell of the JLF has taken hostages at Lake Kawaguchi Center Hotel, which includes members of the Student Council. After having a talk with Rivalz over the phone, Zero begins to try and formulate a strategy to stop the terrorist, but he then comes to a realization, which may make it possible. As Optimus calls in all Autobots and resistance fighters, they then declare their objective is to stop the terrorist and save the hostages. Most are in shock or disbelief, unwilling to fight against their own people for the sake of Britannians, but Zero and the Autobots convince them that if they are to be better than Britannia, they must become something greater. Zero then declares that they are no longer a resistance group, but they will now stand alongside the Autobots, not as subordinates but as equals, declaring that they are all the same thing: Knights for Justice and Freedom.

As the Autobots and Black Knights arrive at the scene, Zero and Optimus are able to convince Cornelia to let them try and save the hostages, promising to save Euphiema, Cornelia's full-blooded sister. Cornelia lets them past, believing she can take advantage of the situation.

Zero then meets with the head of the terrorist cell, where he asks the leader what he intends to accomplish with this stunt. Realizing that their actions were childish and stale, Zero declares that they won't ever change. Before the conversation can continue further, the Decepticons attack the hotel. Zero then asks how they knew when the Sadakurite conference would be held, and they say it was leaked. Realizing that this whole thing was a plot organized by the Decepticons to draw out the Autobots, Zero declares that the cell are a group of fools who have become what they claimed to fight against. Kusakabe then draws his sword in an attempt to cut Zero down, but he then uses his Geass to command him and the others in the room to die, which they then kill themselves.

Euphemia then arrives into the room, having been brought there after she revealed her identity to save the hostages. Zero remarks that she hasn't changed. He then reveals that the Decepticons are the reason why this terrorist attack has taken place, shocking her. When Euphie asks if he plans to kill her, he asks if she has killed anyone, which she relies no. He then declares that she is safe, as he does not kill innocent people, unlike Britannia and the Decepticons. When he sees Dreadwing and the Lancelot, piloted by Suzaku, approaching them, Zero calls for a Groundbridge and takes Euphie with him before he sets off the explosives in the hotel, causing it to crumble down.

Once everything calms down, Zero and Optimus activate a broadcast that shows to everyone that the hostages are safe. Afterwards, they then declare the formation of the Autobot and Black Knight alliance, a group of people who plan to liberate the world from any form of tyranny.

As the weeks past, the Alliance moves to shutdown all Refrain deals in the Tokyo Settlement with much success, but the late night operations begin affecting Lelouch, causing him to fall sleep in class.

Later, the Student Council throws a welcome party for Arthur, Lelouch being tied to a chair against his will as everyone began to put cat makeup on him.

The next day, Lelouch, Suzaku, and Rai are sitting in the Student Council room, discussing the Autobots and Black Knights. Rai and Lelouch are in full support over them, but Suzaku is hesitant believing that their actions are nothing more than self-righteous. Before they could continue the conversation much further, Shirely shows up and Suzaku stand to leave.

Lelouch runs into Kallen in the Settlement, stopping her from breaking her cover against a group of Britannians picking on a Japanese hot dog vendor. Later Rai shows up and the two of them step in to help them, with Lelouch using his Geass to send them away. After grabbing a meal, the three of them discuss the social structure of Britannia and all of them express their disgust with the system.

That night aboard the Ark, Lelouch, as Zero, is about to lead an assault on the Refrain den with a handful of forces while the others led by Optimus destroy the main shipment. As his team begins to attack the Refrain den, Kallen sees her mother among the many users in the den. After witnessing the mother and daughter before him, Zero is reminded of his own mother as he glances at her.

Later after Kallen has a talk with her mother in a comatose state, he hands her a set of keys to a nice apartment in the Settlement for her and her mother, revealing the lose of his own mother and why he's fighting now. As he turns to leave, Kallen runs up and hugs him, thanking him for his help, solidifying her trust.

As Lelouch returns home that night, believing that Rai and Nunnally are asleep, he being to remove his Zero attire. However, when he turns around, he greeted by shocked Rai, who drops a glass of milk, waking Nunnally. Quickly assuring Nunnally that nothing is wrong, he then has a talk with Rai. Rai then quickly pieces together that Lelouch's new car is one of the Autobots. After C.C. comes in, Rai then shares that he's been looking for Zero for a while now to ask for a request: To join the Black Knights.

Zero and the Black Knights arrive as Optimus, Arcee, and Cliffjumper prepare to leave to scout the Arctic. After they leave, the Groundbridge controls short-circuit, stranding them. As Zero works with Ratchet and other Autobots to fix the damage, he is surprised at their extreme reaction towards a small metal being Rai found, known as a Scraplet, metal eating termites. After realizing how dangerous they are, he and the other Black Knights assist the Autobots in repairs and hunting down the parasites.

As he and Ohgi oversee Ratchet and Fixit as they try to fix the Groundbridge, they are ambushed by a swarm of scraplets. After fighting them off, they then discover the reason why the Groundbridge won't function is due to a leak in the Energon fuel line. As Ohgi, Kallen, and Rai go to fix it, Zero and the others try to come up with a plan to get all the Scraplets out of the Ark. An idea comes to Zero's mind as he then runs off. Using a special Mini-con tunnel that Fixit once showed him, Lelouch arrives at the sealed Knightmare bay.

After the portal is power up, Lelouch arrives in a Knightmare frame. Using himself as bait, he draws the whole Scraplet horde with him through the portal, much to the shock of the Black Knights and Autobots. After arriving in the Arctic in front of Optimus and the others, he loses traction and his Knightmare falls over. As the Scraplets emerge, they soon succumb to the subzero temperatures and freeze. After returning to the Ark, Zero watches over the Autobots along with the other Black Knights, who praise him for his acts of bravery, earning their trust.

After learning of an ancient Cypertronian relic known as the Harvester, the Autobots and Black Knights move to recover it from a museum in the E.U. Zero then uses his Geass on the night guard to ignore what they are doing and erase any evidence. After the Decepticons and Suzaku arrive to collect the Harvester, Zero meets with the Black Knights where they come face to face with Soundwave. They try and fail to protect the Harvester as Soundwave retrieves the relic and leaves.

The Autobots and Black Knights then split up to try and find the Harvester. Later, after Rai destroys the Harvester, Lelouch is full of anger and berates Rai for being reckless and disobeying his orders. However, Rai's words and convictions in doing what's right touches Lelouch and convinces him to make him a pilot, under the condition that he gets proper training and that he doesn't do anything too reckless.

When one of Bulkhead's old friends, Wheeljack, arrives on Earth, Zero is highly suspicious of him, especially when he takes interest in the Groundbridge. After Bulkhead calls him out on a detail in a story he gave, the imposter is revealed to be the Decepticon Shifter known as Makeshift, who takes Kallen hostage. When the real Wheeljack shows up, the two battle it out, with Zero being able to keep track of who's who.

After getting rid of the spy, Wheeljack officially joins the team. Bulkhead then asks to speak with Zero in private, where reveals that he told Wheeljack Lelouch's real identity, as well as what happened to him as a child. While Lelouch was shocked, he understood Bulkhead's desire to be honest with his friend, and was greatly relieved when Wheeljack promised to keep his secret. Bulkhead then tells Lelouch that he is a good person, and that if he opens up with the other Black Knights, then they would surely trust him. Lelouch does think of doing so, but not at the moment, as he himself isn't ready. He then takes off his mask and gives Bulkhead a warm smile, thanking him.

The Battle of Narita[]

Lelouch is sitting in a cargo bay of the Ark with Bumblebee and C.C., the former helping him scroll through Black Knight applications. They stop on Diethard Reid's application, surprised that a Britannian is willing to join them. They continue to discuss future recruitment when Lelouch mentions how people value results, Bumblebee then warns him the dangers of being to focused on results and letting his arrogance blind him, both him and C.C. reminding the boy of how he fell into Cornelia's trap. Lelouch assures them that he's learned from his mistakes. They then move to talk about how the other Black Knights shouldn't become cocky, as while they scored some wins against Britannia, the Decepticons are a different story.

Later, as the Autobots arrive with numerous new Knightmares from Kyoto, many of the Black Knights see this as a sign of approval. However, Zero and Optimus point out that it is a test to see if they are worthy. They then discuss on how they could possibly injury Cybertronians, when Zero reveals that they will use Magnesium rounds, developed by Ratchet and Fixit. As Optimus leaves with Ohgi, Zero pulls Kallen and Rai aside. After he hears how Rai has progressed in his training, he then hands him and Kallen the keys to the Gekka Pre-Production model and the Guren Mk II, the two most advanced Knightmares given to them by Kyoto, respectively, stating that they can use them most effectively.

Zero and company then meet with the rest of the Autobots to discuss Britannia's plans to wipe out the JLF at Narita. They then declare their intention to rescue the JLF, claiming they can get support of every resistance in the Area. When discussing howe they can pull this off, Wheeljack then comes up with a plan to decimate their forces by triggering a landslide, which Zero approves of. While some are hesitant of the plan, mostly because they would endanger civilians, Optimus assures that they will call an evacuation of the populace before the battle begins.

On the day of the battle, Zero infiltrates a JLF listening station and uses his Geass to cause the soldiers to ignore him. He then notices C.C. and questions why she is here. She tells him she is there to protect him, though Bumblebee claims that's more of his job than hers. She then asks why he still refers to himself as Lelouch, then mentions he is unable to let go of the past. When Bumblebee asks why she goes by C.C., she makes a strange remark that leaves both him and Lelouch clueless. Before they can question further, both of them are called to the mountains summit.

As Zero stands alongside Bumblebee and Optimus, waiting for the operation to begin, they remind him to be cautious and not let his arrogance blind him once again, reminding him that war isn't a game, but also assure him that he isn't alone. Lelouch thanks them for their advice.

As the battle gets underway below, most of the Black Knights begin to regret coming here, believing they won't be able to win against Cornelia. But Ohgi, Kallen, and Rai convince them that the cause they are fighting for is just. Optimus then assures that whoever wishes to leave is able to through a Groundbridge, but if they choose to stay, then he assures them that they will not stand alone. Zero then poises a choice: live a life of complacency or fight to save the world. After a few moments of silence, the Black Knights all decide to stay and fight.

Before they go off to battle, Zero then states the operations objectives are to capture Cornelia and rescue the JLF. Rai then activates his Radiation Wave Surger into an electrode and soon a side of the summit collapses and a landslide falls onto the Britannian soldiers below, whipping out over half their forces. As Lelouch sees the destruction brought by the landslide, he notes it may have been a bit overboard, but doesn't deny the tactical advantage that comes from it. As he looks towards Optimus, he notices the grim expression he has at the destruction in their wake. But he soon steels himself and gives the order for the Autobots and Black Knights to attack.

Zero fights alongside Optimus and several other Autobots to corner Cornelia in a rocky valley. Before they can capture her, they are then interrupted by the arrival of both the Lancelot and the Decepticons. Zero and the others begin to fall back as the Decepticons attack, with him, Bumblebee, Ohgi, and Tamaki escaping together, with the Lancelot on their trail. Zero then orders for Ohgi and Tamaki to break off while he and Bumblebee lead the Lancelot away. As Bumblebee fights the Lancelot, Zero tries to help how he can, trying to be careful not to destroy the Lancelot, knowing that his friend Suzaku is inside.

Eventually, the Lancelot manages to overpower Bumblebee briefly before disabling Zero's Knightmare. As the three enter a standoff, Zero ponders what he and Bumblebee can do to get out of this. However, C.C. then comes up and uses her Code to put Suzaku into a vision to try and distract him. When Zero and Bumblebee tries to pull her away, they then begin to see various images and visions that Suzaku sees, including an image of a horned stone demon. The vision sends Suzaku into a frenzy as he begins to act wildly, causing the brief death of C.C. Bumblebee quickly disables his Knightmare before he and Zero, along with the injured C.C. escape Narita.

As Lelouch, now without his mask, and Fixit tend to C.C. in the Med-Bay, they discuss how C.C. can't possibly be human, due to the idea that she's lived longer than the average human life. They are soon joined by Rai. As C.C. begins to recover, she then mumbles her true name, Cera.

