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Lelouch vi Britannia is the protagonist of Code Geass. He was the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the son of the 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia. After his exile from his father, he assumed the name Lelouch Lamperouge. He was also the leader of the Black Knights and the real identity of Zero. After his exile after the battle of Damocles, he assumed the name Adam Shallon.


Lelouch is a handsome, young man with black hair and violet eyes. Lelouch is somewhat scrawny, having little muscle. After being shot by Schneizel, he has scarring on his right eye and left cheek from where the bullet entered and exited. His left eye also becomes pale and pupil-less due to the resulting blindness. Lelouch also takes to covering his right eye with his hair to hide the scarring. For several years, from his mid-to-late twenties, Lelouch grows his hair out down to his waist. However, after some urging from Kallen, he cuts it back down to neck length.


Lelouch is a highly intelligent individual who is also calm, sophisticated, and arrogant due to his aristocratic upbringing. He is known for having a very stoic personality. In battle, Lelouch is very cold and tactical. He is willing to sacrifice civilians and soldiers alike, if that is what it takes to achieve his objective. However, after being blinded and forced into exile, Lelouch becomes much more docile, compassionate, and remorseful. Suzaku speculates that, after Lelouch lost his Geass, the evil in his heart died as well. For the first few years of his exile, Lelouch suffers from severe mental and emotional anguish due to the guilt he feels for all the suffering and pain he has caused. Eventually, with emotional support from Kallen and the birth of their children, Lelouch is able to move on and find a degree of happiness with his life, though the pain of his past will always be with him.

​Character History[]


After taking over the royal palace and appointing himself as the 99th Emperor of Britannia, Lelouch uses his newfound authority to enact sweeping reforms of the Britannian government, including the liberation of the numbered Areas. Lelouch's main concern, however, is his brother Schneizel and enacting his "Zero Requiem" plan.

Lelouch arranges for a globally televised conference to be held at Ashford Academy in which he announces his intent for Britannia to join the UFN. Prior to the meeting, Lelouch meets with Kallena and the two speak candidly. Lelouch explains why he is working with Suzaku, why he killed his father, and how Shirley died. After the two discuss the pain and guilt they have suffered, Kallen surprises Lelouch by giving him a firm kiss. Kallen tells Lelouch that she wants to fight alongside him, but Lelouch refuses her help and orders her to stay away for fear of endangering her life. Kallen tearfully and reluctantly agrees and leads Lelouch to the conference.

As the meeting proceeds, Lelouch is instructed to enter an isolation booth, which he deduces is a precaution against his Geass. Knowing that Britannia would have a supermajority power upon joining the UFN, Kaguya requests that Lelouch devalue the votes of the Britannian people. Lelouch agrees, but only on the condition that he be allowed to retain authority over major policy decisions for the council in the event of a major crisis. After Kaguya refuses, Lelouch angrily accuses the council of not trusting him due to his Geass and then stabs his left eye out as an act of good faith. The meeting comes to an abrupt end as Lelouch is rushed to the paramedics. The doctor examining Lelouch confirms that his left eye has been lost. However, in reality, the act was a ruse and his left eye and Geass are still very much intact.

After Lelouch speaks with Ohgi about the FLEIJA in the Battle of Tokyo, Suzaku rushes in and informs Lelouch and the others that Pendragon has been obliterated by a FLEIJA. The destruction of Pendragon results in a panic at the UFN conference, causing many of the delegates to flee and turn their backs on Lelouch for fear of repercussions from the Damocles.

Some time later, Lelouch vents his frustration at Schneizel whose tactic has robbed him of his chance to use his Geass on the entire UFN cabinet. Lelouch then receives a call from Schneizel who requests Lelouch to step down as emperor and then reveals Nunnally, who is alive and well and willing to become Lelouch's enemy if he does not surrender. Lelouch berates her for trusting Schneizel and tells her that if she interferes he will destroy her along with him. After the feed is cut, Lelouch breaks down in tears, hoping that Nunnally may interfere with Schneizel's plans.