As she fully regains consciousness, Lelouch then calls her by her real name, to her shock. As the three begin to compliment her on her nice name, she then breaks down in anger and sadness, feeling depressed since she doesn't deserve she has the right to be a human due to the fact she can no longer die. Rai then offers his own words of comfort, about how despite his amnesia, he managed to find real friends among Ashford and the Autobots. His words leave an impact on Lelouch, realizing just how much he's changed as well due to the Autobots. He then takes a moment to thank Cera for helping him in Shinjuku, as if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have met the Autobots. Touched by his gratitude, she then asks him to say her name, which he does. Rai and Fixit join in as well, though eventually the latter glitches and repeats the name over and over before Lelouch smacks him in the head to stop the glitch.

When Kallen knocks on the door, asking if Zero is in there, Rai tries to come up with an excuse, but Lelouch stops him, deciding it's time for him to widen his circle of trust. He then tells Kallen that she can come in, when she does, she's shocked to find her arrogant classmate Lelouch dressed in the garb of her hero Zero.

A Meeting With the Six Houses of Kyoto[]

Sometimes after he reveals his identity to Kallen, he, along with the Autobots, Rai, and C.C. tell Kallen the whole truth about him, including he's a prince of Britannia and his Geass. Kallen at first feels hurt due to being lied to by the people she trusted, mainly Arcee and Cliffjumper, but Lelouch defends them by saying it was his wish to keep it a secret. When Kallen asks if Lelouch if he ever used his Geass on her, he answers yes, but it was to gain answers as to why she fought. He then begs her to keep his secret from the others, expressing that he doesn't feel ready for it, he also says that if she can no longer follow him, then he understands. While Kallen is shocked that a Prince of Britannia is begging her, she then decides to place her trust him, as so far, he hasn't done anything to betray that trust. Lelouch is grateful to hear her words, but then shocked when she punches him in the gut for what happened in the bathroom at Ashford.

Later at school, Lelouch is absent from classes due to taking care of a sick Nunnally. As he then collects papers from Milly, accidentally taking a letter from Shirley's father. As she then takes it back from him, she invites him to an Opera in a couple of days. Lelouch, seeing that he had nothing to do one the date, and needing a break from recent events agrees, making Shirley very happy. Bumblebee, who's in his vehicle mode in the Ashford parking lot, teases that Lelouch has got a date. Lelouch tells him to shut up as they then drive off.

Back on the Ark, as the Black Knights and Autobots laminate over the Battle at Narita, Zero is silent, thinking about the opera Shirley invited him too, grateful for a small break. Ohgi then gives him a letter, sarcastically saying it's a love letter, to which Lelouch makes a joke about not being into men, causing other Black Knights and Autobots to laugh. Ohgi then says it's from Kyoto. When Ohgi express how it could help solve the budget crisis they are facing, Zero is confused, saying that the budget plan he and Ratchet came up should mean no problem. When he then learns Tamaki has been wasting their funds, he places Ohgi in charge of the budget, claiming that Tamaki needs to prove he can be trusted. When Tamaki makes a remark about how they don't know who he is, Kallen then steps up in his defense. Lelouch feels slightly regretful putting her in this position.

As Lelouch and Rai return to the clubhouse that night, the former quickly checks on Nunnally, relieved to see her fever go down. When Nunnally shares her concerns that Lelouch has recently become more distant, he assures her that while that is true, he has friends who are helping him out. Nunnally is pleased to hear this and hopes to meet these friends one day. Lelouch wants to tell her about him being Zero and the Autobots, but stops himself, fearing that if he did, he'd just drag her further into the conflict. Nunnally then asks Lelouch to stay longer so she doesn't have any nightmares, which he obliges.

The next day, Lelouch and the Autobots discuss the possibilities as too who they could be meeting with from Kyoto. As he hangs up, Bumblebee then reminds him of the opera he planned to attend with Shirley. Lelouch then expresses his intention to cancel, saying this takes priority. When Bumblebee then asks what Shirley means to him, he confesses that he sees her as a friend, but Bumblebee points out that he hasn't told her who he really is, despite seeing her as a friend. When Lelouch offers a sarcastic response as to how he would tell her, he then expresses his desire to keep her, and anyone from Ashford, out of the fighting, worrying for their safety. Shirley then calls him, telling him she will be late for their date, which Lelouch says he will be as well before hanging up. The two then drive off.

As Zero, he, along with Rai, Kallen, Ohgi, and Tamaki all ride in Optimus as they follow a vehicle through a long tunnel. After rising on a platform, they soon find to their shock that they are in Mt. Fuji, an area supposedly under control of Britannia. A voice then calls out, drawing their attention to two veiled figures. Lelouch is pleased to know that one of them was the person he was hoping to meet, but it also surprised to see a girl he wasn't expecting. As a group of Knightmares suddenly surround them, one of the figures ask Ohgi to remove Zero's mask, but before he can, Zero then reveals their identities: Taizo Kirihara and Kaguya Sumeragi. The two are shocked and ask how Zero knows them. Zero then claims that its impossible for him to forget his debt to the people who looked after him and his sister, before removing his mask. Everyone in the room is shocked by the action he takes in revealing his identity, soon even more shocked when Kaguya dashes from out of the curtain and hugs him. When Kirihara asks his intention in coming, Lelouch expresses his wishes in receiving help from Kyoto. Kirihara then promises to supply the Autobots and Black Knights with whatever they need, before they then leave.

The Price of Wisdom[]

Later, Bumblebee and Lelouch show up late to the opera. As they are about to leave, Bumblebee points out Shirley who's in the rain. Lelouch quickly brings her into his car and begins to apologize when he suddenly sees her begin to cry. Shirley then asks him why Zero killed her father, shocking him and Bumblebee. Shirley then begs Lelouch for comfort and then kisses him.

Later at the funeral for Shirley's Father, Lelouch is so guilt ridden he is unable to provide comfort to her. Shirley then apologizes for taking advantage of the situation and kissing him like that before running off. Lelouch then walks over to Bumblebee, and tells him to take him to the Ark, taking Kallen and Rai along with them.

As Lelouch observes the ocean life from the Ark's observation window, several Autobots (Optimus, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Fixit) try to comfort him about the death of Shirley's father. His initial reaction is anger and bitter towards them, but eventually softens up. He asks Optimus if he ever went through something like this, hurting someone he cared about, to which Optimus replies that he had. He then tells Lelouch that wisdom cannot be granted, that it must be earned, sometimes at a price. When Bumblebee suggest Lelouch comfort Shirley, because he does know the pain of losing a loving parent, the boy thanks them for their advice.

At Ashford, Lelouch pulls Shirley aside and tells her how sorry he is about her father. He then later opens up to her about how his mother died, and how Nunnally was left blinded and crippled because of it, though leaving out several details. He then promises that if Shirley needs him, he will be there for her. Shirley is shocked that Lelouch had shared something so personal with her, before crying as the pain she bottled up began to resurface. Lelouch embraces her and makes a silent promise to protect her.

After discussing the plan of rescuing the JLF from destruction, Kallen pulls Lelouch and others aside where she shares with them that Suzaku has now joined the Decepticons. While shocked that his friend has now officially joined Megatron, Lelouch still holds onto the hope that Suzaku could be convinced to join their side.

During the battle at the docks, Lelouch notices Shirley found her way to the docks. He takes her with him as he is then pursued by Starscream, who manages to disable his Knightmare, knocking him unconscious in the process. He is about to be captured by Viletta, but Bumblebee comes in just in time to save both him and Shirley. The Autobot Scout drops Shirley off and drives back to the battlefield with Lelouch.

Confrontation with Mao[]

After the incident of at the docks, Zero watches over the recently recovered Viletta. Later he meets with the other Black Knights and Autobots who know his identity and they discuss what to do about Shirley. When C.C. suggests they kill or Geass the girl to make her forget, Lelouch quickly shoots those ideas down. He then has Kallen and C.C. search her room to try and find some clue as to where she went. They learn she went to where her father died, Narita.

Lelouch, Rai, C.C., and Bumblebee head to Narita to try and find Shirley. While looking for her, Lelouch encounters a stranger by the name of Mao who has a surprising amount of knowledge about who he is. Lelouch engages Mao in a chess match, but soon loses as the madman was able to read his mind with a Geass given to him by C.C. As Mao prepares to kill Shirley, he mocks Lelouch, saying he'll never become an Autobot. Thankfully, Rai arrives and uses his Geass to force Mao to release Shirley. Bumblebee then arrives and sends Mao running.

Later, after calming down, Lelouch and Rai tell Shirley everything: about the Autobots and Decepticons, Geass, Lelouch's identity, the Black Knights, etc. While she is overwhelmed, she doesn't hold any ill will towards either of them, even forgives both of them. They bring her to the Ark and introduce her to Optimus and the rest of the Autobots.


Lelouch is a highly intelligent and cunning individual. A tactical genius and master strategist able to turn a hopeless situation into sure victory. Even Optimus Prime and Megatron, who are both tactical geniuses and have experience leading others for millennium, are greatly impressed with his strategic abilities. Notable examples include, but not limited to: the Battle of Shinjuku, where he's able to predict and counter all of Britannia's moves, and make sure none of his forces suffer and casualties. The Rescue of Tohdoh, he coordinates his allies perfectly and capitalizes on the Deception's and Britannia's greatest weakness: their lack of unity. He also is able to coordinate the whole of the Autobot-Black Knight Alliance signal handily, with this aid of the device called the Omniglobe, against a Decepticon siege on the Ark, the Alliance's base at the time. Not only is he able to lead them to escape, but even cripples the Decepticon warship, Nemesis, and handing Megatron his first major defeat since coming to Earth. In the E.U. he's able to outmaneuver both Decepticon in charge Steeljaw and E.U. General Gene Smilas. He once again manages to outwit Steeljaw when the latter leads an assault on Castle Weisswolf.

He's able to pick up on small details that may be missed by others. He was able to deduce that Bumblebee wasn't just some machine when he first saw him, but in fact alive due to how his eyes moved during his battle with the Lancelot. He was able to tell that something is off with 'Wheeljack' despite not knowing much about him prior to meeting him. He's able to keep track of the real one when he and Makeshift duel. After learning to not let his guard down when the battle seems won, he's able to see that something is wrong with 'Euphemia' at the SAZ.

However, much like in canon, Lelouch is a mediocre Knightmare pilot and in terrible physical condition as many characters note. However, over the 6 month time period between R1 and R2, Lelouch had undergone intense physical training at the hands of both Sayoko and Tohdoh, which he describes as hellish, as well as Knightmare pilot training under both Ironhide and Tohdoh.

The results speak for themselves as, with the assistance of Akito and his new Zero armor, which includes hover skates and Energon blades, he disables a Knightmare on foot. He's also able to disarm and overpower the E.U.'s head general Gene Smilas. His piloting abilities have improved to the point that he's able to fight single-handily against the likes of Castor rui Britannia and Shin Hyuga Shang. He was even able to push Megatron into a corner, with the assistance of Kallen and Suzaku, when the tyrant was distracted with controlling his forces. He even bests Starscream in an aerial battle, something that the Seeker Commander excels in.

After dying at Megatron's hands, he is soon resurrected by the Primes. This was done by having each of them give him a portion of their sparks, and Marianne acting as a buffer so that the combined energy wouldn't derstroy his soul, sacrificing herself. After his resurrection, he briefly holds the Power of the Primes, becoming Zero Prime, which allows him to wield the Star Saber and Sky Boom Shield, able to call the latter to his hand telepathically. He's able to control his Knightmare as if it was his own body. He uses this newfound power to destroy Megatron, purging him of Dark Energon and his Code with the Star Saber, riding the warlord of his immortality, before causing him to vanish. The power soon leaves him after the destruction of Neo-Ragnarok.


Lelouch still has the Geass of Absolute Obedience, which has all the abilities and limitations as it does in canon. However here, it also does not work on the likes of Cypertronians. This is due to the fact that Cypertronian sparks emit a higher level of energy than his Geass does at the moment, so it is not strong enough to affect them.

Six months after encountering the Thought Elevator on Kamine Island and being exposed to the Matrix of Leadership, Lelouch's Geass has evolved to the point that it now encompasses both of his eyes. Not only that, he still has full control over it, able to turn it on and off at will, and it has even grown powerful enough to affect Cypertronians. Cera notes it could be possible because he was exposed to the Matrix of Leadership, or be a sign of how much he has changed.