Later, Lelouch is informed that Nina has agreed to join their cause and that the Black Knights have decided to join Schneizel. Lelouch surmises that the Black Knights must have made a deal with Schneizel to ensure the safety of Japan. Jeremiah then comments that Nunnally's blindness and lameness is due to a Geass, insinuating that he may be able to cure her with his Geass canceller. Lelouch says he is already aware, but he cannot cure Nunnally due to the risk of his plan falling apart.

Lelouch then speaks with Nina who explains that she is working on a device that can neutralize the FLEIJA bomb as she wishes to stop the FLEIJA. Lelouch then makes his preparations for the final battle with only Kaguya having agreed to join his side.

The next day, Lelouch meets with who Nina has finished her work on the FLEIJA Eraser and then, at her request, uses his Geass to make her forget everything about the FLEIJA. However, Lelouch also makes her forget about Euphemia so that she may rebuild her life and not be consumed by revenge.

Lelouch then prepares for battle along with Suzaku, and C.C. Before departing, C.C. asks Lelouch if he hates her for giving him the Geass and completely changing his life. Lelouch says, on the contrary, he is grateful to her for allowing him to take the first step into the world he's been working towards. The two embrace and then depart.

Lelouch then receives a call from the Damocles from Cornelia. She sends a recording that is played across the world and reveals Schneizel's intention to betray and destroy the Black Knights and UFN delegates once Lelouch is defeated. Lelouch makes an announcement to the Royal Army and to the Black Knights proclaiming that he has the strength to lead them, but concedes that, once the battle is over, he will turn himself over the law and surrender the throne to his sister Nunnally. This effectively alters the Zero Requiem so that Schneizel is now the true evil for everyone to fight against. Ohgi contacts Lelouch and agrees to help him.

Lelouch's army and the Black Knights launch a full assault on the Damocles. During the battle, C.C. makes an unexpected move and rushes towards the FLEIJA cannon. C.C. confesses that, although she is grateful for everything Lelouch has done for her, she believes that the existence of the Code and the Geass is a curse upon the world and must be destroyed. Therefore, she will allow the FLEIJA to destroy her along with her Code. Lelouch begs her to stop, but she goes through with her plan, asking only for Lelouch to remember her by her original name, which she reveals to be Elizabeth. Elizabeth's ship explodes and creates a chain reaction that causes all the FLEIJAs to detonate. In his Shinkiro, Lelouch looks on in shock as C.C.'s code dissipates in his hands, signifying the end of her life.

As the battle continues, Schneizel reveals the enormous and powerful Merlin KMF, which is easily able to fend off all attacks. Suddenly, Kallen appears in her Guren and declares her intention to serve Lelouch. Lelouch is surprised, but accepts her assistance and thanks her for setting him back on the right path, calling her his best knight.

Lelouch then orders a mass attack against the Merlin to allow Jeremiah to infiltrate the fortress and rescue Nunnally, which succeeds. Afterwards, Kallen engages in battle with the Merlin, but is ultimately defeated with her cockpit being thrown on board the Damocles. Eventually, Lelouch and his troops are able to destroy the Merlin, after which he boards the Damocles along with Suzaku. On board, he finds Kallen severely injured, but still alive and orders Suzaku to take her back to the Avalon for medical treatment.

As he heads toward Schneizel, Lelouch feels pain in his eyes, believing it may be due to C.C.'s death. After speaking remotely with Suzaku, Lelouch finally encounters Schneizel and immediately uses his Geass on him to make him obey him. Initially, Schneizel appears to comply, but instead shoots Lelouch in the leg. As Lelouch cringes in pain, Schneizel reveals he was wearing an Anti-Geass contact lens, making Lelouch's Geass useless against him. After the two exchange words about their morality and Schneizel's ultimate plan, Lelouch pulls a gun from behind his back, intending to shoot Shneizel. Before he can fire it though, Schneizel shoots Lelouch in the head through his right eye, rendering him unconscious.