After having the Primes transfer a portion of each of their sparks to him, his Geass symbol begins to glow white, much like Optimus' Prime Geass. Even after the power of the Primes leave him, the white glow still remains.

List of People who knew Lelouch was Zero[]

Lelouch vi Britannia's idea of crafting the alter ego of Zero had started to take shape in reality when he had shown the costume that he is planning to wear while he is taking up said identity to Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Cliffjumper, Bulkhead, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Fixit in "R1: Rebellion, Chapter 5: Their Names are Zero and Optimus Prime" with the Autobots designing said costume in spite of their criticisms towards its physical appearance. However, as time goes on, Zero would reveal his true identity as Zero due to various factors.

In numerous instances, he had exposed his true identity to several individuals, whether by accident or he had done so willingly. Some of those individuals had already known his true identity.

However, during the events of "R2: Revolution, Chapter 32: The Demon and Dragon Cometh", when Lelouch vi Britannia himself had been notified by Megatron himself that he and his forces are on their way to Horai Island with the Damocles under his control, Lelouch had made the choice to finally reveal his true identity to everyone on Horai Island. Essentially, revealing the big secret that Zero's true identity is Lelouch vi Britannia, the thought to be deceased 11th Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, to the entirety of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance. Regardless, thanks to his rousing speech, everyone on Horai Island had expressed their desire to fight against the incoming threat and support Zero himself regardless of the odds that are seemingly against the alliance themselves.

Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Cliffjumper, Bulkhead, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Fixit[]

The very first Autobots Lelouch meets. He showed them the design of his first costume which would be his original physical appearance as Zero. Although they had expressed some degree of awkwardness and surprise towards how flashy his intended costume looks like, they had respected his decision in choosing such a costume to wear in order to hide his identity. Thus, they had participated in helping Lelouch to make his original costume which would, in turn, enable them to become the very first individuals who knew that Lelouch was Zero. (R1, Chap 5)


The mysterious light green-haired girl who gave Lelouch his Geass. She had surprised him by visiting the Ashford Academy's Student Government Clubhouse where both Lelouch and Nunnally had been staying in ever since the world had falsely believed that they had died during the Invasion of Japan thanks to the support of the Ashford Family who were friends with their late mother, Marianne vi Britannia, sometime after the incident at the Shinjuku Ghetto had passed as Lelouch had initially presumed her to be dead due to herself being shot in the forehead by one of the late Clovis la Britannia's soldiers when they were carrying out the incident in question.

Out of shock, he had questioned her regarding her origins and true nature as well as the developing possibility that she would put Nunnally in danger if her association with Lelouch ever gets out. Not only that, he had no choice but to take her to the Autobots' base where she is finally privy about the existence of the Autobots. Though she initially has a tense and rough relationship with both Lelouch and the Autobots, she, at least, was understanding enough to not expose Lelouch's identity as Zero or Lelouch vi Britannia as well as the existence of the Autobots to the public. (R1, Chap 6)

Megatron, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble[]

Soundwave was given the task of observing Suzaku Kururugi by Megatron as Megatron intends to make use of Suzaku due to the leader of the Decepticons himself thinking that the aforementioned young man might attract Optimus Prime's interests. However, as Soundwave is carrying out his assigned task, both himself and Laserbeak had managed to capture concrete proof which not only verifies that "Lelouch Lamperouge" is actually Zero's true identity. Subsequently, Soundwave had also managed to gather proof which verifies Lelouch's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia, the exiled and thought to be deceased 11th prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. As a result, Soundwave had also verified the true identity of Lelouch's younger sister, Nunnally Lamperouge, as, Nunnally vi Britannia, the also exiled and thought to be deceased princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. As expected, Soundwave had proceeded to relay all of his discoveries regarding Lelouch's and Nunnally's true identities and statueses to Megatron himself.

Initially, both Megatron and Soundwave had agreed to keep what they had discovered about the two individual in question to themselves. Thus, they are the very first Decepticons who knew Lelouch's true identities as both Zero and the thought to be deceased 11th prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. In addition to that, due to how close Soundwave's minicons (Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble) are to him at the time of said revelation, it is safe to assume that they are also the first Decepticons who knew Lelouch's true identities as well but had also kept it a secret out of their loyalties to both Soundwave and Megatron. (R1, Chap 7)

The possibility of Megatron discovering his true identity as Zero and Lelouch vi Britannia has always been Lelouch's greatest fear. Unfortunately, said fear had became a reality when Megatron had forcefully transported Lelouch himself, Suzaku and C.C. to the burning and destroyed remains of Pendragon after the Decepticons' warship, the Nemesis, had razed the entire capital city itself before he subsequently proceeded to reveal his knowledge regarding Lelouch's true identities in front of a whole crowd of Decepticons before all 3 individuals themselves then start their supposed "final showdown" against the leader of the Decepticons himself. (R1, Chap 35)

Rai Kururugi/Kaizaren von Britannia[]

An amnesiac young man who had stumbled upon Ashford Academy while initially wearing a similar outfit that C.C. had worn as part of her physical appearance. Since then, he had been staying at Lelouch's and Nunnally's residence due to Lelouch's insistence since the aforementioned young man had found him. However, one night, after Lelouch had returned from resolving the situation between Kallen Kozuki and her mother, he had came across Rai who had stumbled upon him washing himself up as Rai was getting himself a drink.

Thus, Rai had finally seen the truth. The truth of Lelouch being the true identity of Zero as well as Lelouch's car being one of the Autobots in disguise along with meeting C.C. for the first time. Not only that, Rai had instantly understood why Lelouch is doing this. Fortunately, Rai had also stated that he had intended to search for Zero so that he could join the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance due to Rai himself wanting to take a stand against the Holy Britannian Empire for their mistreatment towards the "Numbers". (R1, Chap 10)


After the Autobots and the Black Knights had finally dealt with the incident that involved the Decepticon shifter known as Makeshift, Bulkhead had told Wheeljack everything regarding Lelouch being Zero, Lelouch's and Nunnally's life stories as well as Lelouch's Geass due to Bulkhead himself not wanting to keep any secrets from Wheeljack. Though Lelouch was shocked, at first, he had understood that Bulkhead had meant no harm in doing so and Bulkhead had even gave Lelouch some advice regarding opening up to his fellow Black Knights under the assumption that they would understand what he has gone through. (R1, Chap 14)

Kallen Kozuki/Stadtfeld[]

The most talented Knightmare pilot among the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance's best pilots. Originally, she did not know that both Lelouch and Zero are the same person albeit she was suspicious of Lelouch's act of somehow knowing what exactly happened in the Shinjuku Ghetto when he was using his Geass on her for the first time which had made him be aware of his Geass' limits but she didn't think much of it. However, thanks to listening to Rai's talk to Cera, Lelouch had decided to expand his circle of trust by coming clean with his identity as Zero to Kallen when she was looking for him.

After that, the Autobots, Rai and Lelouch himself had proceeded to lay down everything they know about Lelouch, Nunnally, Lelouch's Geass and C.C. so that she would understand. Fortunately, Kallen had agreed to keep it a secret from her fellow Black Knights including her oldest friend, Kaname Ohgi, out of gratitude for everything he did for her and her mother throughout the past few months. (R1, Chap 16 to Chap 17)


One of Megatron's top lieutenants and his most eminent scientist. Upon making his arrival on Earth as well as revealing his survival to the Decepticons, Megatron had tasked Soundwave with filling him on recent events. As a result, Soundwave had revealed Lelouch's true identity as Zero to Shockwave but Shockwave had agreed to keep it a secret from his fellow Decepticons due to a combination of his loyalty to Megatron as well as Megatron's logical explanation regarding the potential of using said secret to maintain an advantage over their enemies should the right opportunity presents itself. (R1, Chap 17)

Taizo Kirihara, Kaguya Sumeragi, Kaname Ohgi and Shinichiro Tamaki[]

During a meeting with 2 members of the 6 Houses of Kyoto who were a group of Japanese nobles who had taken advantage of their association with the Holy Britannian Empire in order to secretly supply Japanese resistance groups, Lelouch, under his guise as Zero, had recognized Taizo's and Kaguya's voices behind the veils that they were using to keep their identities a secret. Thus, he had revealed his knowledge regarding who they truly are before he subsequently reveals his true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia to them.

Once both Taizo and Kaguya had gotten themselves reacquainted with the young man that they had met during the days when both Lelouch himself and his younger sister, Nunnally, had spent in Japan after they were exiled before Britannia's invasion of said nation, both Lelouch and Optimus Prime had proceeded to reveal everything they know about the Holy Britannian Empire and the Decepticons.

Not only that, both Kaname and Shinichiro were there, at the time, when Lelouch had revealed his true identity to both Taizo and Kaguya. However, at the time, both Kaname and Shinichiro had just assumed that Lelouch is just a normal high school boy who truly hates the Holy Britannian Empire for their cruel and ruthless ways in spite of himself being a Britannian as well as Taizo himself being willing to vouch for him regarding the importance of Lelouch hiding his own identity from his comrades which had helped both Kaname and Shinichiro in maintaining their loyalty to him. (R1, Chap 17)

However, after the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had helped the 4 Holy Swords rescue their leader, Kyoshiro Tohdoh, both Kaname and Shinichiro had finally witnessed Lelouch revealing his true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia, the exiled and thought to be deceased 11th prince of the Holy Britannian Empire to Kyoshiro Tohdoh, The 4 Holy Swords (Nagisa Chiba, Shogo Asahina, Kosetsu Urabe and Ryoga Senba), Tatewaki Katase, Rakshata Chawla and Diethard Reid. Nevertheless, they had chose to continue to follow Lelouch due to their loyalty to him as a result of seeing his actions during the incident involving the Scraplets a few months back. (R1, Chap 27)

Shirley Fenette[]

A young girl who is a fellow member of Ashford Academy's Student Council, she had a crush on Lelouch Lamperouge himself. Initially, she was not aware of Lelouch's double life as Zero. However, everything changed when her father, Joseph Fenette, had been secretly kidnapped by the Decepticons as well as the Decepticons misleading both Shirley and her mother into believing that he was killed during the Battle of Narita. Due to Villetta Nu's manipulations, Shirley was manipulated into thinking that Lelouch is a member of the Black Knights, the group who had caused her father's "death". However, when she had gotten involved in the Battle of Port Yokosuka, Lelouch had no choice but to save her which had caused him to be knocked out by Starscream's attack. At that moment, Shirley is prepared to kill Zero in order to avenge her "late" father but when his mask had slipped off of his head which had, in turn, revealed his face, Shirley was shocked at the aforementioned revelation.

Villetta who had followed Shirley closely behind had also seen Lelouch's true face and gleefully proclaiming what kind of execution will Zero receive. However, when Shirley is about to shoot Villetta in order to protect Lelouch as well as Villetta about to attack Shirley, Bumblebee had managed to quickly arrive at the scene just in time as well as shoot Villetta with his Energon blaster before taking both Lelouch and Shirley from the scene along with scaring Shirley off once Bumblebee had dropped her off.

The revelation of Shirley managing to see his true face had reached Lelouch himself, Kallen, Rai and all of the Autobots. After they had managed to rescue her from Mao when he had decided to take advantage of her insecurities in order to help him get C.C., both Lelouch and Rai had proceeded to tell her everything. After that, both boys in question then proceeded to introduce her to C.C. and the Autobots. Eventually, she had made the decision of joining the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance. (R1, Chap 17 to Chap 20)


According to Optimus Prime's theories, Mao had been spying on Lelouch and C.C. for quite some time before his first major appearance in "R1: Rebellion, Chapter 19: What is Evil?" due to his obsession with C.C. herself. As a result of his Geass and his surveillance, Mao had managed to figure out Lelouch's true identity as both Zero and Lelouch vi Britannia with Mao intending to use his acquired knowledge to get Lelouch out of the way so that he could have C.C. all to himself. He had even approached the Decepticons with the promise of dealing with Zero and Optimus Prime as well as giving them some knowledge regarding the power called Geass in return for the Decepticons giving both himself and C.C. a home on the Moon where they would be away from all humans on Earth so that he would no longer be tormented by so many voices thanks to his uncontrollable Geass.

However, when another attempt to defeat Lelouch had resulted in Mao being permanently rendered to be unable to speak at all, Mao had no choice but to escape and return to the Decepticons. Unfortunately, for him, Megatron had revealed to him that he already knew about Lelouch's true identities. Thus, Mao had ended up being taken by Shockwave so that the Decepticons' most eminent scientist himself could experiment on him in order to find out about the nature of Geass which could help the Decepticons further their cause. (R1, Chap 19 to Chap 20 as well as Chap 23)

Kyoshiro Tohdoh, The 4 Holy Swords (Nagisa Chiba, Shogo Asahina, Kosetsu Urabe and Ryoga Senba), Tatewaki Katase, Rakshata Chawla and Diethard Reid[]

Even before the incident when the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had helped the 4 Holy Swords to rescue him from Britannia's clutches, Kyoshiro Tohdoh had already suspected that Zero is actually Lelouch vi Britannia in disguise with Lelouch's aforementioned revelation confirming his suspicions on the matter in question. It was a big shock to everyone who had witnessed it, at the time, with the exception of Rakshata Chawla who just expressed minor amusement at the aforementioned revelation due to the proven existence of Cybertronians while Diethard Reid had expressed glee and excitement towards such a shocking revelation. Nevertheless, both the Autobots and the Black Knights as well as both Tohdoh and Kaguya had vouched for Lelouch's sincere desire of destroying the Holy Britannian Empire which had, in turn, earned the loyalty of the Japan Liberation Front's members as they are included as part of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance's membership. (R1, Chap 27)

Euphemia li Britannia[]

The 3rd Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire who is one of Lelouch vi Britannia's half-sisters as well as being the one sister that he had cared about as almost as much as Nunnally vi Britannia.

When Zero, Optimus Prime, Euphie, Bumblebee, Rai, Nonette Enneagram, Suzaku Kururugi, Dreadwing and Kallen had been transported to Shikine Island via V.V.'s secret actions as well as the group of individuals in question having been split up and landed on different parts of the island itself, both Zero and Optimus Prime had came across Euphie. Euphie then voices her suspicions that she knows that Zero is Lelouch before Lelouch proceeds to remove his mask which had made Euphie express her happiness at seeing him again with Lelouch returning said feelings.

Both long lost half-siblings then proceed to happily catch up with each other with Lelouch telling Euphie that Nunnally is alright albeit she doesn't know that Lelouch has been acting as Zero yet as well as Lelouch making it clear that he hates their father, Charles zi Britannia, not Euphie herself as she is one of the kindest members of the royal family that he knows. Euphie, in return, expresses relief that Lelouch doesn't hate her as well as gratitude that Optimus Prime had taken good care of her beloved half-brother.

Not only that, after Euphie had confessed to both Lelouch and Optimus Prime about her fear towards Megatron himself as well as expressing curiosity about how did the Great War back on Cybertron had even started, Optimus himself then proceeded to tell both Lelouch and Euphie the full story regarding the events that had led to the Great War back on Cybertron as well as the events that had led to the Great Exodus which had, in turn, motivated Euphie to carry out several actions out of her sympathies towards the Autobots as well as trying to sway both her knight, Suzaku Kururugi, Dreadwing and her elder sister, Cornelia li Britannia, to not be affiliated with the Decepticons anymore. (R1, Chap 28)

V.V./Victor zi Britannia[]

As a result of having faked his death with the help of his younger twin brother, Charles zi Britannia, and his sister in law, Marianne vi Britannia, beforehand along with acquiring a Code that enables him to be immortal which had locked him in the age of a 10 year old boy, he had been spying on Lelouch from behind the scenes throughout the majority of R1: Rebellion. Thus, he knows about Lelouch's double life as Zero. Not only that, after he had transported him, Optimus, Dreadwing, Suzaku as well as a few other enemies, he had approached Megatron with the intention of manipulating him into dealing with both Lelouch and Optimus.

However, he had made the grave mistake of underestimating Megatron as Megatron had already known about Lelouch's true identity beforehand as well as already being suspicious of V.V.'s and Charles' secret plans throughout the past few years. Thus, V.V. was lured into a trap which had enabled Megatron to learn about everything about the two brothers' secrets including their end goal, the "Ragnarok Connection". As a result, V.V. was forced to undergo a series of events that had ended with his permanent death as a result of Megatron taking his Code.

Nunnally vi Britannia and Sayoko Shinozaki[]

After much consideration on whether he wants to tell her or not as well as not wanting to keep the truth from her, Lelouch had finally confessed to Nunnally that he is Zero with Nunnally revealing that she had known he was Zero ever since the incident when he and the Autobots had rescued Suzaku Kururugi from the Britannian Purist Faction's machinations but she didn't want to believe it. However, Lelouch's confessions had confirmed her denied suspicions.

Not only that, Lelouch had also confessed his true identity to Sayoko Shinozaki as his way of showing gratitude for her years of service in taking good care of both Lelouch and Nunnally. However, when he had confessed to her, Sayoko had proceeded to reveal that she had known all this time. She had suspected that Lelouch was actually Zero for quite a while and she had actually joined the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance recently due to herself being recruited by Diethard Reid as a spy.

As promised by Lelouch, once the Ashford Academy's school festival is over, both Nunnally and Sayoko had been transported to the Ark for their own safety where they had met the Autobots for the very first time. (R1, Chap 29)

Schneizel el Britannia and Starscream[]

The 2nd Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire as well as the Holy Britannian Empire's Prime Minister. With Starscream's help, he had approached Megatron with the intention of joining the Decepticons in order to finally destroy the Holy Britannian Empire and the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance as part of his misguided plan to bring eternal peace across the Earth in the form of helping the Decepticons become the rulers of said planet in order to oppress all humans. In order to appeal to Megatron, Schneizel had presented his theories and suspicions regarding why he thinks that Lelouch and Zero are the same person.

However, after he had presented his theories, Megatron had revealed that he had already known about said revelation beforehand which had greatly surprised Schneizel himself. Regardless, Megatron was willing to accept the 2nd prince himself into the Decepticons' ranks due to himself finding Schneizel as a worthy asset to the group as well as being intrigued by the 2nd prince's views and personality.

Starscream was there at the time when Megatron had revealed to Schneizel that he had already known about Lelouch and Zero being the same person. Thus, he was shocked regarding why Megatron did not tell Starscream, his own second in command, about this discovery of his beforehand with Megatron stating that if Starscream knows about it, his attempts at eliminating Lelouch himself as soon as possible will do more harm than good for the Decepticons with Schneizel vouching for Megatron's actions. (R1, Chap 31)

Milly Ashford[]

The student council president of Ashford Academy as well as being one of the few individuals who are aware of Lelouch's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia due to her family, the Ashford Family, being close friends with Lelouch's late mother, Marianne vi Britannia.

During the academy's school festival, she had revealed to Lelouch that he knows about his secret double life as Zero due to herself connecting various clues which had helped her figure out his actions. However, she had not revealed her knowledge regarding Lelouch's double life as Zero to anyone due to her tense relationship with her mother as well as her choice of valuing her friendships with both Lelouch and Nunnally. Plus, she knows that he is a good person despite his demeanor. As Lelouch appreciated Milly's kindness, he also tells her that she needs to leave the Tokyo Settlement soon as the settlement is not going to be a safe place should the Decepticons make their first move. (R1, Chap 31)

Suzaku Kururugi and Dreadwing[]

Both Suzaku and Dreadwing had discovered Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia when Suzaku had attempted to kill him for destroying what Suzaku thought was Euphie. However, when Suzaku had declared his intent to kill Lelouch for killing what he thought was Euphie, Lelouch had managed to get Suzaku to see that the thing that was "Killed" was not actually Euphie. Instead, it was a pretender drone that was controlled by Megatron in order to carry out the Special Administrative Zone Massacre. Not only that, when Suzaku had finally confessed his desire to be killed just so that he can avoid responsibility for all the terrible things that he did, Lelouch had managed to convince him to join the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance so that he could properly atone for all of his crimes.

Not only that, Dreadwing had witnessed the aforementioned revelation as well. Thus, after witnessing Suzaku's and Lelouch's reconciliation, he proceeded to defect from the Decepticons and join the Autobots. In addition to that, while he, indeed, surprised by the aforementioned revelation, Dreadwing is not surprised by Lelouch's motives for taking on the mantle of Zero as he had read about his history beforehand. Plus, after Optimus had confirmed that Megatron had, indeed, destroyed their beloved home planet, Cybertron, as well as having killed his twin brother, Skyquake, for attempting to prevent his act that had sealed Cybertron's fate, Dreadwing had finally made his decision to join the Autobots official. (R1, Chap 32)

Cornelia li Britannia[]

The 2nd Princess of the Britannian Imperial Family as well as being one of Lelouch vi Britannia's half-sisters. During an expedition where she is working alongside a group of Decepticons as well as several members of the Knights of the Round. However, due to the machinations of the Decepticon known as Airachnid, both Cornelia and Starscream had ended up being captured by the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance.

During a subsequent interrogation session where Lelouch is questioning Cornelia regarding what truly caused his late mother's death, Lelouch had revealed his true identity to her as well as expressing his rage towards her abandonment of both himself and Nunnally. However, after being forced by Lelouch to tell him everything she knows about the event in question as well as expressing her true love towards both Lelouch and Nunnally, Zero was forced to use his Geass to command her to forget Zero's true identity. (R1, Chap 22)

A few months later, when the Special Administrative Zone Massacre had happened, Cornelia was forced to witness Zero's act of killing what she thought was her beloved younger sister, Euphemia li Britannia as well as rediscovering Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia. Fortunately, she had also taken a closer look at the "corpse" of her just killed "sister" which revealed that it's not really the real Euphie. It's a fake pretender drone that's controlled by Megatron in order to carry out the massacre itself. Her feelings of anger towards Megatron for using her younger sister's face to carry out such an atrocity, her feelings of fear towards what Megatron is going to do to both her half-siblings, Lelouch and Nunnally, as well as her subsequent feelings of remorse towards everything that she had done had motivated her to join the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance. (R1, Chap 32 to Chap 36)

Charles zi Britannia[]

The 98th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire as well as Lelouch vi Britannia's father. He had secretly known about his son's actions as Zero as well as his interactions with the Autobots and the Black Knights. However, Charles had also developed a hatred towards Optimus Prime for influencing his son which had caused Lelouch to change for the better. Thus, he had originally assigned one of his Knights of the Round which happens to Bismarck Waldstein who is the Knight of One with the special mission of killing Optimus Prime as payback for making Lelouch forget who his "real" father was.

However, he was genuinely shocked by Megatron's confession. His confession regarding everything he had learned from V.V.'s mind including the fact that Charles himself was already aware of Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia as well as Charles' decision of not doing anything about it in order to prevent the Autobots from finding out about his, his elder twin brother's, Marianne vi Britannia's and C.C.'s plans regarding the Ragnarok Connection.

Bismarck Waldstein[]

One of the Knights of the Round as well as being the Knight of One. He was notified of Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia, Charles' thought to be deceased son. Bismarck was given the task of killing Optimus Prime and bring Lelouch to Charles alive due to Charles hating Optimus Prime for influencing Lelouch to change himself for the better which had caused Lelouch to forget his roots. (R1, Chap 31)

Akari Kozuki[]

She is Kallen's biological mother who is a Japanese citizen that had given birth to both Naoto and Kallen out of her union with a Britannian nobleman who is part of the Stadtfeld family but was forced to endure a life of abuse at the hands of Kallen's adoptive stepmother, Mrs Stadtfeld, as well as the other maids of the Stadtfeld household who were all pure Britannians but she had no choice but to bear it so that she would remain as close as possible to her own daughter albeit their relationship has became strained over the past few years. Eventually, the abuse was too much and she had to resort to taking the addictive psychotropic drug called Refrain as a way for her to bear her miserable life.

After an incident where Kallen was exposed to the revelation that her own mother had been taking Refrain as well as realizing that she had endured her stepmother's abuse for her sake, Lelouch, under his guise as Zero, who had also witnessed the aforementioned revelation, had pulled some strings in order to help both Kallen and her mother move out of the Stadtfeld household and into a nice apartment where they can finally live out a much happier life once Akari herself had finally been purged of the Refrain drug from her body.