Afterwards, Schneizel is shot down by Suzaku who then decides to save Lelouch after the rescued Nunnally witnesses her brother's unconscious body. Lelouch is taken to the medical bay and treated, after which the doctor's determine that he is blind and in a coma. Lelouch stays in his coma for several days, during which he is closely looked after by Kallen.

Lelouch eventually awakens in an isolated camper with Kallen and Nunnally at his side. Nunnally tells Lelouch that the war has ended and Britannia is on the way to a brighter future, as he planned. Though Lelouch is somewhat distressed as he had planned to die, Nunnally informs him that they have faked his death and he will be sentenced by a tribunal in a matter of days.

Nunnally then sternly tells Lelouch that she is very upset with him for lying to her and not respecting her wishes, but she is also knows he is a kind and thoughtful person. Nunnally also tells Lelouch about the emotional turmoil Kallen has been through and her decision to leave Japan and become his caretaker. Nunnally tells Lelouch that Kallen undoubtedly loves him and warns him that he must never do anything to hurt her. As Nunnally takes her leave, Lelouch is pleased by his sister's growth as a leader.

Lelouch considers to himself that C.C. did everything to protect him and Suzaku, but Suzaku also saved Lelouch knowing that allowing him to live would be the greatest punishment for him. Lelouch decides that he deserves his blindness and the pain he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Some time later, while they are still at the camper, Lelouch sees Kallen tossing and yelling in her sleep. Kallen runs toward Lelouch and tearfully embraces him and explains that she saw him die in a dream. She then asks to stay near Lelouch and lies down in bed with him. The two then discuss their relocation, and Kallen tells Lelouch they will move to Westerville, Ohio before she falls asleep. Lelouch thinks to himself about how he always avoided talking to or listening to others as he always had his own concerns to worry about. Lelouch believes Kallen cannot truly love him as her kindness, generosity, and forgiveness seems unnatural; not at all like the Kallen he once knew. He then considers that perhaps he never truly knew Kallen and, perhaps, never truly knew Nunnally either. He admonishes himself, saying he has been a terrible brother and a terrible human being.

Later, Lelouch stands before the tribunal with Kallen at his side and pleads guilty to all charges. He is sentenced to exile with a new identity, and with Kallen as his caretaker, on the condition that he remain under constant surveillance. Before his sentence is carried out, Lelouch asks that he be allowed to place flowers at a grave in a Tokyo cemetery and that he cut all ties with his friends and family.

Some time later, per his request, Lelouch, joined by Suzaku and Kallen, lays flowers at Shirley's grave. As Lelouch kneels before her grave, Suzaku chides him, telling him that his guilt must be causing him an indescribable pain that he will never be able to live down. Lelouch cries and agrees with his sentiments.

At the departure site, Lelouch is tearfully embraced by Nunnally as the two bid farewell, and then leaves with Kallen. On board the plane, Lelouch asks Kallen how she feels having to lie to so many people. Kallen replies that she's feels terrible about it and Lelouch says he feels the same way. Though the two are despondent, Lelouch reaches out and reassuringly touches Kallen's hand.

After beginning his new life in Westerville, Lelouch regularly suffers severe post traumatic stress and mental anguish due to his guilt from his past actions. In one particular incident, Kallen tries to comfort Lelouch as he is haunted by images of thousands of people, presumably his victims. Kallen forcibly holds Lelouch's hand to her chest, telling him to feel her heartbeat. She tells him that as long as he can feel her heartbeat, he is not alone and she will be there for him to protect and heal him. She tells Lelouch that he must continue to live for her and Nunnally and everyone else who cares about him. Lelouch breaks down and sobs into her arms, begging her to help him and apologizing for hurting her so much.

During another incident, Lelouch screams out in pain after having a nightmare and Kallen rushes in to aid him. Lelouch tells her that he can't deal with the pain and it wasn't his plan to live. Kallen replies that it doesn't matter as the world decided to spare his life and he must continue to live. She tells him that he is not the only one suffering as guilt weighs on her conscience too. She holds Lelouch's head to her chest and tells her to focus on his happy memories, the fact that he isn't alone, and her heartbeat. Lelouch recognizes Kallen's heartbeat as anguished heartbeat, like his, and one that he has heard before and the two fall asleep together.