However, even then, she was not aware of her own daughter's activities as a member of the Black Knight/Autobot Alliance. But, when the Special Administrative Zone Massacre had happened, she was worried about what happened to her own daughter as she was supposed to meet them at the stadium which serves as the location of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, she was fortunately rescued by both Cliffjumper and Arcee as well as being taken to the Ark. While she was recovering there, Kallen had met her and had no choice but to tell her everything of importance including the fact that Zero's true identity is Lelouch vi Britannia, the thought to be deceased 11th prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. Even though she was worried about what's going to happen to her daughter due to Akari highlighting the fact that her own son, Naoto, had lost his life in a similar manner, Akari still possessed pride towards Kallen gaining so much as a result of her life as a member of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance albeit she had to convince her daughter to promise her that she will be okay and she won't be killed during the upcoming battles in question which she did. (R1, Chap 33)

Nonette Enneagram, Monica Krushevsky, Llyod Asplund, Cecile Croomy, Rivalz Cardemonde and Nina Einstein[]

Nonette Enneagram was a member of the Knights of the Round as she was holding the title, Knight of Nine. She was originally the knight of Kaizaren von Britannia but she had presumed that he was dead when she had received news that he as well as his mother, Sakura Kururugi, who was Suzaku's aunt as well as his younger sister, Erina von Britannia, had been killed during the Invasion of the Philippines which had happened during the same time as the Invasion of Japan. However, even though she was shocked to find out that Kaizaren had amnesia by the time she had been informed by Charles zi Britannia of his survival, both individuals had sworn to protect each other from Britannia's and the Decepticons' machinations which had, in turn, restored their relationship in a state that's similar to the state that it was before the Invasion of the Philippines.

Monica Krushevsky was also a member of the Knights of the Round as she was holding the title, Knight of Twelve, along with being the leader of Charles zi Britannia's Royal Guard. However, due to her friendship with Milly Ashford, Nina Einstein and Rivalz Cardemonde, she had ended up saving them from a horde of Insecticons who are holding them hostage at the school as well as working alongside Shirley Fenette, Bumblebee and Ratchet in order to save them and defeat the Insecticons.

Llyod Asplund is the creator of Suzaku Kururugi's personal Knightmare Frame, the Lancelot, while Cecile Croomy was Llyod's assistant. When Suzaku had revealed the truth about the pretender drone that had started the Special Administrative Zone Massacre as well as his act of resigning from the Britannian Military in order to join the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, both individuals in question had decided to defect to the alliance itself due to different reasons. For Cecile, she wants to help Suzaku and her conscience can no longer tolerate the Decepticons' and Britannia's injustices whereas for Llyod, he doesn't want his rival, Rakshata Chawla, to mess around with the Lancelot as he considers it his magnum opus.

Their subsequent shared decision of joining the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had led to all of said individuals to discover that both Zero and Lelouch vi Britannia are the same person when Lelouch himself was brought to Ratchet's laboratory after he was affected by Megatron's Dark Geass of Absolute Terror. (R1, Chap 36)

Thundercracker and Skywarp[]

Two Decepticons who Starscream's fellow Seekers. They had heard Megatron himself outing Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia when he had brought him, C.C. and Suzaku Kururugi to the destroyed, burning remains of Pendragon in order to carry out a "final showdown" against them. (R1, Chap 35)

Villetta Nu/Chigusa[]

Originally, a member of the Britannian Purist Faction, she was a member of the aforementioned group in order to earn a title that would indicate her as a member of the Holy Britannian Empire's nobility due to herself not being of noble blood. Not only that, she had came across the aftermath of the event where Lelouch vi Britannia had used his Geass for the very first time and due to some clever thinking, Lelouch had managed to command Villetta into giving him her Sutherland so that he could quickly make his escape from the scene in question. (R1, Chap 3)

When her superior, Jeremiah Gottwald, was disgraced ever since Zero's and the Autobots' debut appearances, she was the only one who had stayed loyal to him due to herself noticing that Jeremiah himself was having a memory lapse due to Lelouch secretly using his Geass, under his guise as Zero, in order to release Suzaku Kururugi to the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance's custody as she herself is also experiencing something similar ever since the incident at the Shinjuku Ghetto. After she had witnessed Jeremiah Gottwald's apparent death during the Battle of Narita at the hands of Kallen Kozuki, Arcee and Cliffjumper, Villetta herself then begins to make her own move. (R1, Chap 15)

Noticing an image of Lelouch himself in a photo that's being kept in Shirley Fenette's phone when both Shirley and her mother had been called by her to identify a lab coat that belonged to Shirley's father in order to verify his "death" as well as vaguely remembering Lelouch's face, Villetta herself then made contact with the young girl in question so that she could take advantage of her in order to determine whether Lelouch is a member of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance or not. She had even told Shirley about the Japan Liberation Front's battle at Port Yokosuka with a strong possibility that the Autobots and the Black Knights are going to be there to help the JLF out as part of her plans. Therefore, when Shirley had went to the aforementioned location, Villetta had followed her closely behind.

Thus, alongside Shirley, she was also a witness of Zero's true identity being revealed to be Lelouch Lamperouge. As she had gleefully stated her intentions of bringing the aforementioned young man to Princess Cornelia as part of her plans to become a noble as well as seeing what kind of execution is a good fit for him, she had also Shirley attempting to shoot her in order to protect Lelouch from Villetta's machinations. Thankfully, as Villetta was about to attack her, Bumblebee's timely intervention had saved Shirley's life as he had managed to shoot Villetta with his Energon blaster. (R1, Chap 17 to chap 18)

Thankfully, she had managed to survive Bumblebee's attack albeit she had developed scars on her back as a result. However, due to the trauma of Bumblebee's attack, she had developed amnesia as a result which means she doesn't remember her discovery of Zero's true identity. After she had managed to recover when she was temporarily staying at the Ark's medical center, Kaname Ohgi had volunteered to take care of the now amnesiac former Pureblood so that he could supervise her just in case she had managed to regain all of her original memories which Zero had accepted due to Kaname being less likely to do something to her out of spite compared to Shinichiro Tamaki. As time goes on, Villetta who is now going under the name that Kaname had gave her, Chigusa, had begun to develop romantic feelings towards Kaname and empathy towards the "Elevens" that she had once looked down on to the point where she doesn't mind being an "Eleven". (R1, Chap 19 to Chap 31)

Eventually, Kaname had told her about the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons as well as what happened to their homeworld, Cybertron, and Villetta's past. Due to her developing remorse towards everything she had done before she had lost her memories as well as her developing guilt due to witnessing the Special Administrative Zone Massacre via herself assuming that her original self would partake in something like that, Villetta had made the decision of joining the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance with Kaname vouching for her as well as helping her change for the better. (R1, Chap 32)

Eventually, when Lelouch was brought to the Ark's medbay after he was affected by Megatron's Dark Geass of Absolute Terror, Chigusa was one of many who had witnessed the subsequent revelation that Lelouch himself is the true identity of Zero. (R1, Chap 36)

Not long after the events of R1: Rebellion but before the events of R2: Revolution had started, Villetta herself had managed to regain all of her original memories albeit she had retained the kind personality that she had developed when she was Chigusa as well as regaining her resolve and fighting abilities as a Britannian soldier. Neverthless, due to what she had undergone when she was originally amnesiac, Villetta had chose to go by the name "Chigusa" as she is now a loyal member of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance.

Gilbert GP Guilford[]

The personal knight of the 2nd princess of the Britannian Imperial Family, Cornelia li Britannia, Gilbert is a member of Cornelia's honor guard. Even though he is a member of the Britannian Military, he has made it clear that his loyalty is strictly to Cornelia only rather than to Britannian as a whole and he would do anything for her even if it goes against Britannia's plans. After he was defeated by the Decepticons during the Black Rebellion while he had attempted to cover Optimus Prime's, Kyoshiro Tohdoh's and the 4 Holy Swords' retreat, he was captured by them and forced to endure a life as one of the Decepticons' slaves.

For 6 months since his defeat, he was one of many people who had been forced to work in Mount Fuji's Energon Mine. Thankfully, he was rescued alongside any and all of the aforementioned slaves when the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had resurfaced in order to destroy Mount Fuji and announce their return to the world itself. As he was recovering in the Ark, Princess Cornelia had greeted him and told him about the revelation that Lelouch vi Britannia is actually alive as well as Lelouch himself being Zero's true identity. Even after Cornelia had explained everything to him, Gilbert had still maintained his loyalty to her as he had sworn an oath to be by her side beforehand. Thus, he had decided to join the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance as well. (R2, Chap 2)


Originally, she was a Cybertronian who had worked as a laborer due to herself being a member of Cybertron's lower class as well as going by her original name, Ariel. During those days, she became friends with Optimus Prime's original identity, Orion Pax, who had came to her so that he could gain an idea on how to improve Cybertron for the better. She had became friends with Orion, Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, Alpha Trion as well as many other Cybertronians who also wanted to change Cybertronian society for the better, even Megatron with Ariel herself developing romantic feelings towards Orion. Eventually, before the Great War had started, Ariel had changed her name to her current name albeit Megatron would call her by her original name in order to shame her. However, once the Great War had progressed back on Cybertron, whatever plans that both Elita-One and Optimus Prime had for each other with regards to their relationship, those plans had been rendered kaput once Cybertron had been destroyed by Megatron's actions albeit she still cares about Optimus and considers him as a really good friend of hers.

Based on her interactions with Lelouch vi Britannia, Kallen Kozuki and Nunnally vi Britannia in "R2: Revolution, Chapter 4: Spark of Darkness", it is implied that she had knew about Zero's identity as Lelouch vi Britannia after she had arrived on Earth and had joined the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance before the events of R2: Revolution had started. (R2, Chap 4)

Leila Breisgau/Malcal, Akito Hyuga, Anna Clement and Claus Warwick[]

When Zero along with several members of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had met with Leila Malcal, Akito Hyuga, Anna Clement and Claus Warwick in order for them to discuss with each other about their plans regarding how they should deal with the Decepticons as well as what to do during the aftermath once the war against them was over, Zero had proceeded to reveal his true identity to the aforementioned individuals as part of his attempt to earn their trust. Thanks to Kallen Kozuki vouching for him as well as Zero demonstrating just how much the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance knows about Lelila's true identity thanks to the help of the worldwide anti-Britannian terrorist organization known as Peace Mark, the aforementioned individuals then proceeded to form an alliance between the wZERO unit and the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance in order to defend both Euro-Britannia and Europia United from the Decepticons' machinations. (R2, Chap 7)

Yukiya Naruse[]

Shortly after he and his two friends, Ayano Kosaka and Ryo Sayama, had been taken into the custody of the wZERO unit and the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, the trio in question had made plans to turn against the two groups so that they could get out of their custody. Yukiya had even planned to act as a suicide bomber in order to help his 2 friends escape even though that's not actually true due to his close bond with both Ayano and Ryo. Fortunately, thanks to the shared suspicions between the members of the wZERO unit and the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance as well as the efforts of the Autobot known as Prowl who had reported the aforementioned trio's plan to them when he had secretly observed them, said trio's plans to escape their custody had been successfully thwarted as well as being convinced by them to stay and fight alongside them.

In Yukiya's case, he was confronted by Akito Hyuga, the Autobot known as Grindcore and Zero himself. As part of his attempt to earn his trust, Zero had revealed his true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia as well as revealing his Geass to Yukiya himself. (R2, Chap 8)

Grindcore and the other Wreckers[]

A jovial Autobot who is a member of the Wreckers, a combat unit that's part of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance which normally operates outside of the aforementioned organization's chain of command. Not only that, Grindcore has the ability to transform into a monster truck.

Based on his reaction when Zero had revealed his true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia to Yukiya Aruse himself in "R2: Revolution, Chapter 8: To Divide and Unite", it is implied that he had knew about Zero's identity as Lelouch vi Britannia after he had arrived on Earth and had joined the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance before the events of R2: Revolution had started. (R2, Chap 9)

Not only that, given how close the Autobot known as Bulkhead is to the Autobot known as Wheeljack as both Autobots are part of the Wreckers, one can safely assume that all of the Wreckers had known about Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia due to Bulkhead being most likely to not be willing to keep any secrets from his fellow Wreckers.