At some point, Lelouch makes contact with Elizabeth who informs him that she has remained independent from the collective unconscious due to her connection to his Geass and is able to telepathically communicate with him. About two years after his exile, during a conversation with Elizabeth, she suggests that Lelouch should consummate his relationship with Kallen. This prompts Lelouch to confront Kallen and results in the two passionately, though somewhat awkwardly, making love. Though he admits the experience was chaotic, Lelouch is pleased by it and the two regularly have sex afterwards.

A few months later, Lelouch is informed by Elizabeth that Kallen may be pregnant (she is able to sense an "addition" to Kallen's life force), while at the same time, Kallen verifies her pregnancy. Lelouch meets with Kallen to discuss it and, though he has some reservations about becoming a father, he immediately agrees to have the baby as he does not wish to insult Elizabeth's sacrifice. He decides that, if they have a girl, they will name her after Shirley.

Nine months later, Kallen gives birth to twins - a boy and a girl - making Lelouch a father. The boy is named Naoto, after Kallen's brother, and the girl is named Shirley as Lelouch wished.

Some time later, as Lelouch adjusts to life as a parent, he has another conversation with Elizabeth in which they discuss how Lelouch has never talked to Kallen about his past and the guilt he feels over her mother's death. Their conversation is interrupted by Lelouch's son Naoto who cries after waking up. Lelouch attempts to lull his son back to sleep by telling him the truth about his own past and how he must raise him and his sister to be good kind people. As Naoto falls asleep in his arms, Lelouch is met by Kallen who assures him they will do all they can to give their children a good life.

About three years later, Lelouch attends a chess tournament in Columbus, Ohio, which is witnessed by Kallen and his children and, unbeknownst to him, Nunnally, Suzaku, Cornelia, and Kaguya, as well as Milly and Rivalz who discover that he is alive. During the match, Lelouch converses with Elizabeth who chastises him for still not opening up to Kallen. Elizabeth then explains to him that she a devised a "gift" that he can give to her. After Lelouch emerges victorious from the chess match, he speaks with Kallen alone and tells her to hold her hands to his head. Through Elizabeth, he sends Kallen a vision of her mother, allowing the two to speak and come to peace with each other. Kallen cries tears of joy and gives Lelouch a passionate kiss. During the drive home, Kallen suggests that they should give Naoto and Shirley a little sister. She also asks Lelouch to marry her, but he turns her down.

Several months later, Lelouch and Kallen, who is now pregnant with their second son Nicholas, speak with Naoto and Shirley about how they met. Not wanting to tell them the truth about their past, Lelouch and Kallen tell them a fabricated story about how they were ordinary teenagers who met in high school. Naoto and Shirley remain skeptical about some details, but Lelouch assures them they will tell them more when they get older.

A few months later, after Kallen has given birth to Nicholas, Lelouch is confronted by Kallen who implores him to confess how he truly feels about her. Realizing that he cannot deny his feelings anymore and must put aside his guilt, Lelouch confesses to Kallen that he loves her. Later that night, Lelouch sees that he has made Kallen truly happy and decides that she deserves that a simple confession of love.

Some time later, while Kallen is off running an errand, Lelouch meets up with Scarlet, a woman whom he and Kallen had befriended. The two go to a jewelry store and purchase a ring, which Lelouch intends to propose to Kallen with. During this outing, they are observed by Tohdoh and Nagisa who later decide there is no longer any need to keep surveillance on them.

Later that evening, Lelouch gives Kallen the ring and asks her to marry him. Kallen excitedly accepts, throwing herself on Lelouch. The two inform Naoto and Shirley who are just as excited.