Ayano Kosaka, Ryo Sayama, Gino Weinberg and Orpheus Zevon[]

The aforementioned individuals don't show any kind of surprise when Yukiya himself had announced Zero's arrival when Lelouch had approached them with Akito Hyuga and C.C. indicates that the aforementioned individuals had already been told of Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia sometime between "R2: Revolution, Chapter 8: To Divide and Unite" and "R2: Revolution, Chapter 9: Leave of Absence".

Marrybell mel Britannia[]

A Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire as well as being the founder and leader of the anti-terrorism organization called the Glinda Knights.

During the Decepticons' worldwide conquest of the Holy Britannian Empire's numerous areas, Marrybell as well as several members of the Glinda Knights had managed to flee from the Decepticons in the Grandberry as they are conquering Area 24. Thus, Marrybell is the only known member of the Britannian Imperial Family who is still alive and free from the Decepticons' clutches. However, she was eventually brainwashed by Shin Hyuga Shaing via his Geass when the current leader of the Holy Order of Michael himself had betrayed Euro-Britannia and joined the Decepticons.

Under Shin's control, she had attacked Zero, Cera, Bumblebee, Akito and Orpheus when they as well as their fellow allies had entered a Euro-Britannian vessel called the Gallia Grande as part of Shin's trap. However, during the fight, Cera had managed to neutralize the Geass commands that had been placed onto both Marrybell and Akito with some help from Orpheus Zevon who had used his Geass to disguise himself as his late girlfriend who is also Marrybell's late younger sister, Princess Euliya mel Britannia in order to snap Marrybell out of Shin's Geass command.

However, even after she was finally freed, she had still retained her desire to rid the world of terrorism. Thus, she still wanted to kill Zero for bringing chaos onto the world. Thankfully, Zero had managed to convince Marybell to spare him as he then revealed his true identity as her thought to be deceased half-brother, Lelouch vi Britannia along with trying to appeal her by bringing up the fact that all of her memories have been fully restored as well as the survival of Nunnally vi Britannia, Cornelia li Britannia and Euphemia li Britannia. As a result, Marrybell had accepted Lelouch's offer of becoming a member of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance. (R2, Chap 11)

Shin Hyuga Shaing, Jean/Jeanette Rowe, Steeljaw and Sky-Byte[]

Shin Hyuga Shaing is the current leader of Holy Order of Michael after he had used his Geass to command his previous superior, Michele Manfredi, to commit suicide. Despite his seemingly honorable and kind demeanor, certain individuals had managed to notice his true character which is that of a twisted and power hungry madman. The Decepticon known as Steeljaw was one of those people with the Decepticon himself befriending Shin as well as teaching him how to use his Geass in a way that could benefit the Decepticons and Shin himself which had, in turn, formed a partnership between Shin Hyuga Shaing and Steeljaw.

Not only that, both Steeljaw and Shin Hyuga Shaing are intelligent enough to figure out Zero's true identity as the thought to be deceased 11th prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, Lelouch vi Britannia, as well as casually outing his true identity along with Nunnally vi Britannia's true identity.

Plus, both Sky-Byte and Jean Rowe were there when both Steeljaw and Shin Hyuga Shaing had outed their identities. Thus, they now know who Zero is as well. (R2, Chap 12)

The Caretaker of Spacetime and Vector Prime[]

The Caretaker of Spacetime is the collective consciousness of the Universe who acts as a seer that watches the world's balance from within whereas Vector Prime is the second Prime to be created by Primus who acts as Primus' appointed guardian of space and time. It was implied that the both of them were aware of Lelouch vi Britannia's actions as Zero throughout the entire story itself. (R2, Chap 13)

Empress Tianzi and Li Xingke[]

Empress Tianzi is the current Empress of the Chinese Federation who had been used by the High Eunuchs as a tool for their own benefit whereas Li Xingke is a soldier who is a member of the Chinese Military as well as being devoted to Tianzi herself due to an incident in the past when Tianzi had vouched for Li's life to be spared after he was caught giving medicine to a prisoner. Li Xingke had became an informant of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance sometime before "R1: Rebellion, Chapter 36: Till All Are One" so that they could help him and his comrades re-establish the emperor's throne as a proper source of authority in the Chinese Federation.

Optimus Prime as well as several members of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had managed to protect Tianzi's life from the Decepticons' and the High Eunuchs' machinations as well as depose the High Eunuchs themselves from their undeserving positions as the true leaders of the Chinese Federation. Not only that, after the Chinese Federation had been liberated with all of Li Xingke's comrades and Empress Tianzi's followers becoming part of the group itself, Zero had willingly exposed his identity as Lelouch vi Britannia to Empress Tianzi herself so that he could gain her trust which he did.

Not only that, Li Xingke had also witnessed the aforementioned revelation taking place but, in spite of himself feeling shocked, Li himself had quickly formed his feelings of respect towards Lelouch for not only revealing his true identity to the Empress but also forming a compassionate and caring bond with her. (R2, Chap 16)


Leader of the Dinobots as well as being one of the most powerful Autobots alive. After he had destroyed Shockwave's Spacebridge during the Great Exodus back on Cybertron, Grimlock got caught up in the resultant explosion and was sent to Earth where he had remained in stasis in the Sahara Desert for many years once he had crash landed on said planet before he was eventually discovered by Shockwave.

Optimus Prime as well as several of his fellow members of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had detected his presence during their mission of liberating the Chinese Federation from the Decepticons' and High Eunuchs' clutches. Even though they had managed to defeat Shockwave and his cohorts as well as freeing Grimlock from his current situation, the Dinobot himself was still sufferring from his uncontrollable bouts of rage which were a result of Shockwave's experimentation on him back on Cybertron. Thankfully, Optimus Prime had used his Prime Geass of Absolute Conviction to calm him down before proceeding to tell him everything that he needs to know as well as pleading to Grimlock that he needs to help the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance which he had agreed to do so under a few conditions that Grimlock had set for Optimus Prime to abide to.

After Lelouch had returned from his mission of forming an alliance between the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance with both Euro-Britannia and Europia United, he had revealed his himself to Grimlock. While Grimlock doesn't think that Lelouch deserves his respect, Lelouch himself claims that sooner or later Grimlock will see whether he deserves the Dinobot's respect or not. (R2, Chap 16)

Jeremiah Gottwald[]

Once a member of the late Marianne vi Britannia's guard, his failure to prevent Marianne's assassination had always haunted him since then. By the time of R1: Rebellion, he has become the leader of the Britannian Purist Faction, a political and military faction of the Holy Britannian Empire that opposes the system of honorary citizenship with the members of said group believing that Britannian society and the empire's military should not be "polluted" by the presence of foreigners.

However, ever since the night of Zero's and the Autobots' debut where Zero had used his Geass to command Jeremiah to spare his life and the lives of the Autobots as well as giving Suzaku Kururugi to their custody, Jeremiah had been disgraced as he was mocked and humiliated by most of his fellow members of the Purist Faction. Not helped by the fact that Zero had called him "Orange" in order to frame him as an anti-Britannian spy. Since then, he had been obssessed with wanting to kill Zero and the Autobots for humiliating him. To the point of disobeying orders from his superiors so that he could make use of any presented opportunity to kill them and regain his rightful position in the Britannian Military.

Unfortunately, for him, his impulsiveness and low patience had caused him to be defeated by Kallen Kozuki, Arcee and Cliffjumper during the Battle of Narita. While everyone assumes that he is dead, he had actually managed to survive albeit barely as he is now delusional and being unable to walk properly before he was quickly recovered by the 2 Decepticons known as Soundwave and Shockwave upon Shockwave's arrival on planet Earth. Since then, he was subjected to Shockwave's experiments where he was turned into a powerful soldier thanks to Shockwave's Cybertronian enhancements on his body at the cost of being turned into a slave of the Decepticons themselves.

Fortunately, many months later after the Holy Britannian Empire had been all but wiped out, a scientist who is forced by the Decepticons to work for them had managed to help Jeremiah regain his free will as part of said scientist's plan of taking down the Geass Order and freeing himself from the Decepticons' sinister hold on him. This scientist was one of the scientists of Code R, a research them that was formed by the Holy Britannian Empire's late 3rd prince, Clovis la Britannia, as well as being the father of Shirley Fenette, Joseph Fenette.

Thanks to Joseph's actions, Jeremiah had secretly regained his free will. He had came across Nunnally vi Britannia, Shirley Fenette, Milly Ashford, Rivalz Cardemonde, Sayoko Shinozaki, Bumblebee, Arcee and Smokescreen when they had traveled to Paris' catacombs in order to recover one of the Iacon Relics that had been located there. Upon noticing Nunnally's presence among the aforementioned group, she had told him everything such as Lelouch vi Britannia being alive as well as Lelouch himself being the true identity of Zero. In return, Jeremiah had tearfully confessed to him about his great failure of protecting Marianne vi Britannia herself. As he had declared his unwavering loyalty to Marianne, Jeremiah had destroyed his power source which contained a beacon that would allow Shockwave to track him down but, fortunately, Joseph had secretly installed a back-up power source that's not connected to the Decepticon network before he then proceeds to help Nunnally and her friends in dealing with the 2 Decepticons that they were fighting against as well as securing the Iacon Relic in question.

Even though his prior actions had gave most of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance's members a bad impression of him, Jeremiah had pleaded to them to give him a chance to prove his loyalty to the alliance itself. He had swore his loyalty to not only Lelouch and Optimus Prime but to the entirety of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance as a whole. In fact, he now accepts the title "Knight of Orange" as a symbol of his loyalty to the alliance as well as the nickname "Orange" as a compliment. (R2, Chap 18 and Chap 27)

Anya Alstreim/Marianne vi Britannia[]

One of the Knights of the Round, Anya Alstreim was a 15 year old girl who was the youngest member of said group with herself going by the title, Knight of Six. However, in spite of her skills and abilities as a Knightmare Frame pilot, Anya suffers from a mysterious mental condition that forces her to undergo recurring memory lapses where she doesn't remember anything about her life. As a result, she has a tendency to second-guess her memories as well as having to update a blog that she had created in order to keep track of what she had done in the past. Little did she know, Anya actually carries a dark secret. A secret that not even she herself was initially aware of.

Marianne vi Britannia was one of Charles zi Britannia's consorts as well as being a former member of the Knights of the Round with herself holding the title of "Knight of Six". She was also the biological mother of both Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia. Little did anyone knew, Marianne was one of the 4 architects of the original Ragnarok Connection with the other 3 architects being her husband, Charles, her brother in law, V.V., and C.C. However, several years ago before the start of R1: Rebellion, Marianne was lured to a trap by V.V. as part of his attempt to murder her due to his feelings of jealousy towards Marianne's and Charles' relationship with each other. Fortunately, for her, C.C. had gave Marianne a Geass beforehand which had granted her the ability to transfer her spirit and Geass to another person. Thus, when she was mortally wounded, Marianne had used her Geass on a person who just happened to be nearby as well as having witnessed her death at the hands of V.V.. Anya Alstreim, a young girl who was staying at Pendragon's Aries Villa as an apprentice in order to learn proper etiquette.

Using her Geass, Marianne had transferred her spirit into Anya's mind. During the aftermath, Charles had used his own Geass to alter the memories of those who would recognize Anya herself due to said young girl staying at Aries Villa, at the time. so that they wouldn't be able to recognize her. Since then, Marianne's spirit had been hiding inside Anya's body with her presence being the cause of Anya's mysterious mental condition.

From time to time, Marianne would communicate with C.C. by using her Geass before C.C. had eventually decided to render the contract between C.C. and Marianne themselves null and void which had finally removed Marianne's ability to communicate with C.C. as well as being able to communicate with Charles zi Britannia without V.V. knowing. In fact, it was implied that she knows about Lelouch's activites as Zero as well as the true statuses of both Lelouch and Nunnally themselves but she had not done anything yet due to both herself and Charles not wanting to either the Autobots or the Decepticons to become aware of their plans regarding the Ragnarok Connection.

Ever since the Decepticons had destroyed Pendragon and killed Charles, Marianne herself had swore revenge afainst Megatron for destroying the dream that both Marianne and Charles had shared with each other. Not only that, Marianne had also hated Optimus Prime just as much as she hates Megatron due to herself viewing Optimus himself as playing a part in helping Megatron discover Charles' and her plans regarding the Ragnarok Connection as well as taking both of her children, Lelouch and Nunnally, away from her.

However, during the Battle for the Ark, Anya and subsequently Marianne herself was exposed to Optimus Prime's Prime Geass of Absolute Conviction which had enabled Anya to discover Marianne's spirit that was living inside of her body. As a result, Anya Alstreim had started to feel emotions that she had not felt in a long time while Marianne had started to feel guilt and regret over her actions. Thus, Marianne had set up a link between herself and Anya so that they could communicate with each other which had resulted in Anya learning all of Marianne's secrets as well as both Anya and Marianne themselves teaming up with a select few individuals who are working for the Decepticons such as Joseph Fenette in order to defeat Megatron and destroy the Geass Order in order to take the Decepticons down.

After the Geass Order has been destroyed as well as Megatron himself being initially defeated by being sent to what's considered as a tight and inescapable prison, Marianne then proceeds to reveal herself to Lelouch, Nunnally, Sayoko Shinozaki, Jeremiah Gottwald and Optimus. Once she had proved to everyone in attendance that her current status is not a trap that's made by the Decepticon known as Shockwave, Marianne had told everyone in attendance the entirety of her true story while keeping the fact that she herself is also one of the original Ragnarok Connection's 4 architects a secret. Thus, both Lelouch and Nunnally as well as Jeremiah had welcomed Marianne back along with accepting both her and Anya as new members of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance albeit Anya was pissed off at Marianne for choosing to delay herself in telling both Lelouch and Nunnally the truth.


Optimus Prime[]

Lelouch's mentor, friend, and above-all, father-figure.

Since the moment the two met, Lelouch has been in awe of Optimus Prime, able to sense a spirit of compassion and command from the leader of the Autobots. This admiration grows when Optimus declares his intent to help Lelouch rescue Suzaku. He admires Optimus greatly for his courage, strength, loyalty, honor, even his ideals, so much that they even began to rub off on him. Others like Mao and Schneizel have even noted that Lelouch has began to modeled his strategic thinking after Optimus, seemingly trying to be more like him in regards to how he carries out his missions.

However, it's revealed to be so much more than just mere admiration. As revealed through Mao's mind reading, Lelouch has come to see Optimus as a father, the kind he had always yearned for. He later admits to himself that Mao was right, he does see Optimus as a father-figure, more so than his biological father. He even outright declares to Cornelia after she insults the Autobots, that Optimus is more of a father to him than Charles ever was.

Optimus is the one being he admires more than anything or anyone. Lelouch is elevated every time he hears the older man tell him how proud he is of the boy for his growth and maturity, and ends up crying tears of joy nearly every time, being incredibly moved by the Autobot leader's praise and support for him.

Optimus, in turn, is impressed with Lelouch's growth and maturity since the two met. Multiple times he praises the boy for his progress and how much he's change. He even comes to see Lelouch as something like a son to him, even if that concept doesn't truly exist to Cybertronians. He sees Lelouch as the greatest, if not only, hope the Earth has, and believes in the boy's potential to become a hero that can inspire others and lead his world to freedom. He has the upmost faith in Lelouch and his abilities.

Optimus has become someone who can bring out Lelouch's most noble qualities, and acts as a morality chain that keeps him from falling into darkness, much like Nunnally. After the SAZ Massacre, Lelouch was filled with both anger and guilt: anger at Megatron and his father for causing such a thing, and guilt that he wasn't able to stop the massacre, blaming himself for it. Optimus quickly stops this train of thought and assures the boy that what happened at the SAZ was not his fault, while also warning him of the dangers of letting his anger consume him. When Lelouch asks what there was he could do, Optimus advised him on using his anger, but also his righteous desire to achieve justice to temper it, and lead the people of Earth against the Decepticons and Britannia. Lelouch is touch by these words, reminded once again why he sees Optimus as a father-figure, and then asks for Optimus' help in doing so. Optimus promises that no matter what happens, he will always be by Lelouch's side. Lelouch then passes along these words and advice to Suzaku when he too was struggling with his anger over Megatron's actions.

Others like Megatron and Schneizel state that the two see each other as equals, all from the image of Zero standing on the man's shoulder. Optimus even has the Omniglobe, a device allowing one to view and direct multiple battlefields at once, on the Ark designed specifically for him due to his strengths as a strategist. Lelouch thinks with a smile that its a sign that Optimus does see Lelouch as his equal.

The bond between them is so strong that Optimus, along with C.C. and Nunnally, were able to free him from the influence of Megatron's Dark Geass. C.C. notes its because Optimus has grown to more than touch Lelouch's heart by that time, allowing him to break free.

Optimus Prime represents everything Lelouch wants to be as a person, and everything he hopes for the world. The Prime's example allows Lelouch to hope for a world where people are united, overlooking things like race and even difference in species.

After Optimus is heavily injured trying to save Lelouch and his fellow Autobots, Lelouch is horrified, begging Ratchet to Groundbridge them back to Horai Island to get his father figure medical attention. After they find a way to save him, Optimus stops them by claiming there will be a new Prime, and names Lelouch his successor. While Lelouch is honored that Optimus thinks he's worthy, he rejects the Matrix, not if it means sacrificing Optimus. This pleases Optimus, glad to see he's not willing to sacrifice others for more power, further convincing him that he is worthy. When he recovers, Lelouch is stunned silent in awe.


Lelouch's greatest enemy and his worst nightmare.

Many characters, including Lelouch and Megatron, see the other as a foil to themselves: leaders who had amassed a large group of followers through their charisma and sought to change their respective home worlds through force. But despite the similarities they share, the two of them couldn't be anymore different deep down. The madman had only sought to attain more power for himself while Lelouch worked to create a better world for his sister and those he cares for. Megatron even admits that they don't have much in common when they come face-to-face.

Megatron soon learned of Lelouch's identity as both Zero and the exiled prince, but he decides to keep this knowledge to himself and Soundwave. He uses this knowledge to his advantage throughout the initial rebellion. Examples include recruiting Suzaku to join the Decepticons, mainly because he's a great pilot, but also possibly to spite the boy. Megatron eventually admits that he enjoyed seeing their friendship deteriorate and become enemies.

Megatron takes an interest in Lelouch right away, intrigued by how much Optimus seems to value him. He comes to see him as a worthy adversary, almost as worthy as the Last Prime himself, becoming even more impressed after seeing how far he's come under the latter's tutelage. He even states to Charles after defeating him that Lelouch is far stronger than his father will ever be, because he was able to "break the chains that held [Lelouch] down" as Megatron put it.

Megatron has become a major obstacle in Lelouch's plans, being the main reason why they fail: showing up with the Decepticons in Narita, crashing the rescue of Tohdoh, being among the most prominent examples.

After Megatron uses a Cybertronian-Pretender of his half-sister Euphemia to start a massacre, forever tarnishing her good reputation and killing thousands of innocent people, he swears that he will make Megatron pay, even if it is the last thing he does. Lelouch has come to hate Megatron as much as, if not more so, than his father, even admitting that the Decepticon Warlord is at the top of his list of the people he wants to kill more than anyone.

After fighting and losing to the madman, he realizes just how horrifying the Decepticon Leader really is, even more so when the tyrant unleashes his Dark Geass on him, forcing the boy to experience his worst fears while slowly dying due to the fear they caused him. Even six months after being saved from Megatron's Dark Geass, Lelouch is still traumatized, and has since become afraid of him. Nunnally and others have stated that he's experienced many nightmares of the alien warlord that wake him up in the middle of the night screaming, which he even doesn't try to hide it. He even hesitated to confront him when they meet again.

He tries to push past these fears and work to defeat Megatron, and almost succeeds in doing so. However, Megatron reveals his trump card to try and break Lelouch's spirit once and for all: the corpse of his late mother, Marianne, used as the pilot and power source of Megatron's Dark Queen, who is under his complete control with the aid of Dark Energon.

While the revelation does indeed leave Lelouch rattled, so much that he doesn't feel as if he can go face-to-face Megatron again right away, he's still determined to lead his forces against the Decepticons to protect the two million citizens aboard the Ark when they are attacked. He eventually manages to hand Megatron's first ever major defeat since coming to Earth, enraging the Supreme Lord of the Decepticons who believed he had broken Lelouch's spirit. The defeat even leaves Megatron rattled to this day.

After they trap Megatron in the Shadow Zone in the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch is so relieved that the monster who has tormented him is finally gone. However, when its revealed when he has somehow escaped, Lelouch is so overcome with terror that he can't cheer along with everyone else when Optimus inspires them. Nunnally eventually helps snap him out of it and gives him the strength to join in.

During the final battle at the Sword of Akasha, Megatron briefly kills Lelouch. However, the boy is soon resurrected by the Primes, thanks to them giving him a portion of their sparks and his mother's sacrifice. He returns as Zero Prime and completely overwhelms Megatron. Using the power of the Primes and the Star Saber, he's able to expel the Dark Energon from Megatron, purging him of his Code, rendering Megatron mortal and kills him, erasing him from existence.


Lelouch's Autobot partner, guardian, best friend, and older brother figure.

Bumblebee is the first Autobot he meets after the scout saves his life from Britannian soldiers and witnessed him use his Geass for the first time in Shinjuku. Throughout the rest of the battle, Bumblebee would work to protect Lelouch and keep him safe durning the operation, even dropping his cover and transforming right in front of him and an enemy to save the boy from the Lancelot.

After Lelouch joins forces with the Autobots, Bumblebee is assigned to watch out for him while he's at Ashford, posing as a car he claims to have bought with the money he got from gambling. Through the time he spent watching over Lelouch, Bumblebee has witnessed the exiled prince's true character, someone who wishes to make a safe world for his sister, which causes him to be sympathetic with him. He also does his best to caution Lelouch about the dangers of the Decepticons and letting his arrogance blind him.

When they are out on missions, Bumblebee is usually partnered with him, watching his back and protecting him. Having saved him numerous times: from the Britannians and the Lancelot in Shinjuku, from enemy forces in Narita, from Viletta when he was knocked unconscious, from Mao when he had kidnapped Shirley, from Starscream when the Decepticon had disabled his Knightmare, etc.

Lelouch has grown to see Bumblebee as a true friend, able to confide in the Autobot scout and share some of his most personal feelings with him. Bumblebee is also the first Autobot he introduces to Nunnally after he tells her everything about him being Zero and the war he's apart of. Bumblebee is impressed with Lelouch's grown, even noting that Lelouch is starting to become more and more like an Autobot, which causes Lelouch to smile.

When Lelouch is slowly being killed by Megatron's Dark Geass, Bumblebee is full of guilt and shame as he watches helplessly, believing he failed in his duty to protect Lelouch, as he was his guardian but not being anywhere near the boy when this happened, showing just how much he's grown to care for Lelouch.

Despite caring about him and cautioning him of the dangers, Bumblebee does enjoy teasing Lelouch quiet a bit, especially when it comes to girls.

The first thing Lelouch thinks of doing when he learns of the capabilities of the Forge of Solus Prime, a relic that can pound any object into existence, is making a new voice box for Bumblebee. And it is the first thing they all do when they finally do retrieve the forge.

Lelouch even trusts Bumblebee with his sister Nunnally, whom the Autobot has grown to be fiercely protective of. He's usually the first one to rush and protect her should the princess ever step foot on the battlefield.

Kallen Kozuki[]

Lelouch's best pilot and love interest.

At first Lelouch saw her as one his best soldiers in his small group of freedom fighters. But after hearing from her Autobot partner Cliffjumper about her home life, the loss of her older brother, as well as seeing her with her mother after a successful Refrain bust, he began to sympathize with her, thinking of his own mother. Using his Geass, he was able to acquire a fairly nice apartment for her and her mother in the Tokyo Settlement for free, even opening up a bit about the loss of his mother. This act of kindness and trust had a heavy impact on Kallen, as she ran up and hugged him from behind in gratitude, solidifying her trust in him.