A short while later, Lelouch and Kallen are married in a chapel and have a small ceremony, attended only by them, their children, Scarlet, and an elderly neighbor. The wedding is also witnessed by Nunnally and Kaguya via video camera, as well as Elizabeth, Shirley, Euphemia, Naoto, and Zoyo who watch from C's World. As they walk to the alter, Lelouch holds Kallen's hand and sends her a vision of Zoyo, Naoto, and Shirley who give her their blessings and well-wishes. The ceremony proceeds with Lelouch and Kallen internalizing their own vows and the two are wed. After the ceremony, Lelouch is carried across the chapel's garden by Kallen, much to his embarrassment. Afterwards, Lelouch contemplates that Elizabeth's "Zero Requiem" is now complete and he will fully devote himself to protecting and raising his family.

About two years later, Lelouch and Kallen are visited by Modesty Edwards, Naoto and Shirley's teacher. Recognizing their gifted intellect, Modesty wishes to enroll them in an accelerated education program, but Lelouch refuses her offer. However, Modesty will not back down and, noticing Kallen's increasing hostility towards her, Lelouch defuses the situation by challenging Modesty to a chess match in which, if she loses, she will agree to be their babysitter. During the match, Lelouch contacts Elizabeth who informs him that she has summoned his father to tell him about how he and Nunnally toppled his empire. Lelouch wins the chess match and is content knowing he has gained another friend for his family.

About three years later, Lelouch and Kallen look over report cards that Naoto and Shirley have brought home and see that they have purposefully underachieved in a few subjects. Naoto and Shirley explain that they do want to seem unpleasant to their classmates, but Lelouch reprimands them, saying that they are being deceitful and that whether or not they are unpleasant comes from their character. After they apologize, Lelouch quickly forgives them and tells them he is very proud of them.

About one year later, Lelouch and Kallen welcome the birth of their second daughter whom they name Elizabeth. As they stay the night at the hospital, after watching the news, Lelouch and Kallen discuss the policies Nunnally has implemented, which Lelouch believes, while somewhat drastic, are for the overall good of the world. Lelouch then asks Kallen if she is happy and she assures him that her life with him and their children is the only life she wants.

One month later, Lelouch and Kallen receive a surprise visit from Nunnally, Ohgi, and Sayoko. Lelouch is overjoyed to be with his sister again and he commends the job she has done as the Empress of Britannia. However, after they leave, Lelouch remarks to Kallen that he feels as if Nunnally was hiding something from him.

A few days later, Lelouch collapses and begins to bleed out of his eye due to Castor rui Britannia activating the power of the ruins in C's World. He calls out to Elizabeth, but she is unable to explain the phenomenon. He soon falls unconscious and is looked after by Kallen. He awakens later in the day and fully recovers once Castor is defeated. Though his children are concerned, Lelouch explains that he collapsed after insisting on working even though he had a fever.

A few weeks later, Lelouch and Kallen celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Though Lelouch believes they are only going out to a restaurant, he is surprised to learn that he has been taken to a remote cottage for a reunion of the Ashford Student Council, wherein he is reunited with Milly, Rivalz, Nina, Nunnally, and Suzaku. During this time, Lelouch is briefly contacted by Shirley and Euphemia who tell him that he must stick to truth that Elizabeth established so that Suzaku can move on. After the group catches up, talking about their families and home lives, Suzaku takes Lelouch aside and explains to him that he visited Elizabeth, Shirley, and Euphemia in C's World. Lelouch tells Suzaku that he had no knowledge of Elizabeth's presence in C's World and that he told Suzaku he was responsible for Euphemia and Shirley's death because he felt guilty. Satisfied with his explanation, Suzaku asks to shake Lelouch's hand the two reach a degree of reconciliation. With that, the reunion ends and Lelouch returns home with Kallen.

Afterwards, Lelouch continues to live a normal peaceful life as a loving husband and father to his family. At some point, Lelouch and Kallen have another daughter whom they name Zoyo. In 2044 a.t.b., Lelouch becomes a grandfather after his son Naoto marries his childhood sweetheart Natalie and has a child with her.


​​Suzaku Kururugi[]

Though previously good friends, Lelouch and Suzaku's relationship becomes marred with hatred on Suzaku's end due to Lelouch's actions as Zero and his murder of Euphemia. Suzaku agrees to help Lelouch with his Zero Requiem plan, but only so he may clear Euphemia's name and ultimately end Lelouch's life. However, the Zero Requiem plan falls apart and, in a critical moment, Suzaku decides to save Lelouch's life, claiming that he only did so because he believes Lelouch continuing to live would be a greater punishment for him. After Lelouch is sentenced to exile, Suzaku bitterly parts ways with him, telling him that he will never live down the guilt of his past actions. Lelouch, for his part, feels no real anger towards Suzaku and, in fact, feels remorse for the pain he has caused him.

Lelouch and Suzaku do not meet again until twelve years after his exile during the Ashford Student Council reunion. During the reunion, Suzaku explains to Lelouch that he has learned the "truth" from Shirley and Euphemia and now believes Lelouch was not truly responsible for their deaths. The two shake hands and reach a degree of reconciliation, though are still not quite friends, and then part ways once again. In a sense, Suzaku becomes Lelouch's brother-in-law after he has two children with Nunnally.

Kallen Kouzuki[]

During his Zero Requiem plan, Lelouch demonstrates great concern for Kallen by forbidding her to help him despite her desire to stay by his side. Though she is an excellent pilot, he cares enough about her to not want to put her in harms way. After Kallen's mother commits suicide, she becomes utterly despondent and decides that Lelouch is her only reason to live (a decision spurred on by C.C.). When Kallen is injured during the battle against the Damocles, Lelouch rushes to her side and orders Suzaku to take her to the medical bay.

After Lelouch awakens from his coma, he learns that Kallen has been watching over him and has become fully devoted to him. After he is sentenced to exile, Lelouch somewhat reluctantly accepts Kallen's decision to become his caretaker. Though her devotion and love for him is apparent, Lelouch finds it hard to believe that Kallen could truly love him, a man who has caused her so much pain. What's more, his relationship with her is hampered by his guilt for having indirectly caused her mother's death and all the other pain he has caused. For the first two years of his exile, he suffers severe mental and emotional anguish, but Kallen helps him through it and gives him the courage to live on.

Eventually, Lelouch begins to open up to Kallen and ultimately results in their relationship becoming physical. After a few months, Kallen becomes pregnant and, despite some initial reservations, Lelouch agrees to have the child with her. The pregnancy results in a twin birth of their first two children, Naoto and Shirley. Afterwards, Lelouch begins to find a degree of happiness with raising the children, but his relationship still remains more of one of mutual friendship and respect on his end.

After Lelouch wins a chess tournament in Columbus, Ohio, Lelouch uses his connection to C's World to allow Kallen to see and speak with her mother. Kallen is deeply touched by the gesture and reaffirms her love for Lelouch. Some time later, Kallen becomes pregnant again and gives birth to their second son Nicholas. Shortly afterwards, Kallen confronts Lelouch and begs him to open up his feelings to her and not let himself be consumed by guilt. It is then that Lelouch realizes he cannot deny his feelings anymore and confesses that he loves her. Lelouch proposes to her soon afterwards and the two are married, solidifying their love and foundation as a family.

Lelouch later has two more daughters with Kallen, Elizabeth and Zoyo, and the two continue to live together and love each other for the rest of their days.


When Lelouch decides to enact his Zero Requiem plan, C.C. initially appears compliant and willing to help him. However, in actuality, she intends to subvert his plan so that Lelouch may continue to go on living. Before the battle against the Damocles, C.C. asks Lelouch if she hates him for giving him the Geass, but Lelouch tells her he is grateful to her for allowing him to take his first step in changing the world. During the final battle, C.C. unexpectedly sacrifices her own life, proclaiming that the Code and the Geass must vanish from the Earth, and asking that she be remembered by her human name, Elizabeth. Lelouch is deeply saddened by her death and angrily curses her.