He trusts enough in her abilities that he gives her the Guren MK II before the Battle of Narita, because he believes she can use it best. After the battle, Lelouch decides to expand his circle of trust and tells Kallen the truth about him, revealing his identity as Zero and a former Britannian Prince, even his Geass. After he begs her for her continued support and her secrecy, Kallen is a first shocked that a Prince of Britannia would beg her for help, but she agrees, deciding to place her trust in him, saying that so far, he hasn’t broken that trust. However, she does pay him back for what happened in the bathroom by punching him in the gut.

At some point, Kallen had begun developing a crush on Lelouch. For instance, her eyebrow twitches in jealousy when Kaguya hugs him after he reveals his identity to her and Kirihara, noting for "some reason," she didn't like the girl being so clingy with Lelouch. Other characters have also made note of her attraction to him, such as Arcee, claiming that Kallen has eyes on "a certain exiled prince turned revolutionary". Kallen blushes in embarrassment at the comment.

Kallen has grown into someone Lelouch could completely trust and depend on. So much so that he asked her to stay with Nunnally while he and others went after Shirley when she discovered his identity. He and Nunnally even stay at her apartment when Ashford was closed down and investigated after Mao attacked. While Nunnally and Kallen were bonding, Lelouch was pleased to see them interacting without the latter having to wear her sick girl mask, meaning he was grateful that someone he truly considered a friend was close to his sister.

As time goes on, Lelouch begins to see Kallen as something more than what he originally thought she was to him. He even places his relationship with her at the same level as his bond with Suzaku, Cera (C.C.), and Nunnally. He states that just as he gives her hope, she gives it to him as well, and he is determined not to let her down. Others have taken notice of this, such as Nunnally, saying its easy to see that the two of them like each other, even Bumblebee can see it as he even plays romantic music for them, if only to tease.

By R2, virtually everyone, or at least those who are close to them, know that Lelouch and Kallen have feelings for each other and seem to approve of them getting together, (Ex: Kallen's mom, Akira, and even Kaguya is okay with it). Kallen has grown to be one of the pillars in Lelouch's life, as she was the first one who comforted him after the reveal of Megatron's Dark Queen being the corpse of his late mother, promising that no matter what she will always have his back. She's also very protective of him, getting angry when people insult or mock him, or try to hurt him emotionally, such as Megatron.

Lelouch has also been more honest about how he feels about her, such as when he confessed to Leila Malcal that Kallen means more to him than just a friend when he picks up on Leila's feelings for Akito. He even asks her to dance with him durning the final night at the Gypsies camp, though its more of an aggressive dance compared to other couples, due to Lelouch provoking her beforehand, saying she was scared.

While on a mission to retrieve an Iacon relic in Antarctica, Kallen opens a private channel with Lelouch and asks him what he plans to do when the war is over and peace is achieved. Lelouch is unable to answer, given that he never truly thought of a life for himself besides achieving a peaceful world for Nunnally. When he asks her the same question, she answers that she wishes to see Japan rebuilt and seeks to help with that. Hearing her answer fills Lelouch with a desire to see Japan rebuilt as well, since it a home to him for such a long period of time. He even found himself liking the idea of working with Kallen to rebuild Japan, in fact, he found himself liking the idea of staying with Kallen in general.

After the battle, Lelouch rides with Kallen in the Guren, his Knightmare the Shinkiro's power having being drained after using such a powerful attack. Lelouch then calls back their conversation from earlier, sharing his desire to rebuild Japan and live there from then on, even expressing a desire to live there alongside her, blushing as he admitted it. Kallen is surprised to here his confession, but finds herself loving the idea of spending her life with Lelouch, without having to worry about the fate of the world. She admits she would really like that when the war ended, saying she wouldn't mind the idea of them together. Lelouch then places his hand on top of hers and gives him a sincere smile, one he would usually show only to Nunnally and Euphemia, one full of genuine concern, respect, and even love. She then moves her hand to hold it in hers and gives a firm squeeze as she looks back at him with a smile.

By the time the UFN was being officially organized, despite not saying it aloud, Lelouch and Kallen seem to acknowledge their feelings for each other. At one moment they gaze lovingly into each others eyes, and would have shared their first kiss if an amnestic Cera didn't interrupt them. Even Lelouch's mother Marianne, who had reunited with her son and daughter, seems to approve of Kallen, jokingly demanding she'd like a new body before she becomes a grandmother. While embarrassed, he's also happy, given he sees it as his mother giving them her blessing.

When the truth about his mother is revealed, Kallen was the only one who was able to bring him out of his anguish. She comforted him as he broke down and cried in her arms, telling him not to be Zero and let himself fall apart, saying she'll put him back together.

As Lelouch is about to go after Megatron to stop Neo-Ragnarok, with an order to destroy the Artificial Thought Elevator if he and the others don't return, Kallen asks him to exit his Knightmare. The second he does, she pulls him into a kiss. After the kiss, she begs him to come back, which he promises to do so with a smile. When he returns, he gives her a passionate kiss, which she returns with tears in her eyes.

After the end of the war, Lelouch and Kallen have only grown closer together as a couple. Enough so that he is perfectly fine with openly showing his affection and love for her in front of others.

Suzaku Kururugi[]

Lelouch's first and best friend, later one of his best pilots.

Their relationship is much like how it was in the beginning of canon Code Geass, though Lelouch learns he is the pilot of the Lancelot much sooner. Ever since he's learned the truth, and after Suzaku joins the Decepticons, Lelouch is determined to do what he can to help his friend and bring them to the same side. Even more so determined when it becomes apparent how much Suzaku is suffering due to his guilt of murdering his father.

After the SAZ Massacre and learning Lelouch is Zero, Suzaku starts to loose it as he tries to place the blame for the whole thing on Lelouch and the Autobots. But Lelouch, having enough of Suzaku's inability to accept when he is wrong, begins to berate Suzaku on his choices and the fact he's willing to side with the likes of Megatron and his father, who are pure evil. When Suzaku asks Lelouch why he won't let him die already, Lelouch states because he was the same as Suzaku: being dead ever since he was a child and that because of others such as Optimus and Nunnally, who haven't given up on him, Lelouch declares he won't give up on Suzaku. He then says that no matter how much Suzaku thinks he's fallen into darkness, Lelouch won't let him fall any further, because the boy is the first friend he's ever had, shocking Suzaku. His words, along with Nunnally's help, finally convince Suzaku to join the Autobots and Black Knights.

Before the assault on the Tokyo Settlement, Suzaku and Lelouch talk to each other over the phone. Suzaku then expresses his desire to kill Megatron after all he's done. Lelouch understands his desires, even having the same desires, but cautions Suzaku on his anger, warning him to make sure not to let that anger cause him to abandon his wish for justice. Suzaku then apologizes for all the times he's attacked Lelouch and refused to join him. Lelouch quickly forgives him and states that no matter what happens from that point on, Suzaku is still his friend. Suzaku appreciates those words and states that he is now 100% on Lelouch's side from here on out. Lelouch is grateful.

After Lelouch learns of the Dark Queen, Suzaku comforts him, declaring that like how Lelouch never gave up on him, he won't give on Lelouch either. Suzaku even keeps the live command Lelouch gave him because he doesn't want to subconsciously throw his life away and cause him and their friends anymore pain.

The two are a near-unstoppable pair, both having admitted that there was nothing the two couldn't do together, as evident as how they were able to save Nunnally from Mao, with a little extra help. The only person to ever defeat them when they've worked together was Megatron. Suzaku even declares himself to be Zero's wingman after he joins the Alliance.

After Suzaku's command to 'live' is removed by Thundercracker's Geass Canceler, Lelouch comforts him, saying that he could clearly tell that Suzaku no longer has the desire to throw his life away, that he's finally free from the guilt over killing his father.

Together, they pilot the Silver King, a Knightmare made from combining their personal Frames. Despite it being the first time using it, Lelouch notes it feels nice, being able to fight together with Suzaku like this, and the other boy agrees.

When Lelouch is temporarily killed by Megatron, Suzaku is shocked, horrified, and full or rage as he tears into Megatron.

Rai Kururugi / Kaizaren von Britannia[]

One of Lelouch's best pilots and his elder-half-brother.

Lelouch first met Rai when he and Kallen saw him pass out on school grounds, noting he wore the same straight jacket as C.C. After learning of his amnesia and having him enroll as a student, Lelouch offers Rai to stay at the clubhouse with him and Nunnally, claiming that he found him, so he should give him a place to stay. However, he really wants to use this opportunity to see what he knows about C.C.

Later that evening, after Lelouch returns home from the Ark, he walks in on Rai and Nunnally, who stayed up late as the latter shared with the former her's and Lelouch's former Royal status. Lelouch is shocked that Nunnally revealed this to a stranger she only met that day. He then takes Rai aside, where he uses his Geass to try and find out what he knows. However, his Geass is unable to uncover Rai's lost memories. After he deactivates his Geass, he is surprised when he hears Rai talk so viciously about his father the Emperor. Lelouch decides to place his trust in Rai.

After Milly brings the whole school in on a cat hunt, which holds Lelouch's mask, Lelouch is slightly annoyed with Rai, as he told Milly what that he lost something important to him. As Lelouch is about to fall off the roof, Rai and Suzaku save him. Lelouch then offers Rai and Suzaku a spot on the Student Council. When Nunnally gives the three boys a kiss on the cheek, the reward for catching the cat, Rai jokes that it's best they stay friends, which Lelouch agrees with, his eyes saying that if Rai tries anything, he's dead.

When Rai is captured along with the rest of the Student Council, Lelouch is worried about him, but more so because he's worried how Nunnally would feel if he died. After Zero and the Autobots save him and the others, Rai gains an admiration for Zero, not knowing he and Lelouch are the same.

When Lelouch returns home one night, still dressed in his Zero attire, believing that Rai and Nunnally have fallen asleep, he comes face to face with former as he was getting a glass of milk, who drops it in shock. As Rai takes all this information, he's then able to piece together that Lelouch's car is one of the Autobots. After calming down, he then states that it was his desire to meet with Zero for a while now, declaring that he wants to become a Black Knight.

After Rai joins the team, Lelouch tries, at first, to keep him out of combat, worried for how Nunnally would feel if he were to get hurt. After Rai proves himself by destroying an Energon Harvester, Lelouch, after calming down from his initial anger, lets Rai be a pilot under two conditions: First, he gets proper training from both Kallen and Ironhide. Second, he doesn't do anything too reckless, telling him that Nunnally would be devastated if he were to get hurt, and that he wouldn't be too happy either if he were to die. Lelouch's trust and belief in Rai's abilities convince him to give Rai the Gekka Pre-Production model.

When Rai recovers his memories, learning he's a bastard son of Charles and Lelouch's elder half-brother, he begins to fall into despair when he remembers that he was responsible for getting his family killed. Others, including Lelouch, comfort him and assure him that he is not alone. Lelouch relates to him about the loss of his own mother and that he knows what the pain is like. He then states that while Rai may have lost much, he's also gained a lot as well, including a brother who wants to help him, signifying that Lelouch has come to accept Rai as his brother.

When Lelouch declares his intent to keep fighting and asks if anyone wishes to keep following him, Rai quickly joins in on supporting him, saying that their brothers, and brothers look out for each other.

After Rai is severely injured by Nemesis Prime, the new cyborg body of their uncle V.V., enough that his left arm would have to be amputated, Lelouch is determined to get revenge against the immortal for crippling his brother.


  • Lelouch's English voice actor, Johnny Young Bosch, voiced Bumblebee, his Autobot partner, in the video game Transformers: War for Cybertron. His Japanese voice actor, Jun Fukuyama, also voices Jack Darby, the human protagonist of Transformers Prime. Both of these fall under the Aliegned Community of Transformers, which is what Code Geass crossovers with in this fanfic.
  • He is the first human, besides a Code Bearer, that has survived the effects of Megatron’s Dark Geass with the latter intending to kill the target.
  • The Energon blades and hover skates on his R2 Zero armor is similar to the upgraded form of Sari from the Transformers Animated Series.
  • His R2 armor is directly based on the armor worn by Zero in the manga, Nightmare of Nunnally.
  • He is the first and currently only human Prime, however that was a one-time deal when dealing with Megatron.
  • His character theme is "NE:ONE" by Survive Said The Prophet.