After Lelouch is sentenced to exile and begins his new life with Kallen, he eventually discovers that Elizabeth has remained independent from the collective unconscious due to her connection to his Geass and, furthermore, is able to telepathically communicate with him for the rest of his life. In this capacity, Elizabeth continues to act as something of a companion and advisor to Lelouch, helping him to resolve his internal conflicts and improve his relationship with Kallen and his new family. Since Elizabeth is also able to vicariously feel whatever Lelouch feels, Lelouch uses Kallen's and children's love to help Elizabeth experience the love she never had in life. Ultimately, Lelouch is deeply grateful to Elizabeth for changing the Zero Requiem plan and giving him a second chance at life. To honor her memory, Lelouch names his second-born daughter after her.

​Nunnally vi Britannia[]

After Nunnally's supposed, Lelouch is utterly remorseful and despondent, believing he has nothing left to live for and, thus, concocts his Zero Requiem plan. However, once she is revealed to be alive, Lelouch is shocked, but still decides to go through with the Zero Requiem. Despite declaring his intention to fight against her, Lelouch still deeply cares for his sister and arranges for Jeremiah to rescue her and restore her sight.

After Lelouch awakens from his coma, he is greeted by Nunnally who is overjoyed to see him awake. However, she then chastises Lelouch for lying to her and not respecting her wishes. Lelouch then realizes the pain he has caused her and his conceit in believing he knew what was best for her. As he begins his exile, Lelouch is saddened to part ways with his sister, but is also glad that she will assume the throne as the 100th Empress of Britannia.

Over the years, Lelouch continues to observe his sister from afar and is pleased at the job she is doing as Empress. Eventually, Nunnally arranges for a visit with Lelouch and he is overjoyed to see her again, though somewhat startled by her pregnancy. After two part ways again, Lelouch continues to follow his sister's efforts, always loving her and commending her efforts as Empress.

​Shirley Fenette[]

Lelouch continues to feel immense grief and guilt over Shirley's death, showing that he deeply cared for her. Of all people, her death has likely affected him the most. This is evidenced by the fact that, before his exile, his final request was to lay flowers at her grave and him ultimately naming his first-born daughter after her. He has vowed to never forget her.

Due to his connection to Elizabeth and C's World, he is able to telepathically communicate with Shirley, though the extent to which they have communicated is unclear. During the Ashford Reunion, Lelouch told Suzaku that he has never had the courage to speak with her, though this may have been a lie.

​Naoto, Shirley, Nicholas, Elizabeth, and Zoyo[]

Though Lelouch initially has no desire to have children and continues to have reservations about his adequacy as a father early on, he inevitably accepts his role as a parent and proves to be a loving father to his children. As Kallen had planned, the duty and responsibility of raising children helps Lelouch to overcome the guilt and trauma from his past and find happiness in parenthood. Though the activities he can engage in with them are limited due to his blindness, he still has a good relationship with them and imparts useful knowledge and wisdom unto them. Though he is usually very loving and gentle with them, he can be stern when the need arises. Particularly, he greatly admonishes his children when they lie or are dishonest. This is largely due to the guilt he feels over the lies he has told in the past and the lies he must continue to tell, and his wish for his children to not follow the same path.


Lelouch possesses a Geass, which allows him to give a command to any person he makes eye contact with. Once a command is given, the person will fulfill the command without fail (provided the person is physically capable of doing so), effectively working as a form of mind control. The major exception to this rule is that he can only give a command once per person. He also possesses a genius intellect and is a brilliant strategist.

However, after being blinded, his Geass is rendered effectively inert. Some time after C.C./Elizabeth's death though, he discovers her consciousness has remained independent due to her connection to his Geass. Therefore, he is able to telepathically communicate with her and any other people she summons from the collective unconscious for the rest of his life. By making physical contact with other people, Lelouch can also show them visions and allow them to communicate with people that Elizabeth has summoned. He can also see "snapshots" of whatever is in his line of vision whenever Elizabeth enacts it from C's World.

Additionally, due to his blindness, Lelouch's other senses have compensated for his lack of sight, giving him exceptionally good hearing in particular.

In his handicapped state, Lelouch has also taken up writing for which he has a natural talent, even becoming a published author.